Chapter 17: Battle of Elysium – Part 2



Inside the cockpit

A turian is currently preparing his A-61(Mantis) gunship for quick start-up and deployment. His mantis gunship is inside a freighter's cargo hold/launch pad along with the other gunships and shuttles that are placed side by side.

He then finishes some pre-flight systems check before settling his hands on the controls. His hands are shaking a bit since the mission will be his first time to embark on a mission this big. He then breathes slowly to relax himself.

"Hey Taram, are you ready for the big game?" One of the other pilots from the other Mantis gunships asked him through the comms.

"Yeah, though I'm kind of nervous. This is my first major operation to join." He replied.

"Yeah many of us are." Another pilot said. "But if we survive this, we all have a big payday."

"Cut the chatter you two." A batarian said over the comms. "Better steel yourselves because once we start there is no coming back. Our only task is to wreak as much havoc as we can. If we survive, we are going to be swimming in creds. So you all better come back alive to enjoy your pay!"

A series of agreements can then be heard through the comms as the thoughts of living in luxury with the amount of credits they can score from this mission.

New Terra City

[Unknown location]

The place is full of mercenaries preparing their newly assembled weapons. The mercenaries' technicians are assembling the weapons as best as they can with the use of the small machines they smuggled into the city.

The parts of the weapons were smuggled in small batches within various ground and aerial vehicles they commandeered before they are delivered to the designated sites they had chosen as the mercenaries' hideouts. The e-zero cores for the weapons were stored within e-zero shipments to the colony before they are to the mass effect field system of their vehicles which contained enough e-zero to mask it.

The others mercenaries are putting on their smuggled hard-suits while the others check the systems of their hard-suits if they perform correctly. Some technicians are also preparing various drones and equipment they would be using for the mission.

They have a few hours rest before their mission will begin and wait for their signal to start wreaking havoc everywhere.


Megadome Stadium

The Megadome Stadium is being filled with shout and screams from the various fans that occupied the stadium. Most, if not all, of them are chanting their idol's name.

"Palena!Palena! Palena!"

"Where's Palena!"

They are eager for the concert to start as the stage crews are placing final touches to the stage and preparing the rest of the equipment.

Behind the Stage

Lt. Kol 'Tomomee, Sgt. Austin Weeks and Sgt. Perzen are standing outside the door to Palena's dressing room. Lassea, Palena's manager, exits the door and politely passes through them. She then walks down the corridor and passes through some of the hired security.

Sgt. Perzen then has to leave his post as he needs to go to the washroom. He heads towards the direction of the nearest washroom for males and leaves the Kol and Austin by Palena's dressing room.

NTPD Headquarters

Command Center

The command center is filled with chatters and activities as the NTPD personnel manned their station ranging from traffic to security. Space, air and ground traffic is still a bit in a tight due to the still incoming transports carrying the audience for the concert at the Megadome. Thankfully the public transportations eased some of the traffic issues.

There are large screens placed at key positions all over the command center which displays various feeds from the sensor network and the city's surveillance grid. There is also a large 3D hologram of the city and its immediate surroundings at the center of the command center. The hologram is provided by two small projectors installed at the floor and the ceiling.

At one of the stations in the command center

One of the operators is currently watching the screens before him. He has a cup of coffee latte and a half-eaten burger over a clear section of his table he is using.

"Man what a hectic day…" The operator tiredly sighed as he reached for his burger and took a bite. As he munched through his burger, the alarm suddenly blared. "What the hell!"

He then types multiple commands into his holo-screen which shows the video feeds of the areas where the alarms are triggered from his sector. After a moment of processing, the video feeds appear over his holo-screen. All of them show various armed groups wreaking havoc.

"Sir, we got hostile groups attacking around sector 9!" He reported through the intercom.

"Police station 7 is reporting presence of unknown mercenaries." One of the station operators beside him reported.

Reports from every major sector of the city start to pour in as various sections of the city hologram's color change from white to red which indicates the places where the attacks are occurring.

At another section of the Command Center

"I want all city gates on lockdown. Raise the barriers to isolate these terrorists and block their attempt on attacking the civilians further." The NTPD Superintendent ordered the city's AI. "Tell defense center to get the defenses up and running, and bring the city shields up."

"Yes, sir." The avatar of New Terra's AI replied with a computerized male voice. The avatar is shaped as a triangle in a circle. The avatar then winked out from the hologram pedestal.

