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Josie and the Pussycats

Alexandra Mellows Out

Chapter 1

The scene was a decent sized club in the Scottish town of Aberdeen. This was the tenth stop on what had been a rather successful Josie and the Pussycats U.K. tour. This club in particular, while moderately large, wasn't as big as some of the much larger venues the band had played at in London, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

However, the Pussycats liked being able to play at these smaller venues almost as much as the occasional stadium their current fame had allowed them to perform in. They enjoyed the more intimate setting and felt it was a proper way to give back to some of their more hardcore fans.

The fans were really grateful as well. Many young Scots of both sexes were clamoring up by the stage to get an up close and personal view of the Pussycats. A number of their salivating and squealing fans weren't only interested in their music. Not only had Josie and the Pussycats refined the art of bubblegum pop to a high level of technical excellence, but they had also broken new ground in terms of sex appeal for a girl-band.

As always, Josie, Melody, and Valerie, the pop idols that made up the trio, were dressed in their trademark cat suits. While the costumes were indeed designed to be cute with cat ears, tails, and paw shaped slippers, the one piece spot-covered leotards were also designed to accentuate their bare legs, pelvic areas, and booties.

Valerie Smith, in particular, was currently taking advantage of this feature of their costumes as she continued to slap her tambourine against her round brown ass cheek much to the enjoyment of the fans crowding near the stage.

Despite not being afraid to give her fans a visual treat, Valerie was actually the most intellectual of the group. If she hadn't loved music so much, she certainly would have become an extremely high paid engineer working for NASA, the U.S. military, or any other sector where her knack for solving problems and inventing complex devices could be put to use. Instead, she lent her many talents to the band, one of which was her excellent skill at writing musical compositions that had undoubtedly lead to much of the band's success.

Meanwhile, Melody Jones, the group's light haired beauty, was quickly tapping her drums and the occasional cymbal with absolute expert precision. She often said that she was good at two things. The first she would say was keeping a beat. When asked what the second was, she would usually reply with a giggle, "I dunno, but I've been told that." Her band-mates moaned loudly whenever she made this comment. They didn't think she knew how suggestive that came off, which wouldn't be too surprising given her extremely absent minded nature.

Despite the fact she sometimes said she only had two talents and singing obviously wasn't the second one she was absent mindedly referring to, Melody was also a fantastic singer. Melody almost always spoke in a cheerful sing song voice regardless, so that talent came naturally to her. She easily completed the three part harmony for the current song to near perfection, and she had also performed the duty of lead singer for a number of their other hits as well.

However, undeniably, the best singer of the group was the last of the trio, Josie James. This cute redhead with a bob-cut hairstyle was of course the Josie referred to in the name of the band. This top billing signified her position as lead singer for most of the group's songs. While Melody's natural singing talent and Valerie's excellent back-up vocals were definitely integral elements to the band's sonic chemistry, Josie's heavenly, angelic singing certainly made her the star. Her talent was multi-faceted as well since she also lent the group her expert guitar playing. Indeed, very few in the music world could sing and play the guitar simultaneously as well as Josie could.

Josie was certainly the center of the band. She was also the center of the group of friends that made up the band. This was perhaps due to her extremely amicable personality. Her calm, friendly nature was very inviting, and this translated from her social circle to her music as well.

One person who consistently claimed to not be a fan of the group, however, was in attendance. That person was Alexandra Cabot, the devilishly devious vixen with the white streak that ran down the middle of her head of luscious black hair. That dark hair ended in a long black ponytail that flowed down her back. It was kept together by a cute red bow she used as a hair tie, a strong contrast to her usual nasty personality.

She was currently staring up from her table at the three Pussycats with utter disdain as they sang and jammed away on their instruments. In her lap, on top of her tiny hiked up red and black skirt, was her tuxedo cat, Sebastian. Like Alexandra, he too had a white streak running down his furry black head. He didn't hold as much contempt for the Pussycats as Alexandra did. However, he often was an accomplice in her schemes since his loyalties lay with his master.

Sitting next to her at the table and peering up at the sexy trio as well through his thick rimmed sunglasses was her brother, Alexander Cabot the Third or Alex for short. Despite his occasional undependability and extreme cowardice, his managerial skills, combined with his rich and powerful father's connections, had definitely helped the pop-trio ascend to stardom.

