Harry Potter and the Return to Hogwarts

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Part One:

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Dear loyal fans,

I know I haven't updated for awhile and while you may be happy that this chapter is finally up, I also bring dreadful news…

No, this fanfic is not cancelled, I promise, it is merely on hiatus for a very legit reason. On the 7th of Feburary, 2011, I will be leaving to go to Naval Boot Camp in Chicago, Illinois. For obvious reasons, I will not be able to continue this fanfic for at least 9 weeks, probably more so because after the 9 weeks of boot camp, I will be stationed in Charleston, South Carolina to go to NUKE School for the Navy, where I plan to work my ass off to become a NUKE for the Navy.

NUKE School will go on for a full year and a half, but don't fret! I promise with the blood coursing through my veins, that ALMOST any and all free time I have that is not spent studying, I will work on the fanfics. I do not plan to let my works die, not in the slightest, so please bare with me and wait for my eventual return.

As to why I have not updated this fanfic in a while is mainly my fault. I have been keeping myself busy with studying as much as I can to prepare me for my future Navy life. I have sadly neglected my works of literature and it will further be neglected more so. Nonetheless, when I can, I'll pick it back up and post another chapter when I can.

BTW: This fanfic will have a bit of drama, why? Because you can't have a good romance without some drama. It's true! I won't be over the top drama, I promise you that, but I can't promise that the balance will be perfect for I am not perfect. Just let me do my own thing and either enjoy it or not.

Without further interruptions, here is the next installment of this fanfic.

Part Two:

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Part Three:

Last Chapter

The Night Before the Funeral

"I wish I was there for you though… I just didn't know what to do…" Harry choked out in a remorse filled voice.

"We all learn one way or the other Harry. I don't blame you for anything in any way." Cho pressed her lips briefly against Harry's lips, kissing him once again. She slowly pulled away as Harry lifted his head to try to continue the kiss she ended.

Cho smiled gently as she walked towards the door, only pausing to speak one more time. "Now get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning." Cho quietly left the room, closing the door silently behind her, leaving Harry to his thoughts before he finally fell into a peaceful slumber an hour later.

Part Four:

Chapter Four

Day of the Funeral

*Date: May 6th, 1998/Time: Six A.M./Location: Ministry of Magic*

Kingsley was sitting in his office as the door slowly swung open and twelve people filed in.

"Hello everyone, I'm sure you know why I called you in this early morning."

"And I'm still hating being called in this early Minister…" One elderly man spat out as he patted his robes.

"I know, but we must reach a decision now."

"But Minister, why are you so pressing about this?" A younger female questioned out as she conjured up her own chair to sit in. The other eleven Department Heads mimicked her and also conjured up their favorite chairs.

"Why? Is this still not obvious? These people have shown their ability to fight against the worst of foes and some of them never even finished school! If these people want to be Aurors, which I'm sure a few of them really want to, we should let them immediately."

"You know I won't say no to a few more possible candidates, Kingsley." Another elderly man called out in a gruff voice.

"Yes, I'm sure you wouldn't Sturgis. Again, sorry for calling you out of retirement. If I wasn't made Minister, you would still be enjoying your sweets."

"HA! You know I was forced to step down from my position! If I had it my way, I would've stayed Department Head until I died! I'm still mad that you never told me about the attack on Hogwarts. What I would have given just to have a go at Ol' Snakeface!" Sturgis grumbled out with ferocity.

"Yes I know Sturgis. Now back onto the topic. I wish for you guys to allow the people I have previously mentioned to be allowed into the Auror Academy immediately if they so wish to."

"Do you really think they have the ability considering a few of them haven't even finished school? I know Mr. Potter is an exception, but what about the others?" Chimed out a female somewhere in her early fifties.

"Harry trained them all. Some are older, some are younger and some are the same age. Most of them survived the battle. They aren't kids anymore. They have seen war and survived it. If that doesn't tell you something, I don't know what else to say to convince them."

Silence befell the twelve Department Heads before they collectively mumbled amongst themselves. Finally, the silence befell them once again.

"For." Sturgis replied sternly. "These kids are the next generation and I'm ready to put them to the test. They did survive the fight against Voldemort and his goons, so I think they're ready."