"Damn it, how did they get through our security?" He pondered on that thought until a report from one of the sensors operators over the comms.

"Sir, we got incoming ships heading over the city. They're unresponsive to hails and are approaching fast. One is heading towards the city perimeter, and the other is heading to the space port."

"Damn. Comms relay the situation to Elysium HQ. They'll know what to do." He ordered to the nearby communications officer.

Hidden deep inside a mountain range

Elysium Command HQ

Fire Control

"We got new orders everyone." The CO said to the crew. "Those ships are to be taken down using Class-Alpha load outs so we'll only be using the Toel satellites for them."

The fire control crew acknowledges the orders as they begin inputting commands onto their consoles. On the main screen, multiple video feeds from the satellites are being displayed which shows tracking, target acquisition and other information.

"All systems are nominal."

"Power levels reaching 100%."

"Adjusting E.M. deflectors."

"Activating the NNEMP cannons."

In orbit of Elysium

The Toel Directed ECM-EMP satellites are adjusting their alignment towards as they direct their WE-41 NNEMP (Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) cannon towards their targeted zones. The tips of the cannons begin to glow slightly as they build up energy. They then send nearly invisible beams of electromagnetic energy towards their targets down below.

In a A-61 Gunship

The same turian is now flying his gunship out of the freighter and is flying along a few of his fellow gunship pilots as they head towards New Terra.

He finds himself surprised when his gunship suddenly loses power and experiences multiple power failures. His gunship then begins to free fall towards the surface.


Every freighter, gunships and shuttles, targeted by the Toel satellites, begin to lose power as they drop to the surface like flies. Some of the gunships and shuttles crash into the nearby freighters then bursting into flames as it happen. The freighters free fall to the surface and crash flat on their underbellies and cause structural damages to them. Some of the freighters even broke apart as their frameworks succumb to the stresses.

Orbit of New Terra

UTFN Destroyer Do or Die


The bridge shakes again as the armed freighters fire another volley from their broadside mass accelerator cannons which are armed with a mix of proton and high explosive shells from both sides.

This armed freighter was joined by another one of its type in an effort to take UTF destroyer down. They've already taken care of the first armed freighter that caught them off guard earlier.

"Status report!" Cmdr. Tecson called out as he pushed himself off the floor. He is currently taking command as the captain got knocked out on the way to the bridge when a barrage of HE shells strike the shields.

"Shields are holding up, sir." One of the operators reported. "But we won't last for long at this rate of fire."

"Launch the archer-twos back at those freighters." He quickly ordered as he returned to the command chair.

The weapons operators quickly abide as they begin inputting commands to their consoles.

Out in space

Salvoes of Archer (II) missiles launch from the broadside missile pods at both sides of the destroyer and quickly close distance to their targets. The missiles quickly hit the kinetic barriers of the freighters and detonate their fusion cores thus releasing large amount of superheated plasma. The plasma quickly incinerates the freighters into smoldering wrecked hulls.

The other ships of the Elysium Defense Fleet quickly mop up the armed freighters as they send salvoes of Archer (II)'s and plasma torpedoes along with the UTF Spartan cannons and CNS pulse lasers against the armed hostile freighters. The UTF ships refrain from using the MAC guns due to their power settings or risk hitting civilian ships who are fleeing from the battle.

The Do or Die then fires its four dual barreled Spartan Cannons towards two approaching armed freighters as the freighters fire their forwards guns and disruptor torpedoes as well. The destroyer's shield takes the brunt head-on before the beams of the Spartan cannons lance through their hulls and cause severe damage.

At the rear of the first wave

The command ship, a modified untagged cruiser, is staying behind the attack along with a few escorts, frigate-sized ships, while commanding the rest of the first wave.

Command Ship Bridge

"Keep the pressure at them! We can win this!" The batarian commander ordered through the communications link to the armed freighters.

The batarian commander is quite unhappy that the attack is not going as planned. They lost contact with ships that are supposed to send the initial forces to New Terra just earlier.

"Taking heavy damage, pull o- *static*"

"The proton upgrades are supposed to make things easier!"

"Almost ther- ARGH!"

The batarian commander grunts as he continues to listen to the open communication links before he decides to cut off the links.

"Even with all the resources we placed, we are still having difficulties." He pondered at the thought.