To Alexandra's left at the table was Alan M., the blond, muscular hunk who was the band's roadie. He was also the object of Josie's affections. Their love affair was common knowledge, although the couple attempted to keep it rather low-key. This was much to the chagrin of Alexandra, who had been trying to steal Alan away from Josie for years.

"The Pussycats are sure on fire tonight," Alan remarked, his attention of course directed at Josie strumming away on her guitar.

"You got that right," Alexander agreed. "And this U.K. tour has been a huge success. Soon they're going be bigger than the Beatles."

"Don't count on it," Alexandra said, her animosity for the Pussycats thick in her tone of voice. "Their newest single is pretty terrible."

"You've said that about all their singles, Alexandra," Alan remarked.

"Yeah, and I think 'My Love Is like a Waterfall' is their grooviest hit yet!" Alexander added.

"It would be a heck of a lot groovier if I was in the band and we were named Alexandra's Cool Time Cats," she said with a sneer. Alan and Alexander simply ignored her. They had become too accustomed to listening to Alexandra's endless complaining about the band in the years she had been traveling with them to take any of her complaints seriously.

"We'll see how groovy they are after those Pussycats are all wet," Alexandra mumbled to herself. Sebastian did a creepy snicker, already knowing the plan. "Alan, dear, I'm going to go powder my nose."

Alan didn't respond to her. That made her grimace. He was seemingly ignoring her more and more each day.

"See ya, Sis," Alexander told her. He was aware of the situation, but there wasn't much he could do about it.

Alexandra stormed off with Sebastian in her arms. "Stupid Josie! Always stealing my Alan's attention away from me!" she whined. "Well, I'll show her!" She then traveled out of the main dance floor of the club and on down to an adjoining hallway that lead to the bathrooms as well as an "Employees Only" backstage area.

Once in the backstage, she let Sebastian down on the floor and then stared up at the huge tub of water placed up on one of the rafters above the set of stage curtains Josie and the Pussycats were performing in front of. Sebastian had helped Alexandra set it up there earlier that night. Their plan had been to spill it over the band during their encore performance of their new single.

"Looks like 'Your Love Is like a Waterfall' is going to take on a very literal meaning," she said before emitting a rather evil, haughty laugh. "Maybe they'll be renamed Josie and the Soaking Wet Pussycats." Alexandra laughed even more at her moronic joke, and Sebastian joined in with his snickering. She then put her finger on her juicy bottom lip, "Hmmm, that sounds a bit naughty, doesn't it?" Sebastian meowed, but she couldn't tell if he was agreeing or disagreeing with her. "Well, what can I say? I can be a very bad girl."

She then walked over to the rope that was tied to the tub of water up on the rafter. She also walked right past it to another identical rope that was hanging a few feet away from it. Sebastian started meowing at her very loudly after seeing her going for the wrong rope. This rope instead ran up to and through a pulley far above the stage and was attached to a very large sandbag on the other end that was used as a counterbalance.

"Time for you to get all wet, Josie!" Alexandra exclaimed before she tugged on the rope. The rope was taught and barely moved. She tugged on it a few more times, looked up at the tub, and became frustrated that it hadn't tipped over yet. "Sebastian, it's not moving. Did you set this up right, you stupid cat?"

Sebastian kept meowing loudly and shaking his head, trying to tell her that she should stop. Alexandra, however, didn't get the message. She then looked down and saw the rope was tied to a hook. "Sebastian, you fur-brained feline, why did you tie it down like that?" He continued shaking his head. He then took his paw, ran it across his throat, and then pointed back to the correct rope.

Alexandra simply ignored him, leaned down, and tried to untie the knot. However, it was tied very tightly and only came undone slightly as she tugged on parts of the knot as hard as she could. Alexandra cursed under her breath as she heard Josie singing the last few verses of "My Love Is like a Waterfall." Utterly frustrated, she stood up and kicked the knot as hard as she could. "Stupid rope!"

Suddenly, more of the knot came undone and Alexandra's slender foot slid into a tiny noose that had formed with a bit of the slack. When Alexandra tried to pull her foot back out, the noose tightened around her ankle. "Let go of me!" she screamed as she forcefully yanked her ankle back away from the knot. Unfortunately, this caused the rest of the knot to slide off of the hook.

Like a rocket, Alexandra and the rope now tied around her ankle shot up into the air. On the other side, the sandbag plummeted towards the stage. Just as the band finished their encore performance, the sandbag collided into the stage just left of Melody's drum set. Suddenly, the room that was previously raucously loud with music and screaming fans went deafly quiet.

