Even as Stupendous Man, the Supreme Potentate did not seem to fear Calvin.

"He is so going down," whispered Hobbes to Copper.

"Prepare for the fight of your life, Supreme Potentate," said "Stupendous Man."

"Speak for your self, shrimp," said the Supreme Potentate as he shot a laser at "Stupendous Man."

But the laser had no effect.

"Hmm, this may be tougher than I thought," said the Supreme Potentate.

He then plugged in all his laser cannons into a hole in the wall that didn't look exactly like an outlet. Soon all the power in the Mastership was lost and put in the laser cannons, which supercharged them.

"Idiot! You just took all the power in the Mastership and stopping it just so you could supercharge your laser cannons," said Hobbes.

"It will be worth it once I destroy you all and conquer your world. These lasers now have the power to destroy your planet's sun if I wanted to," said the Supreme Potentate. "And besides, do you think my people would live on this ship if it couldn't generate its own power? The Mastership will be up and running before I can even destroy you."

He then shot another laser, but "Stupendous Man" maneuvered it so quickly, that it only hit his foot. And it actually hurt.

"Stupendous Man had underestimated the power invested in the monster's lasers. Truly this will be a fight to be reckoned with," said Stupendous Man. "Let's take this fight to a more suitable arena than this rather small landscape."

"Stupendous Man" grabbed the Supreme Potentate and made a hole in the ceiling and took their fight to the top floor of the Mastership.

The Supreme Potentate shot "Stupendous Man" before he could take him through the ceiling.

All the citizens in the area tried to defend their leader with the remaining power in their laser guns to defend their leader but they had no effect on "Stupendous Man."

The Supreme Potentate tried to hit "Stupendous Man" with his tentacle, but "Stupendous Man" grabbed it and swung him into a building. But he picked up the building he landed into and tried to throw it at "Stupendous Man."

"Great moons of Neptune! He must have super powers too!" Said "Stupendous Man."

"Stupendous Man" punched through the building the Supreme Potentate threw at him. But to his surprise, the Supreme Potentate was right there, jumping at him and knocked him to the ground.

Meanwhile, at the core of the ship, the aliens driving were going to go up to the top floor of the Mastership to defend their leader.

"There has to be some way we can assist the Earth Leader," said Nebular.

"I don't know, given our leader's strength compared to Calvin's new super-form, I don't know if he needs help," said Galaxoid.

"I think Nebular's right. We need to find someway to help Calvin," said Hobbes. Copper, do you have anything that could help?"

"Well, I brought all my weapons, including the Immobilization Ray, the Idiocy Gun, and the Tractor Beam," said Copper.

"Let's go with Idiocy Gun," said Hobbes as he grabbed it and ran into the teleporter.

After Hobbes had checked for any sign of a battle everywhere on the Mastership, he finally found them on the top floor. He hit the Supreme Potentate with a clear shot, but nothing happened. Soon Copper, Galaxoid, and Nebular had followed Hobbes.

"Dude, the Idiocy Gun has no effect on him," said Hobbes.

"That's odd, let's take a look at what made that happen," said Copper as he set his visor to "X-ray enhancement" and looked at the Supreme Potentate.

What Copper saw amazed him. He saw robotic parts instead of organs inside the Supreme Potentate.

"It didn't effect him because he's a robot!" Said Copper. "But that doesn't explain why he's acted so childish."

"What do you mean, a robot?" Asked Galaxoid.

"And what's this about acting childish?" Asked Nebular.

"For one, he has a mechanical interior instead of organs, and for two, he called Hobbes a ninny, used the word girly, and said Go soak your head to Calvin. What doesn't spell childish about that?" Asked Copper.

"Calvin, he's a robot!" Yelled Hobbes.

"But apparently "Stupendous Man" didn't hear him because he was too busy narrating everything he was doing as he does in Calvin's imagination.

"With stupendous muscles of magnitude, Stupendous Man fights back against the alien leader," said "Stupendous Man."

