Calvin & Hobbes's Epic Tale

By Dr MilkyWay

Author's note: As you might guess, this story starts where Bill Watterson ended it: in the last strip on December 31, 1995

The adventure began with Calvin and Hobbes exploring in the woods. They'd explored places high and low, stuck inside a tree and under a lake, and even places they'd been before.

After a while, they'd found a wide-open field of pale white snow hidden by the woods around them and decided to have a snowball fight instead and after Calvin lost his temper after being beaten by Hobbes four times, they went back to marking new territories in the woods.

Around dark, the duo decided to go inside and warm up by the fireplace.

"Wow, today really was a day of possibilities," said Hobbes sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace.

"Told you so," said Calvin, "So do you want to stay up and watch the ball drop in Times Square at midnight?"

"You know your parents would never let you stay up that late," said Hobbes.

"Oh, I suppose you'd rather spend the night with the monsters under my bed," said Calvin.

"Shut up, they only want you and you know it," said Hobbes.

"I suppose you're right, I hadn't thought of that," said Calvin.

Just then, Calvin got an idea.

"If you watch it with me, I'll make you a tuna fish-" But before Calvin could finish what he was going to say, Hobbes exclaimed "Yes, I'll do it, just give me the tuna fish whatever you were going to say."

"-sandwich. Wow jungle cats are fast in speech too," finished Calvin.

"If it's a sandwich, I'll do it for five, with a bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs," said Hobbes.

"Jungle cats are as demanding as they are fast, man I've learned a lot more at home today than I do in an entire school year, Mom and Dad should just yank me out of school and have you teach me since tigers are so smart," said Calvin.

"Yup we are," said Hobbes, "And speaking of smarts, how do you plan on sneaking out to see the ball drop?"

"Take a wild guess and think of how we've escaped my room before," said Calvin.

"You're going to tie the sheets together to make a rope again? Wouldn't it be easier to tiptoe downstairs when your parents are asleep?" Asked Hobbes.

"Do I look like a sissy to you?" Asked Calvin.

"Alright I'll do it, but these tuna fish sandwiches had better be good," said Hobbes.

Then Calvin had gone to make Hobbes's tuna fish sandwiches and Hobbes went to look through Calvin's comic books.

But just at that moment, something incredible was happening at the site of Calvin and Hobbes's snowball fight.

A portal appeared, and a gigantic bronze metal box had come out of it.

The box had the words TIME MACHINE engraved on the side, huge thrusters, and a windshield in its cockpit.

Then out stepped what looked like a boy in robot armor (not a mech, just robot armor) that covered his whole body stepped out.

"Voice command: activate cloaking device," said the boy.

The box turned invisible. The boy got a tiny laptop out of a backpack he was wearing. He pressed a button labeled "call" and typed in "Program C." Then a call was established and a robotic voice came out of the laptop.

"Have you arrived yet?" said the voice.

"Yes, unless the machine's broken I'm at new year's eve 1995," said the boy.

"Well done, your father would be grateful for what you're doing," said the voice.

" I plan on doing phase one of Operation C.H.E.T. tonight while everyone's asleep," said the boy. "It would've worked out better if they were asleep too, but who said everything was easy?"

"I can't believe you actually remembered they were awake, Copper," said the voice.

"Do you think I would agreed to this assignment if I hadn't known every relevant detail?" asked Copper.

"Of course I did. You will get to see your father at a younger age. If I were in your place, I would've wanted to see my dad at a younger age. Anyway, initiate phase one as soon as possible. Program C out," said Program C.

The call was cut off.

Copper then left the woods Calvin and Hobbes explored in and stared up at the house Calvin and Hobbes lived in.