The sound of one woman's voice screaming could then be heard. The woman in question then swung through the middle of the two curtains twenty feet above the stage and continued to swing back and forth like a yo-yo from the rope tied around her ankle. "Get me down from here! Help me! Help me!" Even more embarrassing was the fact that since she was upside down her skirt was pulled down by the force of gravity, revealing her panties to the band and the entire audience. Printed across her ass on the panties were the big yellow cat-shaped logo of Josie and the Pussycats and the name of the band in big bold type.

Josie then noticed the tub of water that was see sawing back and forth on the rafter thanks to the rope hitting the rafter as Alexandra swung back and forth. "Watch out girls!" she yelled, pointing up at the tub. Quickly, Josie unplugged her guitar and ran off stage, followed by Valerie and Melody. The tub then finally tipped over, and the gallons of water inside poured over Alexandra like a flash flood. The crowd erupted into applause and cheers at seeing the girl thoroughly humiliated, and there were a few whistles as well aimed at Alexandra's shapely dripping wet bottom that was on display for all to see. The rope then stopped swinging, and Alexandra came to rest in front of the curtains.

The show now over, the fans started pouring out of the club, ignoring Alexandra's high pitched pleas for help. Alexandra remained hanging helplessly for several minutes above an empty stage in an empty club before, cheerful as always, Melody reappeared with a towel and started drying off her drums and cymbals. She was no longer in her Pussycat costume and was instead barefoot and dressed in a short pair of gym shorts and a football jersey a couple sizes too big for her. She commonly wore these after a show when she was trying to relax. She then emitted one of her trademark giggles before saying in her sing song voice, "Alexandra, that was so funny! You should be a comedian! Like the next Three Stooges. Although, I guess it would be the One Stooge, and you'd be a girl stooge."

"I didn't do this on purpose, you twit!" Alexandra shouted into the curtains. She couldn't turn to face her due to the direction she was hanging from. "Help me get down!"

"He he he hoo hoo hoo! Don't worry, I told Alan to get a ladder."

Suddenly, Alexandra wasn't so enraged about hanging upside down while soaking wet in her underwear. The mere thought of Alan taking her in his muscular arms and carrying her down suddenly filled both of her pale cheeks with a rosy blush and her stomach with a pleasant tingly sensation that warmed up the rest of her body. "Well, tell him to hurry up," she said. The moment couldn't come soon enough for her.

"Ok," Melody chirped as she continued patting down her drums. "By the way, really cute panties, Alexandra!" Melody said, staring up at the small piece of cloth across Alexandra's bottom that was now pretty much see through thanks to all the water it had absorbed. "I have the same pair. Can you believe it?"

"You don't say," Alexandra droned.

She then heard the sound of footsteps from far away down the long stage. They got louder and closer until they stopped behind her. She then heard the sound of a step ladder being set up quickly followed by the appearance of the last two steps of the ladder in front of her face. Her heart started pounding wildly in anticipation as she heard the sound of someone stepping up the ladder. "Oh my knight in shining armor! You've come to rescue me!" she exclaimed even though she couldn't see who it was since she was still facing the curtains. She then heard the sound of the rope being sawed and felt an arm wrap around her waist from behind. Alexandra wiggled in excitement and emitted a high pitched, "Eeep!" of pleasure.

"Hey, would you stop moving around so much, Sis?" Alexander complained.

"You're not my Alan! Get off of me!" She tried wiggling even harder to get out of his grasp. "I want Alan!"

"Hey, knock it off!" It was too late. The ladder tipped over from Alexandra's struggling, and the half cut rope snapped in two. The ladder, Alexander, and Alexandra then went crashing into the floor right on top of Melody's drums. Alexander dived head first into Melody's bass drum, the rest of the drums and cymbals were destroyed by the ladder, and Alexandra landed on top of Melody.

Alexander pulled his head out of the drum. "I surrender, I surrender," he uttered before losing consciousness.

Alexandra was in better shape, Melody's voluptuous body having cushioned her fall. Alexandra lifted her still soaking wet head up from between Melody's round breasts. She was surprised to see Melody's smiling, cute face a mere inch away from her own. For a moment she looked into Melody's blue eyes, seemingly disoriented, and Melody stared back contently. "Hmmmm?" Melody purred before batting her eye lashes at her. Alexandra gave her a slightly confused expression and then pulled herself up off of the attractive blonde's body.