"You should change your name to Stupid Man, do you ever stop talking about yourself?" Asked the Supreme Potentate as he wrapped up "Stupendous Man" in his tentacle and slammed him to the ground.

"See? Right there, I only hear comebacks like that from a kid like Calvin," said Copper.

"Something is definitely wrong with our leader," said Galaxoid.

"Whose idea was it to make him our leader?" Asked Nebular.

Then "Stupendous Man" went through the hole in the ceiling they used as an entrance to the Mastership and threw the Supreme Potentate into the infinite reaches of space. "Stupendous Man" had thought he'd won, when all of the sudden, the Supreme Potentate turned his direction and flew back towards the Mastership.

"Impossible," said Stupendous Man to himself.

The Supreme Potentate hit "Stupendous Man" so hard that he flew all the way back to earth, specifically Calvin's neighborhood/Copper's refugee camp.

Everyone was surprised to see "Stupendous Man." Especially since they couldn't recognize Calvin because he was wearing his imaginary Stupendous Man costume and not his actual red cape and mask. "Stupendous Man" got up immediately and moved out of the way when he saw the Supreme Potentate about to land on him.

Everyone in the refugee camp/neighborhood had ran inside the houses for cover as the Supreme Potentate tried to zap "Stupendous Man" with his lasers. But he dodged them all then pinned the Supreme Potentate to the ground and punched him in the eye several times but then the Supreme Potentate knocked him off.

"That's it kid, I must remind you that all the power in the Mastership is in these lasers. I have the power to destroy the earth if I wanted to," said the Supreme Potentate as he pointed all the laser cannons at the ground. "What's it gonna be, hero? You or the world?"

"Do you honestly think that Stupendous Man's stupendous intellect would fall for that? You're obviously bluffing because if you destroy the earth, you'll destroy yourself too," said "Stupendous Man."

"Shoot, I hoped you wouldn't catch onto me," said the Supreme Potentate as he took the laser cannons away from the earth. "Well I can still destroy you with these laser cannons."

The Supreme Potentate then shot all the laser cannons at "Stupendous Man," but he shot his heat vision back at them since if he dodged it the lasers would hit the earth and they barely cancelled each other out.

"With Stupendous heat vision, Stupendous Man repels the monster's evil laser cannons!" Said "Stupendous Man."

Meanwhile, back on the Mastership, Copper, Hobbes, Galaxoid, and Nebular were going back to the core of the Mastership so they could grab Galaxoid and Nebular's crashed UFO.

"Wow, two crashes in one day and this thing still flies? What's your UFO made of guys?" Asked Hobbes.

But before Galaxoid and Nebular could respond, they flew the UFO up the holes Copper made in each floor of the Mastership but before they could get to the top, they were shot down by the civilians and the UFO crashed again

"The ship won't fly anymore, the impact must've broken the engines!" Said Galaxoid.

"Wow, third time's the charm, huh?" Asked Hobbes.

As they got out, the alien police had surrounded them and were ready to shoot them as they got out. Copper was the first one out and the aliens were unable to damage his robotic armor. Then Copper noticed the aliens were wearing similar armor to his, except that the aliens' suits were built for their people, and not humans. This gave Copper an idea.

"There isn't a problem here," said Copper as he took out a holographic badge "I'm an officer."

The alien cops carefully studied the information stated on it.

"Everything seems to be in order, but how do I know this is forged and isn't fake?" Asked the cop.

Copper had to think of an excuse fast.

"Um, I'm an enslaved human who was assigned to take duties as an officer," said Copper.

"Well, that would explain the badge, but who are they?" Asked the alien as Hobbes, Galaxoid, and Nebular stepped out of the UFO.

"They are prisoners I was taking to the local jail," said Copper.

"Okay then, carry on," said the cop as the rest of the aliens left the area.

"What was that about?" Asked Hobbes.

"Is there some sort of hangar around here?" Asked Copper.