Several more nodded in agreement as five more called out 'For' as the other six shook their head in disagreement. "It's up to you to break the tie Kingsley." Sturgis said as he stood up.

"Please think carefully about this Minister. They are still kids. They may not be ready for the harshness of the real world." Called out an elderly lady who disagreed with the decision.

"Victoria! They have seen the harshness of the real world and survived! Why do you not see that!"

" Enough Sturgis. We already know where I stand. I believe it's time for us to teach the next generation." Kingsley looked around at the Department Heads with a stern look before uttering a single word. "For."

*Date: Same/Time: Eight A.M./Location: Number Twelve Grimmauld Place*

As a raven-haired man stirred, he opened his eyes and immediately regretted it. Blinded from the sunlight that poured through the window and directly into his eyes, he grasped his eyes as though he was going to gouge them himself.

Harry hissed out a curse and flipped his body, facing away from the bright cheery shine the sun casted. "Bloody hell…" Harry mumbled as the events of last night flowed into his mind with a dizzying haze. Only able clearly recall the fact Cho kissed him not once but twice and immediately felt sick with himself. Stubbornly, he pulled himself out of his bed, exited the Gryffindor bedroom and immediately occupied the nearest bathroom for the better half of half-an-hour.

After the relaxing shower, memories of last night's events unfogged and Harry started to remember every bit of detail of the exchange with Cho. As he stepped into his room, he glared at the shining sun for not reflecting his mood. He glanced at the illuminated digital clock and found out he had four hours until the funeral. Harry rubbed his forehead methodically, hoping to release his tension when he heard a soft knock from the door.

"Harry?" A feminine voiced called out softly, muffled slightly by the solid object that was the door. "May we come in?"

Harry paused before replying with affirmation. "Yes, you may come in…" Harry mumbled loudly as he slipped onto his bed, dressed in clean clothes as he continued to rub his head. Slowly, the door opened up two reveal to females, one with straight black hair and the other with slightly bushy brown hair.

Harry groaned, immediately knowing who the two girls were. "I really don't want to deal with Cho… Or Hermione… Bloody hell, I don't want to deal with any females right now…"

Hermione bolted across the space as she heard Harry groan and rubbed his head. "Harry, are you alright? Is your scar hurting again? I thought it was supposed to spot now that Vol-Voldemort died!" Hermione spat out in a flurry of questions with no pause between them.

"Breathe Hermione." Harry remarked duly as a small smile spread on his face. "For once, it's just a normal headache… It's not the scar, I promise… I'm just not in a good mood for obvious reasons…"

"Oh…" Hermione made a face, showing she understood. "Well, anyways, Cho wanted to talk to you and she wanted me here for support, so please listen to her Harry…" Hermione trailed off quietly towards the end.

Harry sighed heavily and nodded in affirmation as he tracked Cho's slow, nervous movements.

Cho tenderly stood before Harry, shifting her feet around nervously.

"Ch-Cho… About last yesterday…" Harry cringed at the memory as several fierce emotions: guilt, happiness, pleasure, disgust and confusion, churned in his stomach. He tore his eyes and bore his sight into the rickety old floorboards of his godfather's old bedroom.

"I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have done what I did and I'm really, really sorry…" Harry apologized with a voice filled with regret. "Please-"


Harry stared at Cho as she whispered out a single word. "I understand. You're confused right now and we both got a little carried away last night. I understand." Cho smiled lightly at Harry.

Harry stood up and held Cho in a hug to thank her. "You're right, I am confused right now, but I promise I will give you a chance. Eventually. Again, sorry."

As Harry finished his promise to Cho, she pushed away from Harry's embrace. Slightly flustered and at arm's length apart, Cho stared softly at Harry.

"I know…" Cho mumbled before swiftly exiting and a small smile but a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Hermione double glanced towards the door where Cho just exited and left too, following Cho.

*Date: Same/Time: Nine A.M./Location: Same*

"CHO!" Hermione yelled out fiercely yelled out after she closed Cho's bedroom and casted a silencing charm. "What the BLOODY HELL do you mean 'carried away'?"

Cho swiftly turned around and stared blankly at Hermione. She couldn't believe what she heard. Did Hermione Granger, THE most favorite student among most teachers, just cursed? Quickly, the Ravenclaw noticed that the female Gryffindor was severely over-reacting and didn't like it.

