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Josie and the Pussycats

Alexandra Mellows Out

Chapter 6

Three weeks had passed. Josie and the Pussycats were now at the end of the last leg of their United Kingdom tour that had brought the band west of Britain to the emerald isle known as Ireland.

The concert in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, had been especially successful and set an attendance record for that particular stadium. Despite not being part of the UK, the tour also extended south to the independent and sovereign Republic of Ireland where the band played to sold out crowds in Dublin, Waterford, and Cork. Now, only one tour date remained in the beautiful island lush with green vegetation and rich with culture.

Currently, Josie, the Pussycats, Alexandra, Alexander, Alan, and actual cat, Sebastian, were sauntering down the peaceful cobblestone streets of the tourist district of Limerick. Limerick was an ancient city that was first settled by Vikings that had traveled to Ireland by ship over one thousand years before. In the centuries since then, the city slowly evolved into a bustling metropolis. It still, however, managed to retain much of its antiquated charm.

Having explored several historic landmarks, including the sprawling Castle of King John, earlier that afternoon, the group had decided to get in some shopping before dinner and settling in at the hotel. The next night the band was performing at a concert in the city's outdoor amphitheater with special guests, the Neptunes. They wanted to get plenty of rest so that Josie and the Pussycats could cap off their tour with a very memorable performance.

"Have you heard about the man from Nantucket?" Alexander asked Melody, who was to his side in the group.

"No, I haven't," the cute blonde answered. "Was he an astronaut? Did he like chilidogs? Did he invent the arc transmitter, whatever that is? He he he hoo hoo hoo," she chuckled.

"No, but there once was a man from Nantucket, whose di-…" Suddenly, a dainty feminine hand in the shape of a fist flew over and socked Alexander's shoulder hard, producing a loud crack.

"Ouch!" he cried.

"No more limericks, ding-a-ling!" Alexandra, the owner of the fist, screeched at her brother.

"Hey, it's not my fault. When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" he shouted back at her.

"We're in Rome?" Melody asked, befuddled. "But I thought we were in Ireland! Golly!"

Alan and Josie sighed, and Sebastian meowed in agreement. "It's just a saying, Melody," Valerie explained, also exasperated with her constant confusion regarding everything during this particular tour.

"So we're not dressing in togas?"

"No, Melody," Josie groaned.

"Aww," she said, disappointed, "but then what about the man from Nantucket?"

"Believe me, you don't want to know," Josie told her.

"But I do want to know! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" she whined cutely. Alexander opened his mouth to answer her but quickly closed his lips again when he saw Alexandra grimacing at him and raising her fist in his direction.

Melody would have continued whining if she hadn't spotted something in the corner of her eye that immediately diverted her attention. It was a display in the plate glass window of a store across the street. She suddenly ran across the uneven cobblestone road, causing an old truck hauling a pen of sheep to come to a screeching halt. As the sheep baaed in protest, Melody disappeared through the door of the shop.

"Where's she off to now?" Josie asked.

"Looks like another knick-knack store," Alan answered her.

Suddenly, the door to the store reopened and Melody poked her cute head outside. "Skunky-poo! Ohhhh, skunky-pooooo!" she called across the street.

Suddenly, Alexandra, the only girl in the group with a skunk-like white stripe cascading down her luscious black hair, went as red as a well ripened tomato. She started looking around nervously in other directions as if to suggest she was calling out to someone else. "Gee, I wonder what that weirdo is blathering about now?" she asked.

Josie started giggling loudly as if she was in the third grade and a boy she had a crush on had just passed her a very flirtatious note. Alexander gave an amused and somewhat pleased smile. Alan and Valerie's reactions, however, were much more subdued and indecipherable.

"Skunky-poo! Come over here! Skunky-poooo!" Melody cried across the street again.

Josie lightly pushed Alexandra's back. "You better go see what she wants," she said, before giggling some more.

"Yeah, ok," she shyly agreed. "Coming!" she shouted at Melody from across the street. When she got near the entrance to the store, she was quickly grabbed by the arm by the blonde girl and dragged inside over to the shelf that had caught her attention.

"Melody, I thought I told you not to call me that in public anymore! People are going to find out something is going on between us," Alexandra chided her.

"Oh, I'm sorry… I forgot," Melody said, sounding uncharacteristically dejected. Alexandra could see the look of hurt in her eyes.

For some reason, Alexandra suddenly felt guilty. Guilt was a very new feeling to her. It was one of several new emotions she had only begun to experience after the incident in Abernethy Forest. She was still having trouble learning how to deal with them all. She bit her lower lip as she thought about how to respond for a moment. "Well, ummm… just forget about it... What did you want, Melody?"