"Yes, on the twenty-seventh floor of the Mastership," said Galaxoid.

"We'll have to take the teleporter," said Nebular as he pointed one out and set the coordinates for the twenty-seventh floor.

After they stole a UFO from the hangar and flew it out of the Mastership, they went straight for earth where the battle between the Supreme Potentate and "Stupendous Man" raged on with their lasers still canceling each other out.

"There has to be someway to distract him," thought "Stupendous Man."

Unfortunately, "Stupendous Man" couldn't look away or the lasers would hit him, and the combined power of the Mastership in those laser cannons just might've been enough to kill him (probably not, but he wasn't going to take any chances).

"Stupendous Man" had felt a rock when he reached his hand to the ground, flew up in the air (he continued using the heat vision to cancel the lasers out) and with stupendous force, he chucked the rock at the Supreme Potentate's eye and he dropped all the laser cannons.

"Stupendous Man" saw this as an opportunity, and flew down toward him and tried to beat Supreme Potentate to the ground. But the Supreme Potentate flipped them over and tried to beat "Stupendous Man" to the ground. But "Stupendous Man" kicked the Supreme Potentate off of him and into the sky. Then "Stupendous Man" flew up to the sky and was about to deliver a deadly blow to the Supreme Potentate when "Stupendous Man" turned back into mild-mannered Calvin.

"Well, this might make things a bit more difficult," said Calvin.

"That was convenient," said the Supreme Potentate as he grabbed Calvin with a tentacle. He was about to shoot Calvin with one last laser cannon "Stupendous Man" hadn't knocked out of his hands when all of the sudden they hit the ground and the tentacle let go of Calvin. Then Calvin looked up in the sky and saw a UFO falling toward the Supreme Potentate. Fortunately, Calvin had the sense to run off before impact and he got away from the Supreme Potentate before the UFO fell on him once again.

Copper, Hobbes, Galaxoid, and Nebular got out of the UFO.

"Dude who taught you how to drive? This is your third crash today!" Said Hobbes.

"No one. I'm 12 years old," said Copper.

"Then why do you two let him drive?" Asked Hobbes to Galaxoid and Nebular.

"We don't know," they both said at the same time.

Then the Supreme Potentate's tentacles lifted up the UFO and threw it aside.

"Where have I seen this before?" He asked to himself.

"Freeze!" Yelled Copper as he whipped out his Immobilization Ray.

"I don't wanna!" Yelled the Supreme Potentate.

"Well, too bad," said Copper as he zapped him with the Immobilization Ray.

"I can't move!" Said the Supreme Potentate. "Oh well, time for Plan B."

Then the Supreme Potentate's chest opened up.

"He's a robot? Cool!" Said Calvin.

"Not just any kind of robot, a Mech! Controlled by an alien youth," said Copper.

"Very smart child," said an alien that came out who looked like the Supreme Potentate but instead of twice Hobbes's size, he was half of Calvin's size.

"You're calling me a child? I'm way older than you, runt!" Said Copper.

"Don't call me that!" Said the real Supreme Potentate as he zapped Copper in the face. After that, his mask came off and fell in front of Calvin and Hobbes's feet.

Then Copper grabbed the real Supreme Potentate and threw him over to Calvin.

"I think you know what to do," said Copper as he pointed at the Transmogrifier Gun in Calvin's pocket. Calvin then whipped it out and aimed it at the Supreme Potentate. He turned him into a worm and threw him in the dirt.

"You'll pay for this humiliation, Calvin! At the risk of sounding cliché, YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE LAST OF THE SUPREME POTENTATE!" said the Supreme Potentate as he inched away.

"Fat chance, right Hobbes?" Asked Calvin.

But he saw Hobbes wasn't paying attention to him and was instead looking at Copper without his mask. Calvin saw it too. He didn't see a human face there. He saw a tiger face there.

"Copper? You're a tiger?" Asked Hobbes.