"Cho, I'll ask you one more time," Hermione breathed deeply before boring her penetrating gaze upon her target. "What did you-"

"You like him don't you." Cho remarked with a glare. Receiving a shocked expression and a few stutters, she knew she hit the bulls-eye dead on, and she hated it very much.

"I knew something was up the first time you warned me about hurting Harry again. I brushed it off as you trying to be a really good friend. While that may be true, you have more that just friendly feelings for Harry, don't you Hermione?"

"I-I don't k-know what you m-mean!" Hermione stammered, trying her best to convince herself.

"Oh don't give me that Hermione! If you really are as smart as they make you out to be, you should know that's a blatant lie!"

"He-He's like a brother to me!"

"Because he isn't your boyfriend!" Cho yelled out in accusation. Hermione turned her head, forcing her eyes away from Cho's in shame as tears silently streaked down. "I KNEW IT! THE WHOLE SCHOOL KNEW YOU HAD SOMETHING FOR HIM!"

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT I FEEL FOR HIM! HE ONLY THINKS OF ME AS A SISTER HE NEVER HAD, SO I'LL BE THAT FOR HIM!" Hermione broke out into tears as she slumped onto the floor. Not once has she ever lost control in her whole life like she did now and she felt truly vulnerable.

Hermione sniffed and hugged herself, trying to push away the pain of rejection from the one person she had a crush on since she first met him. Hermione was so caught up in her memories of that fateful day on the train to Hogwarts for the first time that she didn't even notice a pair of arms around her until a voice whispered out to her.

"I'm sorry Hermione, I went too far, again. I seem to be doing that a lot lately…" Cho remarked earning a small quiet laugh from Hermione.

"So… Getting back on track, what did mean by getting 'carried away'?" Hermione asked as she rubbed her eyes, drying them, even though it still left them slightly red and puffy.

"We kissed… On the lips..."

Hermione shot back, her hands covering her mouth as she gasped. "No..."

Cho's shoulders raised, covering her neck as he hanged her head even more. "Well, first I kissed him on the cheek to thank him for bring me in, then he returned the gesture... Later on, when you trapped me in there with him, he kissed me on the lips and that's when Ron busted in... Last night, I decided to return the gesture…"

"This is way too fast. On the cheek is one thing, but the lips-"

"I know…" Cho sighed out in frustration of her own stupidity.

She didn't know why, but whenever she was around Harry or heard any subject about him, she would do something completely stupid. She knew Harry and Hermione weren't going out, yet she still continued to accuse him of doing so. She knew her she shouldn't have stood up for Marietta* when she betrayed the D.A. to that foul person of a teacher. If she never hears that toad's name ever again, it would be too soon.

Finally finished with her thoughts, she continued. "We were just caught up in the moment. When I'm around him, I start doing stupid things… I just don't know what to do."

"Well, you came to the wrong person. Ron is still distancing himself from Harry and in doing so, me… He keeps saying that Harry won't let out his real feelings till he's alone because he doesn't want to look weak in front of us…"

"Maybe he's right… Guys tend to be like that."

"But that's idiotic! I just want to be there for him! He had a hard enough life, so he doesn't have to go through this alone! V-Voldemort's gone! Everything should be easier now! Especially for him!"

"Hermione, maybe you should just be with Ron for a few hours. Leave Harry to me ok…" Hermione quickly opened her mouth to voice her disapproval but was quickly cut off by Cho. "Hermione, I understand what he's going through, and the fact the funeral services are today isn't giving me much time to help him beforehand."

Cho opened her door and pushed Hermione out and down the flight of stairs, towards the door. "I know what I'm doing, just trust me ok!"

"But how can I trust you? You and him got carried away and look at him now!" Hermione accused as she as pushed outside.

Cho stared down at the molding floor of the ancient house of Black. "Look, it's not like I meant to do it…" Cho gathered up as much courage she could muster and stared back at Hermione. "I can't promise he'll be sunny and cheerful by the time the funeral service rolls around, but I will still try my best to make him smile, even if it's a little. Now go be with your boyfriend."

Hermione smiled a small smile as she stared back at Cho. "Thanks." Hermione left the room quitely.

