After 25 years, the Human-Covenant War finally ended and Covenant Loyalist under the command of Truth is shattered and evicted out of UNSC and Separatist space.

The aftermath left the UNSC fleet in ruins and its Outer Colonies glassed along with a few Inner Colonies, in addition to the food shortages and the refugees from the evacuated colonies.

The UNSC and the UEG immediately sets its resources to rebuild its empire and makes a status report concerning all planets under the UNSC.

Colony ships equipped with terraforming equipment sets sail to the glassed planets in order to be recolonized, which will take years to complete and with Reach being on the top list.

Earth and the surviving colonies start to rebuild its industries and soon food supplies starts to flow from them which slowly raise to the level enough to lift the rations.

A monument is erected in the Kenyan Savannah which officially marks the end of the Human-Covenant War on 2553, a ceremony is held to commemorate for those who have died during the war.

During the reconstruction which span over 50 years, the population boomed as the number of planets have been recolonized along the growth of the economy throughout the human worlds and the rebuilding of the armed forces.

The colonies are being developed, which slows the re-colonization of the outer colonies and expansion, in order to be defended effectively.

Also during this time the researchers started decoding the technologies found on the Artifact (The Portal) which contains a huge cache of forerunner technologies, other Forerunner facilities have also been found on other colonies with the assistance of the CNS.

Many of the technologies have been reversed-engineered though not at the same level, these are used to accelerate the reconstruction and upgrade the equipment of the UNSC and provide to the needs of the populace.

The UNSC and the UEG are also restructuring the government system in order to administer the human worlds more effectively and thus the UEG has been renamed as the United Terran Federation headed by the President. Each planet will act like a state headed by a Governor and participate in the administration of the human worlds. A senator will be elected from each planet to participate in the UTF Council which regulates the decisions of the UTF.

The UNSC is renamed as the United Terran Federation Star Command, which serves as its predecessor as the scientific, exploratory and military wing of the United Terran Federation.

ONI has also gone radical changes when the origins of the Spartans have been revealed. Many ONI officers have arrested and many of the operations of ONI must now be reported to high ranking official of the UTFSC and the UTF Government.

The Spartan IV has been started which would consists of volunteers from the Army, Navy, ODST, Marines and ONI.

The Covenant Separatist also reformed its leadership by forming the Confederation of National Species headed by the Sangheili The member races include the Unggoy, Huragoks, and Mgalekgolo.

In the year 2607, the UTF has grown back to its pre-war level and as a commemoration to the war, construction of the Museum of Humanity is initiated which will contain all of the major events in human history including the recent Human-Covenant War. Civilian contractors takes accounts of the veteran soldiers and gather declassified data about the war in order to recreate the scenes.

In March 10, 2610, the Museum of Humanity has finally finished and opened for the public. The first to enter the museum are the veterans of the Human-Covenant War followed by the high officials of the former UNSC.

At the June 7 at the Capitol Building at Washington, capital of the UTF, the alliance between the UTF and the CNS has been officially signed and called it the United Orion Alliance. The alliance will serve as foundation for mutual cooperation between the two factions against any threat.

On November 12, one of the Long-range Stations detected an unknown object outside the UTF "border" just after its sensors are activated. Little did they know that the next events will usher them to a new age.