"Yeah, the aliens would've known me because I'm a tiger and that's why I wore the mask so they would know how to get rid of me," said Copper.

"How?" Asked Calvin.

"By killing Hobbes. I am his son," said Copper.

Author's note: I bet you thought he was Calvin's son, right?

Hobbes was startled by this news. "Well, I'm glad you didn't tell me that before, because I probably would've been so annoying asking you questions like who's my wife? Which is why I'm going to ask it now. Who's my wife? Does the Supreme Potentate return? Do I ever get a lifetime supply of tuna?"

"I haven't gotten that far yet to see if you do get the lifetime supply of tuna, I don't want to ruin the surprise of who your wife is, and yes, the Supreme Potentate does return. After I go, I want to make sure you guys know he will rise again and you need to be prepared for when he does," said Copper.

Galaxoid and Nebular seemed the most happy about this situation and immediately broadcasted a message to all of their people not only on the Mastership, but on the other conquered planets as well saying that the Supreme Potentate as been defeated.

Then they saw over a million UFOs in the sky headed for the Mastership, and heard what sounded like one loud cheer but was actually the cheers of billions of aliens. This drew the neighbors and the refugees outside and saw the millions of spacecrafts headed toward the Mastership. Then Calvin's parents saw Calvin.

"Calvin!" They both yelled and then hugged him.

"Mom! Dad! I defeated him! I defeated the Supreme Potentate," said Calvin.

Calvin's parents gave him a blank stare.

"Their leader," explained Calvin.

"And now they're leaving because they're scared of you?" Asked Calvin's dad.

"The exact opposite," said Galaxoid and as he walked over to Calvin's parents and everyone in the neighborhood was focusing on them. "Our people are leaving because they are happy that our feared leader is gone and have no reason to have earth anymore."

"I thought you said that the Mastership was overpopulated, don't they want more land?" asked Hobbes.

"It's a big universe. We will find other planets that support life," said Nebular.

Then Copper looked inside the Supreme Potentate's robotic ruse and found a supercomputer. "Galaxoid! Nebular! I found out how the Supreme Potentate knew everything about your people. There was a supercomputer inside his mech which had up-to-date information about your people," said Copper.

Everyone was surprised to see Hobbes and Copper as tigers so they had to explain everything all over again.

In the days after all the aliens had left earth except for Galaxoid and Nebular, the leaders of the world gathered in Calvin's neighborhood and signed a peace treaty between humans and Galaxoid and Nebular's people.

After the tale of how Calvin and Hobbes saved the world was confirmed to be true, Calvin was well respected by everyone in town, even the ones who still think he is a weirdo.

After the Supreme Potentate was dethroned, instead of having a new ruler, a council was formed that ruled Galaxoid and Nebular's people that included the two who first met Calvin.

After all this, Calvin had retrieved his Transmogrifier/Duplicator/Time Machine from the scout ship they left it on and sent Copper to his timeline.

"Do you really have to go, Copper?" Asked Hobbes.

"Yeah, I have a family in my timeline that I need to be with," said Copper.

"Do you really need to take my Time Machine?" Asked Calvin.

"Yes, mine was destroyed," said Copper.

"Wait, before you go, what did Operation C.H.E.T. stand for?" Asked Calvin.

"Calvin and Hobbes's Epic Tale," said Copper. "It's what these events were remembered as," said Copper.

"Hey, I LIKE it," said Calvin.

"Well, I'll be going now. See you soon," said Copper, as he was about to fly off in the cardboard box.

But Hobbes stopped him first. "Copper, may I have a word with you in private?"

"Sure dad," said Copper as he got out of the box and they walked away from Calvin.

"Every time we used the MIAR on Calvin, the effects lasted a short time. You used it me and I haven't changed. I'm not real, am I?" Asked Hobbes.

Copper looked surprised that he figured it out. "No, not until I used it on you," said Copper. "Please don't tell Calvin, or who knows what could happen."

Hobbes felt as if he'd been punched in the stomach hard.