They've deployed over 40 vessels to engage the 15 ships of the Elysium Defense Fleet which should have been easier. With the supposed standard defenses by the UTF and CNS greatly reduced, done by the efforts of the Citadel Council over 2 years ago, it should have weakened the colony's defenses.

"Apparently it didn't do much." He silently thought before the alarm klaxons blared. The last thing he saw is the whole bridge exploding in flames.

Outside the command ship

Three cloaked Longswords had just deployed their payloads of BLU-355 High-Explosive Ordinance to the command ship and its escorts. The bombs were deployed within the kinetic barrier field before the longswords swiped over the top of their targets. The bombs detonated less than a second before their delay fuses ignited the explosives.

They are currently returning to the cloaked Spirit of Fire (II) that is currently orbiting over Elysium.

"Spirit of Fire this is Falcon-1, package had been delivered." The pilot of the lead Longsword reported over the comms. "Targets are neutralized."

"Acknowledge Echo-1, proceed on approach." The reply came through the comms.

Paellas System

Tiberia – Paellas Relay

There are over two hundred ships of the combined Terminus fleet, under Commander Vyrnnus's command, orbiting over a planet near the relay. They are now preparing for an assault through the relay and the invasion of Elysium.

The fleet consists of frigates and cruisers of various origins, and four old dreadnoughts along with makeshift troop transports that are carrying the main forces. The preparations are nearing completion as they discharge all of the remaining static charge of their drive cores as well as exhausting the rest of the heat build-up off their ships.

Chaktum's Crescent


Commander Vyrnnus is currently at the command station watching the crew completing the final preparations.

"Drive core discharge complete. Heat levels are normal. Thermal converters are fully functional." Engineering reported.

"Weapon systems are online and ready."

"All systems are green. All ships are reporting in as combat ready and ready for transit."

He allows himself a small smile at the reports. Everything is now working as planned, though he still didn't know about the failed attack by the forward forces, and he will be having his first strike against the humans at last.

"Send the order to all ships to get into the formulated transit formation and be ready for immediate combat readiness." He ordered to the communications officer who then quickly abided and sent the orders to the fleet. "Time to get this started. The humans are going to pay once and for all."

Before the relay

The fleet had divided themselves into four groups with one dreadnought each. Each group is then transmits their collective masses in order to shorten the time required on transferring the whole fleet to Tiberia system.

Tiberia System

Tiberia – Paellas Relay

The civilian ships are moving away from the general vicinity of the relay as the Terminus Fleet starts passing through it. In a short time, the whole fleet completes their transit before getting into attack formation. The fighters are also being launched as they form fighter formations within the fleet. They then head a straight course towards Elysium but little did they know that they are walking into a trap.

Chaktum's Crescent


Commander Vyrnnus can now see the small image of Elysium through the visual scans as his dreadnought and the rest of the fleet head towards it.

As the whole fleet stay in course, the sensor alarms around the CIC blare.

"Commander, I'm detecting hundreds of energy signature at both sides!" One of the sensor operators reported. "By the spirits, they're a lot of them."

"Energy signatures and space ruptures matches those of slipspace portals." Another operator reported.


Hundreds of warships from both the UTF and CNS appear at both sides of the Terminus Fleet. The UTF ships are ranging from frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battle cruisers and very few carriers, and the CNS ships fielding their own ships of the same types.

These are the ships of the RRF, Rapid Reaction Force, designated for the defense of a certain regions and systems. Commands of both the UTFSC and CNS Military Command had already ordered the nearest RRF command to covertly send ships into the system. The ships had been hiding near the first orbit near the system's sun which effectively masked their arrival.

The UTF and CNS ships quickly fire their weapons from both sides with a mix of plasma torpedoes, pulse lasers, Archer (II) missiles, spartan cannon beams, PAC beams, and MAC rounds. Fighters from both the UTF and CNS carriers are beginning to form fighter screens as they confront the fleet's own fighters in a brutal dogfight as well as engaging the incoming agile frigates.

The terminus ships didn't have a chance to fight back as they try to evade the hailstorm of attacks against them. The plasma torpedoes are the most frightening surprise of all as even though they're slow and seem easy to avoid. The superheated plasma keeps on following them and they even try to shoot them down with their GARDIAN lasers but to no avail.

The Collector-beam armed dreadnoughts fired their own particle beams which are blocked by the energy shielding of the UTF/CNS ships. Mass accelerator rounds and disruptor torpedoes are also fired towards the surrounding ships.