"Now I just have to face Harry…" Cho smiled lightly as she closed the door and made her way up the stairs quietly, doing her best not to disturb the vicious panting that is Mrs. Black. Finally, she arrived at the door of Harry's room and knocked lightly.

"Harry," Cho called out in a soft tone. "I'm coming in." Not sure what to expect, Cho slowly opened the door. As the ancient door came to a stop, she peered in and found him standing in front of a window overlooking the front yard of the house.

"He must've seen Hermione leave." She kept staring at the man before her until something caught her attention. Cho concentrated harder, looking past Harry and into the reflection of the glass. Slowly, she saw the reflection of Harry's face that would've been hidden if it wasn't for the reflection.

Slowly, Cho made her way across the room, closing the seemingly endless gap between her and Harry. Finally, when he was within reach, she stretched out her arm, gingerly grasping him on the shoulder. "Harry…"

"It's my fault they're dead… Ginny, Fred, Lupin, Tonks and everyone else… If I only faced Tom sooner, I could've saved them…"

Cho's grip on Harry's shoulder tightened just before she forcefully spun him around, revealing the streaks on his cheeks, showing he was crying just moments ago. "You have to stop blaming yourself for everyone's death Harry! You can't save everyone!

"They died fighting along side you, for you! To blame yourself for their deaths is an insult to them, Harry! Stop blaming yourself for something you had no control over! Stop pitying the dead!"

Swiftly, Cho threw her arms around Harry, pulling him into an embrace. Harry lowered his head into her shoulder and sighed heavily. After several long minutes of hugging, Harry finally spoke again. "I just need some more time to myself, ok Cho."

"Alright Harry. Be sure to come out in a few hours, we still have the funeral service to go to." Cho whispered as she ran her fingers through Harry's unruly hair gingerly. She pulled away and left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Thanks for trying to help Cho..." Harry whispered loud enough to where it penetrated the closed door, making Cho smile.

*Date: Same/Time: Noon/Location: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry*

Harry and Cho stepped through the iron wrought gates of the ancient school where just a few days ago the fight determining the fate of the wizarding world was held. Their funeral robes, perfectly black with a super-imposed Hogwarts' Crest on the back, billowed out as the continued down the path. Harry's hair, while he tried his best, was still a sloppy mop of black hair while Cho, after resorting to her wand, was able connect the long strands of hair near her ear into a braid behind her head, which flowed down the rest of her black hair.

Hogwarts finally came into view. Harry gazed the damage school and saw the scars of battle plastered upon its walls. The school looked like it was going to fall apart due to the destructive power of the giants, but he knew everything would be back to normal before the school started back up in September.

The two made their way across the grassy field of Hogwarts, the scent of blood and death lingering faintly as they made their way towards Dumbledore's resting place. Everyone who died fighting for the wizarding world would be buried near Dumbledore. It was only right since they too died here on the school grounds.

Finally, they reached the cliff overlooking the Black Lake and walked down, nearing the shore where Dumbledore was laid to rest. Spotting the large white marbled tomb surrounded by fifty or more smaller white marbled tombs, Harry swallowed as Cho rested a hand on his shoulder. Harry drew up the courage from the depths and powered through the sorrow that was building up in his heart. "Hogwarts' own cemetery."

With an inhale and an exhale, he marched on, spotting the same golden chairs used for Dumbledore's funeral, only it was ten times more. With every family member and friends of the fallen, all the survivors with their immediate family and several important MoM figures, including the Minister of Magic, Shacklebolt.

Kingsley glanced up after he flipped through several pieces of papers. With a tired and aged look about him, he smiled a wary smile as he saw Harry making his way towards him. "Ah, Harry, I see you're here just on time. Do you know what you're going to say when you go up?"

"No Minister, I'm just going to speak from the heart. Planning was never really my strong point."

"Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll do just fine, and again, just call me Kingsley. No need for such formalities, ok Harry?"

"Ok Kingsley." Harry replied with a small smile. "So what's the schedule like?"

"Ah, well…" Kingsley shuffled through the pile of papers again and pulled out a time table, listing off the events. "Well, we will be handing out awards to the family of the deceased before handing out the awards to the survivors. Then ceremony will end with you speaking."

