I am so sorry for not updating in a long time. Mostly due to the holidays and me being lazy. I procrastinate too much. I will try to update soon, but know that I will never quit this story. I may take a while to update, but I will not quit it.

On a lighter note, I would like to thank SnowSword for giving me my 100th review! It's a special milestone that I have never reached until now. As a thank you for being my 100th reviewer, I would like SnowSword to either PM me or give me in a review which team you want to win in the challenge after the next challenge. Also, you can tell me which team you want to lose, and who you want to have invincibility on the losing team, if anyone. Also, give me a second choice for immunity, if you want someone else to have it, in case the person you wanted to have immunity gets eliminated in the next chapter.

I will give this power to the 200th reviewer, 300th reviewer, and so on. (If I even get that much)