Finally, Alan, Josie, and Valerie walked back into the room and on to the stage. Josie and Valerie were both now in regular clothes as well. Alexandra frowned deeply when she saw Josie latched around Alan's muscular arm. "Thanks for fixing that guitar string for me, Alan."

"No problem, Josie. That's what I'm here for," he said, flashing a bright smile with his perfect white teeth down at the cute girl with the short red hair.

"I don't remember Josie breaking a guitar string," Melody said, scratching her head.

"What about me?" Alexandra whined at Alan.

"Yeah, about you, Alexandra," Alan finally commented. Alexandra's face lit up in anticipation. "All this wiring is going to need to be replaced," he said, pointing down at the wet cords on the stage. "These speakers too. I'm expecting you to pay for all of them since it's no doubt your fault they were ruined."

Alexandra sighed and frowned miserably. "Yeah, whatever. Send the bill to Daddy." Alan falling prey to Josie's charms was one thing she had been forced to get used to, but Alan not even caring about her well-being cut rather deep.

"Oh! Oh! Can I get a new drum set?" Melody asked her, jumping up and down.

"Fine!" Alexandra barked.

Melody ran up, wrapped her arms around Alexandra, and gave her a tight squeeze. "Yay! I've been wanting new drums!"

Valerie was not as pleased about the situation. "It's a good thing we got out of the way and I switched the power off from our equipment. You know how dangerous it is to have water around electric cords and speakers on a stage, Alexandra?" she asked, sounding truly pissed off. "Not that I haven't told you that the last dozen times you tried this exact same stunt."

"You would've lived," Alexandra spat off indignantly.

"Hmph!" she snorted.

A balding middle aged man, certainly unrepresentative of the club's clientele, then entered the room from the backstage area and stepped over Alexander on the ground to approach the group. He was Ian MacDonald, the club owner. "Brilliant performance!" he proclaimed in his thick Scottish accent. "I loved the flying lass in her knickers!"

Josie suddenly looked a bit embarrassed. "Um, thanks, sir. But that wasn't supposed to be part of the show."

"Whatever the case, it was pure dead brilliant!"

Normally, Alexandra would try to soak up any praise she could get even if that praise had come from her being thoroughly humiliated. For some reason, today, she didn't feel like it.

After the club owner left, Alan and Josie started chatting. Alexandra continued to just stand there, dripping wet, as she stared at Alan and Josie chattering away with each other. Occasionally, Josie would start giggling like a school girl and place her palm on his chiseled chest. She even heard them joking about her stunt during the Pussycats' encore. It was like she didn't even exist.

Melody noticed the death stare she was giving the couple, and a little bit of concern showed itself in her face. She then went and picked up the towel she had been using to dry off her drums before they were destroyed and handed it to Alexandra. "Here you go, Alexandra," she trilled with a warm smile. "You don't want to catch a cold."

"Yeah," she muttered. She didn't even turn to look at Melody as she started to towel herself off. Her extreme contempt for Josie was taking up all of her attention.

Meanwhile, a figure in a white hooded robe had snuck into the back of the club. His hood hung low over his face, hiding his identity. However, his hairy masculine hands he held clasped in front of himself gave a clue to his gender. He then moved one of those hands into a pocket in the side of his long flowing garment and extracted what looked like a laser gun straight out an old scifi creature feature. Attached to the top of the gun was a gray chunk of weather beaten stone.

The robed man then flipped a switch on the gun, and the stone started pulsating with a neon green glow. He then aimed it at the group of youngsters up on the stage and squeezed the trigger. The gun made a buzzing sound, but no bullet or visible beam of energy exited its barrel. Instead, an arrow shaped dial on a gauge marked with an "N" on the left and a "V" on the right ran from the center neutral position to the V.

The hooded figure seemed very pleased about the reading. However, as he continued to point the gun up at the group, he became frustrated. He couldn't tell which individual was giving off the V reading. They were all standing too close together.

Up on the stage, Melody's ears began wiggling back and forth frantically under her long locks of platinum blond hair. "Uh oh," Valerie said, "Melody's ears are giving off the danger signal." Everyone in the group began staring at the cute girl and her wiggling ear lobes, including Alexander who had just pulled himself off the floor after regaining consciousness.

