Hi! This is drums247. Because my first story, Total Drama Island: A New Story, didn't get as much reviews as I hoped it to get, it's on hiatus. So, I decided to start another story called Total Drama Spontaneous. Unlike my last story, this story consists of characters created by you, the readers. As I get more APPS, I will reveal more information.

Basically, Chris hosts this story with Chef as the cook. But, this story's challenges will always be random. One day, the challenge could be a Battle of the Bands, and the next, the campers could be on a plane to India to solve a mystery in the Taj Mahal.

This story's chapters will not be those short 100 word chapters. They will be long but really good.

I will accept 22 APPS. This is not a first come first serve story. I will choose the most original characters, and the characters that I can actually write about. I will not except Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Your characters must have at least one flaw. I don't want 20 goths and 80 preps and 110 punks. I want original stereotypes. And please, make sure you're stereotype isn't more than 5 words. Just so I know you're listening, on the top or bottom of the APP, give me a challenge idea or if you don't have one write "I don't have a challenge idea".

Name (First) (Middle and Last Optional):


Eye Color/Shape:

Hair Color/Description:

Stereotype (original):

Everyday Clothes:


Formal Clothes:


Winter Clothes:

What They Brought With Them To Camp:





Paired Up?:

If So, What Type/Traits of Person:

Stereotypes of Friends:

Stereotypes of Enemies:

Act When They First Arrive:

Act Around Chris:

Act Around Chef:

Act Around Others:

Act Alone:





Audition Tape (not required but encouraged):