"Wait, awards? What awards?"

"Harry, you didn't think we wouldn't award those who fight and died for the wizarding community, did you? We're giving everyone who fought an Order of Merlin of some level. Most will only be Third Class, the teachers will be receiving Second Class while you will be receiving First Class."

"But Kingsley, everyone should be receiving First Class!" Harry argued back.

"If everyone here received First Class Harry, the whole Ministry of Magic would be bankrupted and then some." Kingsley replied with a chuckle.

"I talked it over with the Department Heads and they agree on who should be receiving the First Class. Obviously you, for you did defeat Voldemort, but not only because of that reason, but also because you've been fighting against him your whole life.

"You were, no, you still are the beacon of light to the wizarding world. I know you don't like the attention, but you are a representative of what's right to most people. Hell Harry, I'm quite sure if you ever ran for Minister, I would be out of a job in a heartbeat."

"Kingsley, you know I don't want to be the Minister of Magic, I rather be an Auror."

"Yes, out there on the front lines, fighting evil instead of being stuck behind a desk doing nothing but paperwork and planning. Speaking of you being an Auror, you know I can get you, and who ever else wants to, entered into the Auror Academy. You, or your friends, won't have to complete their final year at Hogwarts to get in, I trust you understand this."

"I understand Kingsley. Do my friends already know this?"

"Yes, I told them all the same thing when I saw them earlier. It took a while for me to get the Department Heads to agree, but I got their approval this morning. Many of the Heads don't think you guys are ready, but they didn't see you guys fight. I know you are, as well as your friends."

"Thank you Kingsley. I promise to think over it."

"And Ms. Chang, the same goes for you." Kingsley remarked with a smile as he nodded towards the Chinese girl behind Harry. Cho bowed lowly and thanked Kingsley before he walked away.

"I think I'll take him up on his offer." Cho replied happily. "I'm sure my parents wouldn't be pleased, since they wanted me to become a mediwitch, but being an Auror will be better."

"I agree. Just because Voldemort's gone doesn't mean the rest of the evil in the world will simply disappear. The worst is over, but we can't stop here. I fear that this won't be the only battle Hogwarts will witness…"

"What do you mean Harry?" Cho asked nervously as she stared at the school and him.

"I'm not sure, but I just have a bad feeling. I want to stay near Hogwarts to protect it, but the sooner I get stronger, the better, and becoming an Auror will help me with that." Harry solemnly said.

"Follow your heart Harry. I'm sure it will lead you down the right path. Now let's go, the seats are filling!" Cho called as she tugged on his arm, leading him towards the back row.

"If only my heart knew what it wanted…"

*Date: Same/Time: One P.M./Location: Hogwarts' Cemetery*

The ceremony opened with Minerva McGonagall giving a speech over how these noble people banded together to fight for what's right. Shortly following her, Kingsley gave a speech about the loss of such noble people and how he'll try his best to honor the memory of these people.

Then they began the handing out of Order of Merlin, which Harry dreaded the whole time. Each and every person ended up crying as they walked up right side of the wooden stage and continued after the walked to the other side of the stage, joining the growing group of members now inducted into the Order of Merlin.

They were calling everyone out in alphabetical order, but seamlessly skipped over Harry's name, knowing he was to be called up last for he was the 'hero'. Harry sighed deeply as he heard Kingsley call out his name. With courage and conviction, he strode up to the platform and accepted the Order of Merlin: First Class.

"Hope you're ready Harry." Kingsley whispered as he stepped away from the podium. Harry gave a simple nod as stepped forth. With a forced swallow, he began his speech that he never planned.

"To us, the numerous people who fought and survived the war, and more so to those who didn't. Those who died fighting for what is right are the true heroes, for they gave everything to do what is right and not what is easy. For those who survived, we are lucky.

"We were willing to give everything to do what is right and not what's easy. We were fortunate to live, but also unfortunate to watch our fallen comrades die. Do not pity the dead, for they died honorably. Instead, pity the living.

"We are the ones that will suffer from their deaths, not them, for they have moved onto something better. We are the one to pick up the pieces after the destruction. We are the ones who will fix what is broken and make things better.