"He he he. It must be that scary ghost aiming that gun at us," she said, pointing in the robed figure's direction, in a completely unconcerned and joyful tone of voice.

"Gh-gh-gh-ghost!" Alexander screamed before once again passing out and falling face first back into the floor, this time completely destroying his already cracked sunglasses.

Realizing he had been discovered, the robed man proceeded to turn and run out the door as quickly as possible. The group seemed bewildered.

"Some ghost. Looks like he's a bigger chicken than my stupid brother," Alexandra scoffed.

"I wonder if he's a friendly ghost like Casper," Melody mused. "Golly, wouldn't it be fun to have a ghost for a friend?"

"I don't think that was a ghost, Melody," Josie said. "It looked more like someone wearing a white robe."

"Not just any robe," Valerie added, "It looked just like the robe of a traditional druid. I saw a picture of one once in a book I was reading on the history of ancient Europe."

"Well, don't you just know everything," Alexandra snapped. Valerie gave her a very nasty glare.

"What would a druid be doing up here in Scotland at one of our shows though?" Alan asked.

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea," Valerie answered.

"He was holding some kind of gun too. What was that all about?" Josie asked.

"It looked like one of those toy laser guns I used to have as a kid when I was Captain Melody, Queen of Space!"

"Must be another nut like you, ding-a-ling," Alexandra told her.

"Well, nutty druid fan or not, we should get going," Alan said. "I'll go load up everything in the van that Alexandra didn't ruin."

Alexandra grunted in disdain. Seeing her reaction, Josie gave her a slightly insolent smirk before she went to go help Alan, enraging the dark haired girl even more.

"Meow." Sebastian had finally decided that he was safe enough from Alexandra's wrath to come back out from hiding and join the group.

"I should hang you up from a rafter by your tail, you moronic fur ball!" Alexandra growled.

"Meow!" Sebastian went and ran behind Melody's legs.

"Awww, I'm sure she doesn't mean it," she told him.

In short order, Alan had removed all the instruments and sound equipment not damaged by Alexandra's stunt into the back of the pink tour van they had rented for the U.K. tour. Applied to the side of the van was a decal with the same exact Josie and the Pussycats logo and print design as was on Alexandra's underwear.

Finally, Alan loaded Josie's guitar, the last piece of equipment. However, after he shut the rear door, he noticed a box had appeared on the parking lot next to the van's rear wheel since the last time he had went back into the backstage of the club to find more things to carry.

He picked it up off the ground and saw that a note was attached to the top of it. It read, To Josie and the Pussycats.

He was then joined by the girls, Sebastian, and Alexander, who had been resuscitated by Alexandra slapping him in the face until he woke up. "What's that, Alan?" Josie asked.

"I don't know, must be a present from a fan," Alan said, handing it to Josie. Josie read the note aloud.

"Must be a gift for me," Alexandra said.

"You're not in the band," Valerie snapped.

"Your mistake, not mine," Alexandra shot back. "All I asked for was top billing."

The others just chose to ignore her. "Well, Josie, I guess you can do the honors," Valerie told her.

"Ok. Thanks, Val." She opened the box and was surprised at what she saw. From within the box she extracted both an old, wrinkly piece of yellow paper and the same exact gun shaped device the druid had been aiming at them earlier.

"Oh, oh, the ghost gave us his toy laser gun!" Melody chirped, excited. She then grabbed it out of Josie's hands, flipped what she assumed was an on-off switch, aimed it at Alexander, and pressed the trigger. "Bang! Bang! You're dead!"

"Ahhh! Don't shoot!" Alexander screamed before taking a quivering fetal position on the ground. As before, the gun didn't shoot anything visible out of its barrel. Instead, it again made a buzzing noise as the rock attached to the top of the gun glowed a strange neon green.

"It's just a toy, Chicken Little," Alexandra told him.

"Oh, thank god," he said, standing back up and wiping the sweat from his brow above his fresh pair of sunglasses. He always brought about twenty pairs with him on tour.

"Hmm. I don't think it's a toy," Valerie said, peering at the gun from over Melody's shoulder. She then took it out of Melody's hand. "Looks more like some kind of mechanical device used for something else. This stone back here looks like it's used as a power source. Very strange. It must be composed of zinc or some other kind of highly reactive element that can be used as a battery. But I've never seen a set up like this before."