The situation is about to become worse as the super capitals of both the UTF and CNS are about to make their galactic debut.


Chaktum's Crescent


Commander Vyrnnus is stunned from his position as he watches the UOA ships rip his fleet apart through the holo-projection. He can't believe this is happening. The frigates are doing their best they can to evade all the attacks being thrown at them. The cruisers are too doing their best to evade.

"Several slipspace signatures are appearing over the fleet!"

"BY THE SPIRITS!I'm also detecting a real large energy signature behind us!"

Vyrnnus snaps out as he quickly orders them to put them on screens. The screens beside him then display the large slipspace portal "above" the fleet and the rather LARGE slipspace portal right behind them.


Two Digmaan-class (4.3 km) battleships, one UTF (5.7 km) Terrance Hood-Super Carrier and three CNS Assault Carriers appear from their slipspace portals along with their few escorts above the fleet. The UTF super carrier and the CNS assault carriers begin launching their own fighters as they fire their own barrage of Archer (II) missiles, plasma torpedoes, pulse lasers, CNS plasma beams and Spartan cannon beams down to the Terminus ships below.

The Digmaan-class battleships, armed with three dual MAC turrets at each side, begin to aim "down" their main turrets then fire the MAC rounds down to the targeted ships. The MAC rounds merely pass through each unlucky ship in its line of fire like a bullet through wet paper.

Behind the fleet, a rather large CNS ship exits its slipspace portal along with its few escorts. The extremely large shape easily dwarfs every ship present in the vicinity and literally blocks the path to the relay.

CNS Super Carrier Shadow of Darkness

It is the Arbiter-class Super Carrier, the most powerful and largest ship class in the whole CNS Navy. It is 31 km in length, 13.7 km in width and 5.1 km in height.

Command Center

Grand Admiral N'tho Sraom, wearing a silver armor covered with gold Forerunner glyphs, is sitting over the floating command chair before giant hologram at the center of the two-level command center. The hologram is currently displaying his ship and the surroundings which include the mass relay the super carrier intentionally blocked.

"Slipspace transition is complete, Grand Admiral. Shields are online and weapons primed." The female voice of Shurim, a Sangheili "smart" AI, reported from the holo-pedestal beside the command chair. She had a single fabric wrapped around her nearly bare chest area, hanging sleeves around each of her arms and a long loincloth with a split opening at each side. All of which are colored bright white.

She then proceeds on targeting the super carrier's vast armaments towards Terminus ships. Streams of codes flow through her clothing as she performs the necessary calculations for the targeting system.

"All primary weapons have received their designated targets. Our escorts are awaiting orders to fire."

Grand Admiral Sraom grins a bit which shows some of his teeth as he look at the hologram which shows the tagged ships colored red before giving his order.

"Burn them till there's nothing but dust."


The Shadow of Darkness then delivers a literal storm of plasma torpedoes as it fire its pulse laser batteries towards the Terminus ships. Its escorts also add their own firepower into the fray. The Terminus ships didn't have much chance as soon as the pulse lasers hit their hulls without being bothered by the kinetic barriers and the plasma torpedoes heading towards them.

As these all happen, the passengers from the civilians ships that happen to be near the vicinity of the battle field, if it can even be called one, had been recording everything they can since the terminus ships exited the mass relay.

Everyone who witnesses the RRF's counterattack can only gape in shock as they see how they easily surround the enemy ships and outright massacre them. But most of all, they are also recording everything they can from the biggest monstrosity of a ship.

After a few minutes of intense fight, the Terminus fleet is nothing more than a mix of wreckages and some of the ships have glowing edges where the energy weapons hit. The UTF and CNS ships suffer no casualties as their energy shields are able to shrug off the attacks.

Among the wreckages are various life pods and other vessels used to escape their wrecked ships. There are also few disabled ships which still have power thus kept their life support functional.

Back at the "Shadow of Darkness"

Grand Admiral Sraom is satisfied with the battle as he watched the wreckages that were once part of the Terminus fleet. His ship was what the humans would call "overkill" especially in this situation. The same can be said for the other super capital ships. But the presence of the "Shadow of Darkness" and the other super-capital ships are there to make a statement to the rest of the galaxy.

"Don't EVER mess with US."

He then decides that this is enough as he orders the crew to contact the other super-capital ships to return to base and also prepare for a slipspace jump to base. The crew quickly oblige as they contact the other super-capitals and prepare the slipspace drive.