"It is our responsibility to continue doing what is right and not what's easiest. With that," Harry turned towards Kingsley and smiled. "I will take you up on our offer and become an Auror. I will continue being the Beacon of Light to the Wizarding World, for I owe those who fought with me and those who died for me."

"I will too Minister!" Cho called out from the group of the newly inducted Order of Merlin, stepping forth from the group.

"I too!" Ron called out feverishly, joining Cho.

"I also wish to accept your offer, Minister." Hermione boldly stated as she too stepped forward.

"So will I!" Neville called out proudly, joining his friends in the small group.

Kingsley smile widened as he saw these kids, the next generation, willing to take the path so few follow. Kingsley watched as Harry stepped off the stage and joined his friends, leaving Kingsley to reclaim the podium.

"Not once did he cry. He has what it takes to become the leader of the next generation." Kingsley nodded towards the small group and spoke out to the crowd for the last time. "This concludes the service. You are free to linger, but sadly I am not." Kingsley chuckled lightly. "Being Minister of Magic is time consuming, as you may have guessed."

Kingsley swiftly stepped away from the podium and down the steps of the platform, which was magically fading into nonexistence. He made his way over the small group of young adults.

"I will have Sturgis, the new Head of the Auror Department, get in contact with each and everyone of you. Just be sure to leave at a moment's notice. Usually, the Auror Academy starts the same day as Hogwarts, September 1st, but seeing how everything at the Ministry is still up in the air, it may be pushed ahead or delayed.

"Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, the next three years won't be easy. You won't only be in classes learning, but you will also be on the field a lot. We lost a lot of Aurors during the fight, so we are short on numbers.

"So be expected to take on missions usually meant for those who are graduates of the Academy and not those who are still in. I fear that while the worst has come and passed, we are still far from being out of danger." Kingsley swiftly bid goodbye and left the grounds of Hogwarts before disapparating.

"Interesting day huh?" Harry asked aloud.

"I would say so Harry." Ron grinned as he patted his best mate on the back. "But everyday with you is interesting one way or the other."

"Oh shut it Ron!" Harry barked back.

"I was actually surprised that you accepted Kingsley offer so quickly. Why's that?" Hermione asked as she joined the conversation.

"Someone told me follow my heart, for it will lead me down the right path," Cho blushed lightly as Harry continued on. "And well… My heart was telling me to become an Auror now instead of going back to Hogwarts."

Harry broke his eyesight from Hermione and glanced towards Hogwarts. "Besides, something tells me I'll be returning to Hogwarts, even if I'm not one of its students."

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Part Six:

Author's Notes

Well, this was a much shorter chapter than I intended it to be, but hey, what can I say? I really need this chapter to be uploaded up before I leave for boot camp guys and gals. Still am sorry about that! I'm sure I'm going to have a lot more things planned out for the next few chapters by the time I get out.

I'm not one to really plan out each chapter before I start it. I just point where to start, where to end, and just go with it as I type out everything in between. Also, the speech I had Harry give, I completely came up with that off the top of my head. I knew I could never plan that speech so I had Harry do what I did, speak it from the heart, lol.

Anyways, as you guys all found out this chapter, Harry will not be going back to Hogwarts to complete his final year, as I made you believe previously, but I do promise you this, THERE IS A REASON WHY THIS STORY IS CALLED HARRY POTTER AND THE RETURN TO HOGWARTS! He may not be coming back as a Hogwarts student, but he will be coming back.

And before you guys even start guessing, no, he will not be a teacher… He's going to the Auror Academy, so he won't be a teacher, he'll just be a student, still, lol. It's like finishing high school and then going to college… Oh wait… That's what I'll be doing, lol.

Also, I will try my best to keep everyone in character, though some won't be exactly the same. People will change, simple as that. I will bend them to my needs, for it's my fanfic, but I will still try to be most of their characteristics the same.

Another thing, I will finally tell you that this story will be the first one of the trilogy, "Auror Academy Years". The previous seven that J. K. Rowling wrote is known as the "Hogwarts Years", so this is my mere continuation of it, that's all.

Finally, I'm sorry if the whole conversation between Hermione and Cho isn't all the realistic or whatever. I'm a guy, so I can write base off experience… I'll just try to be my best and hope you guys will like it.

Lord Kuroryu out!

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