Melody grabbed her shoulder and pointed at the shelf covered with tiny little statues of boys and girls in traditional Irish dress. They were made of intricately sculpted and painted porcelain. The attention to detail showed obvious craftsmanship. Each figurine was unique and displayed different scenes of rural Irish farm life. Alexandra could also see from the amount of Irish pounds marked on the price tags that they were quite expensive.

"I can't decide which one to buy! They're all just soooo cute! I need you to help me!" Melody explained.

"Hmmm." Alexandra looked over at the figures. While obviously well-made and certainly expensive, normally such trinkets would be beneath her. Her cultured upbringing had convinced her that she was only worthy of the finest fine art. However, she was feeling less dogmatic about that currently and looked over each of the figurines carefully. Then she spotted it. It was a statue of a little girl with long blonde hair wearing a flowing green dress and carrying a wooden pail of water. She pointed at it. "That one."

"Oh, that one's cute too! But why that one?"

Alexandra smirked. "Because it looks like you." Melody giggled in delight. Alexandra looked around to see if anyone was nearby. Other than the shop owner who was far on the other side of the store, they were alone. "Although, it's not nearly as cute as you are. Pretty hard to match the cutest girl in the world."

Melody giggled again, and her cheeks were soon red and beaming with happiness. "You're soooo sweet, Alexandra. But didn't you used to say you were the cutest girl in the world?"

"I lied," she said bluntly. That was the truth. Secretly, she had always thought Melody was the most gorgeous thing she had ever laid eyes on, but she had been in deep denial about it for years.

"Thank you," she said, swooning. "OK, I'll get this one!" As she reached for it, though, Alexandra grabbed her wrist.

"Wait, you said you liked all of them, right?"

"Yeah, they're all so cute!"

Alexandra's devilish smirk widened. "Then it's settled. I'll just have to buy all of them for you."

"But they're so expensive, and there's so many!"

"I'm rich remember. That's like pocket change to me. When you're with a Cabot, you get the absolute best!" she said with a good amount of her trademark smugness.

"You don't have to impress me, Alexandra. All I want is you."

"I know that, but I just want to do something nice for you, all right?"

Melody looked into her eyes. She saw sincerity. Alexandra was still trying to find ways to show affection to her girlfriend. She was still slightly awkward about it, but she had certainly been trying. Melody knew this was just one of the ways she knew how to show her feelings. "Well, ok! Thank you!" Melody chirped excitedly. She then engulfed the dark haired girl in a tight hug. After giving her a good squeeze, she literally started jumping up and down, overwhelmed with excitement.

Alexandra was still giving quite a satisfied smirk as she walked up to the store owner. She explained to him that she wanted to purchase all of the hand crafted figurines on that particular display and wanted to have them shipped to America. He seemed more than happy to oblige. Melody hopped over to the cash register to watch the transaction. "Golly, that's got to be a lot of pesos!"

The elderly store owner gave an annoyed expression. "Pounds… dumb American," he muttered under his breath in his strong Irish accent.

Alexandra had heard him and was immediately enraged. She reached across the counter, grabbed his collar, and dragged him nearly all the way over it. "You... You better apologize to her right now, or so help me God, I'm going to make you eat half of those statues and then shove the other half straight up your ugly Irish arse! You understand me?" she huffed and puffed as flames literally shout out of her eyes and mouth.

The store owner relieved himself over the counter as he trembled with fear. "Aye! My apologies, m'lady! I didn' mean it!"

A few minutes later, the two exited the store. Alexandra was still fuming with anger. "I can't believe the nerve of that guy! With all the money I spent in there, he could take the next month off!"

Alexandra was caught off guard when Melody gazed directly into her with her mesmerizing big blue eyes with a look of complete and total adoration. "Thank you for defending me," she cooed lovingly.

Melody's warm expression of completely pure and innocent love melted right through Alexandra's irritation and resentment. She was immediately calm again. "No problem," she said. She was also blushing again, something she couldn't control whenever the blonde girl showed her love. "Just don't listen to him. You're smart, Melody, dear. Really, you are."

"He he he. Ok, just as long as I still get to be your dumb dumb," she said. Alexandra again looked at her girlfriend and saw that she was literally wiggling. She could tell she was barely able to restrain the impulse to hug and kiss the life out of her. Alexandra bit her lower lip, reached over, and touched Melody's hand. However, after she saw Josie, Alan, and the others walking towards them from down the street, she quickly retracted it.

"So what was all the excitement about?" Alan asked. In reality, he didn't sound that interested.

"Alexandra bought me 72 cute little adorable figures!" Melody explained, again hopping up and down.

"Wow, how nice of Alexandra!" Josie remarked.

"I know!" Melody chirped.

"Hey, skunky-poo, why don't you lend your dear older brother some money if you're spending so much of it?" Alexander asked her.

