Full summary: Shawn Michaels has never trusted Shane McMahon. He's seen him stab his own family in the back and bed a bevy of divas right under Vince's nose. But things get personal when his sister falls hopelessly head over heels for the man, and Shawn discovers through an old friend that the real reason for Trish's departure from WWE had less to do with her and more to do with Shane. Will Shawn's warning to his sister against fall on deaf ears, or will Shawn's sister have to learn what Shawn already knows for herself? What is it that Trish will reveal about Shane? And to what extent will Shane go to hide the secret of his past?

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Chapter 1

Shawn Michaels sat down and gripped his cell phone tightly in his hand. He was beyond pissed off.

Shane McMahon was getting on his last nerve. Not only was he going around flaunting the fact he was the son of a very successful billionaire, he was also being a major jerk to everyone backstage, particularly Shawn. Shawn had always given him the benefit of the doubt, defending the kid by saying he was Vince's son and didn't know how to be nice. Shawn even defended him when Shane turned his back on his family… He told everyone Shane was trying to follow in his old mans footsteps…in some weird, sadistic way. Trying to prove he could do something on his own.

But that didn't work now, did it?

Shawn was happy when Shane didn't travel with them. Especially after the whole D-X/McMahon feud a few years ago. The spoiled prick would always hit him a little harder each time they were in the ring together. Always calling him a douche bag. A bastard. The half bald kid. The has-been kid. An asshole. A dumb hick.

On one night, a new name came out of Shane's mouth: drug addict.

And that's where it crossed the line.

Shawn had enough, so he dropped an elbow on a chair that just so happened to be around the motherfucker's neck.

Shawn smiled as he remembered going backstage and hearing Shane had been coughing up blood.


Unfortunately for Shawn and several other wrestlers who felt the same way, Shane was back travelling with the Raw Superstars. Nobody understood why, especially since he claimed he was never going to set foot in a WWE ring again. A lot of the wrestlers were happy for obvious reasons… One of which being Shane wasn't a trained wrestler and nobody was really fond of working with him. Kurt Angle was happy because he got to toss Shane through two plate glass windows. Kane was happy because he got to use Shane as a punching bag. And, of course, Shawn was happy for the same reason. Shane was actually known as the Power Ranger Nose Breaker backstage. Honestly, could that kid do anything right?

Shawn narrowed his eyes angrily as he thought of the one thing he knew Shane could do right… And that was date any woman he wanted.

Shawn had to admit; the kid seemed pretty good-hearted when he first started working for the WWE back in 1990. He was eager to learn and very polite. Shawn didn't know what happened, but Shane changed for the worst almost overnight. He had this attitude about him that made all the top dogs – including Hogan and Slaughter – want to beat his face in with a baseball bat.

Shawn decided to start keeping a list in about 1992 or 1993 of women Shane either slept with or dated that worked for the WWE. The list was top secret; only Shawn and Paul "Triple H" Levesque knew it existed and have seen it. When Shawn stopped working for the company, Paul decided to take over and continue it. When Shawn came back, they worked on it together and had racked up almost fifty names.

"I seriously hope he gets a STD and dies." Paul had remarked once, counting up the names for the second or third time that night.

"That's not nice, Paul." Shawn told him.

Paul looked up at him in shock. "I could care less right now, dude! Look at how many women he slept with! Most of them were either fired or quit almost right after it happened, too. Don't you find that a tad odd?"

"Pretty odd." Shawn replied, twirling a pen in his hand.

"We should tell Vince." Paul stated.

Shawn winced as he remembered that conversation. Even thinking about it made almost everything hurt. Telling Vince about that list was something he never wanted to do. Paul gathered up the courage once or twice to do so, but stopped when he saw Vince and Shane talking together in the hallway. Laughing over something that happened. Hugging. Bonding.

It made him sick.

How could Shane be all buddy-buddy with his dad, then turn around and sleep with almost every single woman in the business? Shawn had to admit, Shane always had a very high amount of respect for his father and got along very well with him when they weren't trying to kill one another. Didn't he have enough respect for his father to tell him what he's been doing since he was twenty-three years old?

Shawn rolled his eyes in disgust. This tour was going to be the hardest… For he was riding with the McMahons and Paul… Plus their occasional add-on of Randy Orton.

At least Paul would always be there to keep him sane.

Shawn looked down at his phone when it unexpectedly vibrated in his hand. His little sister was calling him… Which was kind of a shock.

"Hello?" Shawn asked.

"Hey Shawn! How are you?"

"I'm… Great, Macey. Just great. What's up? It's… So rare that you're calling me." Shawn replied.

He heard his little sister giggling.

"You're so over-dramatic, Shawn. You've always been, actually. I call you once in awhile…"

"Macey, asking me how to spell 'electroencephalographically challenged' does not qualify as a decent phone call." Shawn responded, massaging his temples with his free hand as he did so.

"But I didn't know how to spell it!" She whined.

Shawn sighed. His sister always knew which tone to use with him… He had to admit, he always babied her and preferred her to his other siblings. They were close in age, so it was expected.

"All right, fine. That counts as a phone call… So how can I help you tonight?" He asked.

"What rhymes with pink?"

Shawn scoffed. "What? Why?"

"Well, I'm writing a love poem for someone… I think you might know him, too. He's such a great guy… So… Do you know what rhymes with pink?" Macey pressed a little further.

"Well… You can say something really cheesy like 'I can't even think.' Or something along those lines…. But 'think' definitely rhymes with pink. So does 'wink.' And 'blink.'" Shawn replied.

"Thanks so much, Shawn! You're the greatest older brother ever!" Macey shouted.

"Yeah, yeah. You're just saying that because Randy and Scott would laugh you off the phone." Shawn chuckled.

"They just did, actually… Those jerks…" She told him.

"Wait a minute. You said that I might know this guy you're writing a poem for...? Who is he? Do I work with him or have I met him somewhere…?" Shawn asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

"You work with him. I can be sure of that." Macey replied.

"That certainly does narrow down my list of potentials," Shawn sarcastically stated, receiving a chuckle from his sister. "Seriously, though. What's his name?"

Macey drew a shaky breath, almost as if she was nervous about telling him. Shawn took the moment to confirm it meant she was seriously head-over-heels in love with the guy. He was the same way when speaking to people about Rebecca before they got married.

"His name is Shane McMahon."

Shawn's eyes went wide. She couldn't have said that… That was his imagination.

"I'm sorry… What did you say?" Shawn asked.

"You're getting deaf too? What are we going to do with you, Shawn?" She asked.

"Respect my damn wishes and repeat what you said…?" Shawn asked as nicely as he could.

"I said his name is Shane McMahon." Macey repeated.

Shawn felt his world damn near shatter into pieces. Macey was in love with… Shane…? Of all people! Which meant he was going to…

Oh HELL no.

Not her. Not his little sister.

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