"Then does that mean I'm just a physical manifestation of a chunk of Calvin's head? Nothing else?" asked Hobbes, clearly upset.

"Dad, calm down (that sounds so weird from me). Anyway, the MIAR does more than just animate chunks of someone's head, it also gives them the qualitities of a real thing. You're a living thing, Hobbes. You have exceeded Calvin's head, you're a real tiger, go live your own life as a tiger not a vision, there's so much you can do with your life," said Copper.

A smile formed on Hobbes's face.

"After all, I wouldn't be here if you didn't eventually, would I?" asked Copper.

To his surprise, Hobbes hugged Copper.

"I don't know how I could repay you for actual life. Now do me a favor and live your life with your father," said Hobbes.

Copper took the Time Machine after their chat and zoomed to the future. Then it came back on autopilot, back to the same spot.

But Hobbes couldn't help but wonder.

If all the adventures he and Calvin had before their epic tale were just visions in Calvin's head,Will he be accepted into their town? If Calvin found out Hobbes wasn't real, would he disapear?

So many questions, and many to be answered.

For now, he had to live his independent life with Calvin.

"I think we just had an adventure some people could have only dreamed of having, Hobbes," said Calvin. "What do you want to do now?"

"I'm going to eat tuna fish," said Hobbes as he and Calvin went into the house.

Calvin sighed.

"What's wrong Calvin?" asked Hobbes.

"Look at us. We've had an adventure some people could only dream of and nothing's changed. No fame, no fortune, no respect from anyone but you," said Calvin.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," said Susie as she walked by. "You were really brave up there. For once, I'm glad there's no moving truck in front of your house."

"Thank you, that was very decent of you to say," said Calvin.

"Decent?" asked Hobbes.

"Nice doesn't seem right, considering she brought up the fact that she always wants me to move," said Calvin.

Then Calvin's classmates saw Calvin, Susie, and Hobbes.

They all went over and congradulated him.

"Calvin! You da man!"

"Was that guy in the iron man suit telling the truth about all this coming from your head?"

"With that creativity, maybe you should be a writer!"

"Maybe you're not such a weirdo after all."

After they all left, Calvin and Hobbes finally left for home.

"Would you say that something's changed now?" asked Hobbes.

"You know it!" said Calvin as he openned the door for Calivn.

But Calvin's mom stopped them. "Calvin, may I have a word with you in private?"

A feeling of queasiness filled Hobbes's stomach. He knew they were talking about his residence in their household.

"What will I do all day if Calvin's parents won't let me in their house? Who's going to buy me comics to read?" thought Hobbes as Calvin and his mom talked in private.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to keep Hobbes in the house? Will he eat anyone?" asked Calvin's mom.

"He's lived with us for years and hasn't, so I think its okay," said Calvin.

"Can he please stay?" Asked Calvin as he looked back at Hobbes.

Calvin's dad whispered to Calvin's mom: "You're not going to let him live here, are you?"

"Before that boy came, I thought Calvin would grow out of Hobbes. Now that I know how he saw him, I know Calvin would do anything to keep Hobbes here. And he helped Calvin save the earth, I think he deserves a home," said Calvin's mom. "And plus, he has to be the least bit more decent than Calvin."

"Well Calvin, it's settled, Hobbes can stay," said Calvin's dad.

When hearing this news, Hobbes hugged Calvin while enjoying a tuna sandwich.

Later that night, at the dirt Calvin threw the Supreme Potentate into, the worm he'd become had transformed into his original state. He looked at the time at a clock in a nearby house. It read 12:00 AM.

"Yes! I'm back to normal! There must've been some sort of malfunction with the machine he used on me. Sleep now Calvin and Hobbes, for it will be the last peaceful sleep you will ever know of!" said the runty Supreme Potentate.

The End?

Author's Note:I'll bet you thought this was the end, but it isn't. There's an epilogue, so stay with me a bit longer if it isn't a problem.