I forgot to mention a lot of things last chapter because I was in a rush. So, let me say what I forgot to say.

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Italics means a Flashback or a Song

Bold and Underlined Means A Very Important Note

Also, can you tell me if I portrayed your character well. I also want to know if there's anything I could improve on when portraying your character.

Your Character Must Vote Based on Their Knowledge, and Not the Knowledge of the Person Who Created Them. And I can't stress this enough, the confessionals of other characters is not part of your character's knowledge.

Also, I would like a review every chapter. Just give me a confessional about what your character's thinking (I may use it in a chapter) and then give a little side note about what you think of the story's events so far.

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I will wait a maximum 2 days and 3 nights for your votes before I post the elimination chapters.

For the merge episodes, if you don't review a lot your OC's will never get immunity.

Thank you for reading this. This is probably the most important Author's Note in this story.