Alexandra turned around and gave him a darkly disturbing scowl so petrifying that probably only Lizzie Borden's parents had seen a girl with an equally hateful expression right before they were chopped into tiny bits with her axe. "Do you like having a spleen?" Alexander was so terrified that he stepped backwards and fell on the ground. Alexandra walked and stood over him, giving him the same terrifying look. "I said, do you like having a spleen?" she growled even louder.

"Yes," he cried before hiding his head in between his knees.

"Then don't ever call me that again!" Alexander only responded by whimpering from under his knees.

Soon the group had started moving again. They visited more shops, and the girls made a few more minor purchases. It wasn't long though before Alexandra started shooting long glances over in Melody's direction. It was a look she had only given her, and Melody understood what it meant immediately. She had seen it on several different occasions now. It was a signal that Alexandra was craving some intimate alone time with her in some faraway hidden nook so they could share their passion for each other where they would not be seen.

Melody repaid the looks back with her own long suggestive glances, only intensifying Alexandra's desire to be with her lover. Growing tired of the waiting, Melody approached Josie as the group left another gift shop. "Josie, I think me and Alexandra are going to go off on our own for a while." Alexandra stood by her, trying to not look suspicious but failing somewhat.

Unbeknownst to both of them, the fact they had been looking at each other in a longing manner had not gone unnoticed by Josie. "Just as long as you two promise to behave," she teased them.

"Yeah, um… don't worry about it. We'll be fine," Alexandra answered, sounding uncharacteristically nervous. Josie smirked from ear to ear.

"What are you guys going to do?" Valerie asked.

"We're going to make out," Melody answered before giggling like a child.

"Make out Christmas cards!" Alexandra suddenly cut in, her face as red as Rudolph's nose. "Yeah, make out Christmas cards. That's what we're doing all right." She then slapped her forehead with her palm in disbelief that she had said something that barely made any sense. However, it was the only thing she could think of at the time.

"How do you make out with a Christmas card?" Melody asked Alexandra innocently.

Alexandra hit her hard in the arm with her elbow. "You know, write them out so you can mail them to people later."

"Ohh, right. I think I understand," Melody said, nodding her head up and down.

Josie again couldn't control her snickering. Valerie, on the other hand, seemed more perplexed. "Isn't July a bit early for that? And why would you have Christmas cards now in the first place?" she asked.

"Uh, we saw a Christmas store earlier," Alexandra answered her. "We thought it would be fun to buy Christmas cards early and write them out now so we can mail them in December."

"I didn't see any Christmas store," Valerie said, still a bit confused. Josie was still snickering and was now joined by Sebastian who was doing the same from the cobblestones next to her. Alexander gave another slightly amused grin.

Alan, on the other hand, seemed completely indifferent to the awkward conversation all together. He had, in fact, been acting rather aloof when around Alexandra in general lately. Most of the others hadn't really noticed. They assumed his recent lack of enthusiasm when with the group was probably a result of the stitches in his face giving him a rather Frankenstein like appearance.

"It's off on a side street. You probably just missed it while you were daydreaming about more of those stupid, kooky inventions of yours," Alexandra sneered.

"Hey! It just so happens the transistor pattern for my instant weather machine isn't working out, and I need to figure out a way to remap it! Of course I was thinking about that!" she protested. Alexandra breathed a sigh of relief and then smirked victoriously. "But anyways, for some reason, I guess buying Christmas cards in July sounds kind of fun. Can I come too?"

Josie suddenly grabbed Valerie by the arm. "Valerie has more shopping to do with the boys and me. We'll meet you later back at the hotel," Josie told Alexandra and Melody. Valerie struggled to get out of Josie's grasp, but she ignored her and tightened her grip like a vice. "You two just make sure to have lots of fun, ok?" she said, smiling at the couple. "If you don't make it back in time for dinner, just find a nice place to eat together alone, all right?"

"Sure thing! Thanks, Josiekins!" Alexandra said, sounding truly grateful. "I'll make sure to get you a real nice Christmas card!" Valerie shot her eyes back and forth between the two women nervously in disbelief. Although the two had certainly been acting much more amicable towards each other lately, it was still extremely off-putting to her. Only a few weeks ago, those two getting along had seemed as likely as a Martian invasion.

Josie's smile widened even more. "Just make sure you save the nicest card for Melody, ok?" she said before giving her a big wink.

Alexandra's blush brightened several times over. "Yeah, I will," she said somewhat sheepishly, again completely untypical of her. She was beginning to suspect that maybe Josie knew more than she had assumed. Josie giggled at her reaction.

"Happy Hanukah, everyone!" Melody cheered as she and Alexandra walked away together.

"Mazel tov," Alexander answered her.

Alexander, Alan, and Sebastian started walking down the street in the direction they had been going. Josie and Valerie followed close behind.

"What was that about?" Valerie asked her.

Josie didn't answer her question. Instead, she seemed to be lost in her own world with her hands clasped together and sparkles glistening in her eyes. "Aren't they just the cutest thing you've ever seen?" Josie asked, almost swooning.