"Can you tell what it does?" Josie asked.

"Well… there's a gauge on the top here with one side marked N and the other marked V. When Melody shot it at Alexander, the dial ran to N. It must work sort of like a metal detector, but I can't tell what it detects. I'm guessing N stands for no or not. As for V, I have no idea."

"Let me see it," Alexandra said, ripping it away from Valerie. She then proceeded to aim the gun and fire it at Valerie, Melody, Alan, Sebastian, and Josie in that order. "Looks like you're all N's," Alexandra said. She then continued to aim it at Josie and clicked the trigger several times in a row. She was obviously having some fun with it.

"It's not a real gun, Alexandra," Josie said, obviously unamused.

"Well, isn't that a pity, Josiekins," she said with an evil smirk. "Personally, I think it means you're all nobodies."

"And what about you, Alexandra?" Josie asked, yanking the gun out of her grasp. She then shot it at her. However, this time, the dial ran to V. "Wow, looks like Alexandra's a V."

"It must stand for vast beauty," she said before taking her fingers and running them through some of her luscious locks of dark hair. "Don't you agree, Alan, dear?"

"Must be something else," he said. Alexandra looked instantly upset at the comment, although she didn't say anything to retort him.

"Yeah, like very obnoxious girl," Valerie said. Josie gave a small snicker, although she put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing too much at Alexandra's expense.

Melody looked at Alexandra. She truly looked upset. In fact, it looked like she was fighting hard to hold back tears. Melody could also tell it was because of Alan's comment and not Valerie's. She then put her finger on her lip and thought for a second. "Oh, I know what it means!" Melody chimed in. "Alexandra must be a secret ventriloquist!"

"Yeah right, and you can be my dummy, dummy," Alexandra smarted off. She suddenly looked agitated again and not nearly as vulnerable as she had just a moment ago.

"Oh, that sounds like fun!" Melody exclaimed. Alexandra rolled her eyes. "But how will you fit your hand inside me?" Alexandra's expression changed from one of slight annoyance to one of being creeped out. Melody giggled.

"Oh my!" Josie said as she examined the old piece of paper that had also been in the box.

"What is it, Josie?" Alan asked.

"I think this is some kind of treasure map!" The whole group crowded around Josie.

"Like how do you know?" Alexander asked.

"Because it says right here," she said, pointing to the words that had in fact been scrawled over the top of the map in what looked to be blue ink from a pen, "Treasure Map."

"Brilliant deduction, Josie," Alexandra sneered.

Josie just ignored her. She then pointed at the diagram of trees, hills, moors, streams, lochs, and a dotted line that marked a path to the supposed treasure. "It says this is the Abernethy Forest."

"That's really close to here," Alan said. "In fact, we drove right past it."

"I also saw some fliers for a camp site there at the restaurant," Valerie added.

"Oh, let's go camping and treasure hunting!" Melody shouted.

Alexander shivered at the thought. "Right, let's just use some fishy map some crazy druid gave us and go skipping through some creepy woods on a wild goose chase. I think I'll stay in the hotel."

"But aren't you interested in the treasure?" Josie asked him. "I think we would all get equal shares… those of us that go along anyways."

"Well, it would help cut down the overhead from this tour, but… still I think this is a really bad idea."

"Come on, chicken brother. That stupid druid was almost as much of a wimp as you are. What is there to be afraid of? Besides, I think camping can be awfully romantic. Don't you think so, Alan?" she asked, batting her eye lashes at the blond hunk.

He didn't seem swayed. "Hmm. Well, I don…"

Josie cut him off, "I think Alexandra may be right," she said, stepping much closer to him and placing her hand on his bulging bicep.

"All right, we'll go!" he said enthusiastically, completely convinced. He then stared down at Josie's alluring eyes mesmerized. Josie stared back. Both seemed to be in a trance.

"Grrrrrrrrr," Alexandra growled in a darkly guttural tone. Melody again looked at her concerned. Normally, Alexandra's extreme jealousy of Josie and bitter frustration from Alan subtly shooting down her advances would go almost unnoticed by the rest of the group due to this kind of behavior from her being an extremely common occurrence.

However, Melody, in particular, could tell that for the last few days Alexandra had been acting slightly differently. No one else had seemed to have noticed at all, but she could sense it even now in her quivering bottom lip and pain filled eyes. Alexandra was a girl who was about to break.

To Be Continued.