Hey guys. I wanted to write something funny. I think this isn't so much, but I will make more chapters with different games and try to make it funny enough. Okey, xoxo.

It was Saturday morning and I had nothing to do, so I called Lissa and invited her to come over. She came to my room in about 5 minutes.

''Hey Liss.''

''Hey Rose.''

''I'm so bored.''

''Yeah, I know. Me too. We could play games. What do you think?''

''Sure Liss. That's a great idea. I'll call Adrian and Eddie and you call Mia and Christian.'' She nodded and called them, while I was already calling Adrian.

They all agreed to come. We will meet at 12am in my room and play some games.

''So, guys, which game will we play first?''

''What about I never?'' Eddie suggested. We all nodded in agreement. We almost started to play, when there was a knock on my door. I stood up and made my way to the door.

''Hey Comrade.''

''Hey Rose, I was wondering if you –'' He probably saw all people sitting on the floor, so he didn't finish his question. ''What are you doing?''

''We will play some games. Wanna join?''

''Sure.'' He hesitated a little, but nodded anyway. He sat down beside me.

''First we will play game I never. Do you all know it?'' Everyone nodded. ''Good, so I don't have to explain it.'' I gave each twenty candies. When I was done I said with a smile on my face: ''Good, now we can start. Who will go first?''

''I will'' Eddie said. ''I never got kicked out of class. '' Everyone laughed as I ate one candy.

''I never kissed Eddie.'' Mia said. Lissa, Mia and I ate one candy. They all looked at Lissa and me. ''It was a dare.'' Lissa explained. Everyone looked at me. ''We were dating for about a week.'' I said and shrugged.

''I never trained as a guardian.'' Lissa said. I, Dimitri and Eddie ate one.

''I never been in my best friends head.'' Christian grinned as I ate one candy. That left me with 16, Mia and Lissa with 18, Adrian with all 20 and Dimitri, Christian and Eddie with 19.

''I never smoked.'' I said looking at Adrian. He and Dimitri took one. We all looked at Dimitri.

''What? I just tried.'' I rolled my eyes.

''I never used compulsion.'' Dimitri said. Mia, Adrian, Lissa and Christian all ate one.

''I never cheated on a test or exam.'' Adrian said and I ate on candy. That left me with 15, Mia and Lissa with 17, Adrian with 18, Dimitri with 19 and Christian and Eddie with 18.

It was Eddies turn again. ''I never been too drunk to stay awake during sex.'' Adrian ate one and we all burst out laughing.

''I never gave a lap dance.'' I took one. Again all looked at me and I had to explain again. ''It was a dare. Duh.''

''I never had sexual fantasy about Rose.'' Lissa said. We girls laughed as every guys ate one candy.

''I never was too drunk to walk.'' Christian said. I, Adrian and surprisingly Dimitri ate one candy.

''I never had sex with Lissa.'' I said. Christian ate one.

''I never drank blood.'' Dimitri said. Lissa, Adrian Mia, Christian and I ate one. Dimitri looked at me and raised eyebrow. ''What? Lissa cut herself and I didn't find anything to wipe it, so I sucked it. ''

That left me with 12, Mia, Lissa with 16, Adrian with 14, Christian with 15 and Eddie and Dimitri with 17.

''Okay guys. We will never end this game. Let's have a break and continue later with another game. Okay?'' Everyone nodded.

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