Valerie looked around a moment to see who she was referring to. "You mean Alan and Alexander?" she asked, raising an eye brow.

"No, Alexandra and Melody, silly. They're just sooo sweet together. I still almost can't believe it. And the fact they don't think we know about it makes it even cuter!"

Valerie rolled her eyes harshly. "Oh great, not this conspiracy theory again," she mumbled.

Josie seemed a bit annoyed by her reaction. "I can't believe you're still in denial about this, Val. You're supposed to be the scientific one. I thought you would have figured it out first."

"Yes, I'm very scientific. Science tells me that certain things are impossible. A circle's ratio from circumference to diameter is 3.14 or pi. It can't suddenly equal 3.15. This is one of those things."

"Ok, Professor Smith, but you seem to be ignoring a lot of evidence here. They've slept in the same hotel room alone for the past eight shows! And have you seen how they look at each other?" Josie asked, still in disbelief that Valerie could be this stubborn.

"Yes, those things are a little strange, but you're jumping to conclusions. Alexandra and Melody can't be like that. It's just one of those things that can't possibly happen."

"Oh, and why not?" Josie asked with a little venom in in her voice. "Is this just like you pretending Melody didn't like her groupies back?"

"Listen, it isn't just because they're both girls, ok?" she snapped back, now sounding really irritated. "Melody and Alexandra are like oil and water. Melody is sweet and innocent. Alexandra is just pure evil. They could never possibly mix together like that."

"You've never really been in love have you?"

"What? Are you crazy?" Valerie yelled, totally incensed. "Just who do you think wrote at least half of the love songs on those gold records of ours? Besides, you know as well as I do that I've been in about ten times more relationships than you have! Compared to me, you're practically a virgin!"

"You didn't answer my question," Josie said plainly.

Suddenly, Valerie looked over to a store on her right. "Oh look, a hardware store! I think I need to go buy some parts for my weather machine!" She then nervously scampered off towards the store. Josie simply shook her head and smiled.

Down the street in the opposite direction, Alexandra and Melody were still strolling along. "We're not going to a Christmas store are we?" Melody asked her.

"Nope. There isn't one," she answered. "Sorry, Melody."

"I said something I shouldn't have, didn't I?"

"Don't worry about it," she told her calmly.

A bit of concern appeared on Melody's face. "But, Alexandra, you said not to say things like that in front of people. Didn't I screw up?"

"No, Melody. You didn't screw up."

"But you told me not to do that so many times, because then they could find out, but I keep messing up. Why aren't you mad at me? I don't understand."

"Listen, Melody. You were… being yourself. That's just the way you are. I get that."

"Just the way I am?" Melody asked, obviously puzzled.

"Yeah, and you accepted me even though I was an evil bitch. No one ever did that before, but you did. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't accept you for who you are?"

Melody looked even more confused. "I don't think I get it."

Alexandra gave a big smirk at her very cute, puzzled expression. "Ok, let me put it this way. I changed my mind just now."

"Changed your mind?"

"Yeah, just now. Even though I made up that story, I didn't feel angry at all. Actually, I think I felt happy when you did that. I don't think I care who knows about us anymore."

"Bu-bu-bu-but what about your dad? You were so worried!"

"I said I don't care, Melody, all right? You're what matters to me now. You make me so happy. I've never felt happier in my entire life than these past few weeks while I've been with you."

"Awwwww. Me too," she cooed.

"Really? But you always seemed so happy no matter what. Whatever happened, even if it looked like we were about to die, you were always so happy."

Melody shook her head up and down several times fast. "Well, I thought I was happy before, but I feel really happy right now. It's not the same. This happy is better… much better. It's because I love you, Alexandra."

"I love you too, Melody." They stopped walking. Alexandra moved her head over to kiss her, and Melody was more than happy to move her lips to meet her. Their soft lips slid into one another and their arms wrapped around each other. They both closed their eyes as they enjoyed a nice long sweet kiss.

After they pulled their lips back apart, they simply stood and stared into each other's eyes, basking in their love for one another. Even though they were in public, they wanted to savor this moment. Alexandra then tenderly gripped Melody's hand and continued to hold it as she resumed walking down the street with her.

She wasn't content with this, however, and quickly wrapped her arm back around Melody who did the same. They then pressed their heads together and continued to stroll along as they shared each other's warmth. People gawked and stared, but they didn't care. They had each other.

"Snuggle skunky," Melody purred.

"Dumb dumb," Alexandra purred back.

"I wish everyone could know how sweet you are," Melody mused.

"I'm fine with just you knowing it."

"I'm so lucky," she said before kissing her lover again.

As the sun slowly set, they continued to walk off into the horizon together. While the future wasn't clear, they knew their love was strong enough to endure whatever may come their way.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End