The UTF Digmaan-class battleships, the UTF super carrier, the CNS assault carriers, and the Shadow of Darkness enter into slipspace along with their escorts as they leave the rest of the RRF to clean up the wreckages and capture any survivors.

The rest of the RRF begin to send smaller vessels to check the wreckages and look for survivors. The civilian ships around the area decide to stay for a while as they continue to watch the RRF do their work but they do keep their distance.

All of a sudden, one small vessel comes to life as it activates its engines at full throttle heading towards the mass relay. Super Sabres and Seraphs chase the escaping vessel but lose it as the said vessel use the mass relay to exit the cluster.

High Orbit of Elysium

Over a hundred slipspace portals appear over where standard and capital ships of both the UTF Navy and the CNS Navy come out. They quickly engage the remaining armed freighters engaging the small defense fleet. But many of the freighters start fleeing as soon as the slipspace portals appear since it is clear for them that they aren't going to survive if they stay.

Many of the freighters begin to engage their FTL drive cores to escape using the other relays at the other star systems. They jump out of the planet's orbit just as the RRF reinforcements start to engage them.

The UTF and CNS ships didn't pursue the escaping vessels as they focus on securing control of Elysium. They begin sending in additional forces to augment the UOA combined defense force at the surface. They also begin to send fighters to form fighter screens to act as the first layer of defense.

Among the ships of the RRF are the battle stations of both the UTFSC and CNS Military Command that quickly position around the planet, even over Citadel space as the Elysium planetary government declares martial law on Elysium in order to contain the large scale incursion by the pirates and mercenaries.

New Terra Orbital Station

The mercenaries and pirates are currently trying to move in deep into the station as they try to bypass the shield doors that were activated around the station.

"This is taking too long. What's the problem?" One turian asked impatiently as he continued to guard the rear.

A salarian Eclipse merc is hacking into the opened panel beside the shield door. He has been trying to hack into the supposed "simple" system that controls the energy emitters. But he keeps facing large amount of firewalls along with the security programs that keeps adjusting to his attempts.

"Their computer system is very different than ours." He first said. "Its security systems keep adapting and has large amount of firewalls. I'll try another method."

He stands up as he types in the command for "overload". He then uses it on the exposed panel which causes it to explode in sparks. The shield door dissipates but only for a double blast door to shut it off, much to their dismay and annoyance.

"This is outrageous!" The turian shouted. "Let's just-"

He wasn't able to finish his rant when a two prong energy blades lung through his torso. This shock the others as the turian falls to ground when the energy blades disappear. They aren't able to react fast enough as another mercenary finds itself flying to a wall with a deep impression on the torso.

The others fire at the general area where their squad member flew and hit the energy shielding of the cloaked Sangheili.

The Sangheili, Dark Blade, deactivates its cloak and quickly engages the mercenaries in CQC with astonishing speeds, even for a Sangheili. Dark Blade activates its two energy swords and starts slashing the mercenaries.

She slashes one of the Blue Suns mercenaries diagonally across the torso before kicking the gun off the hand of another Blue Suns as she turns around to meet him. She delivers a strong backhand strike to his head which breaks his neck instantly before being sent to the nearby wall. She quickly deals with two more mercenaries using her energy swords. She sprints towards one of the two and goes for a downward slash. The merc instinctively raises his assault rifle in an attempt to block the energy sword. To his shock, the energy sword merely slices through his rifle before the highly dense plasma slices through him.

She then jumps towards the last mercenary who attempts to flee that only serves to have his back open. She runs towards him nearly in an instant before stabbing her right energy sword through his back. The now dead mercenary drops as his body slumps lifelessly. She then deactivates her energy swords which cause the corpse to drop to the floor.

She then activates her cloaks as she heads towards another section of the station.

In another section of the station

A Blood pack group is currently engaging a group of the station defenders – two UTF Marines, one Sangheili Minors, and two Unggoy Minors – who are currently taking cover behind erected combat barriers and walls.

They are protecting a small group of civilians who are hiding in some shops behind their position. There are a mix of humans, turians, asari and batarian among them.

Some of them had wounds due to the attack which were healed earlier with Optican medi-gels.

The two groups are exchanging shots with each other as the mass effect projectiles, gauss rounds and plasma bolts. One of the marines quickly takes cover as he is about to lose his shield. The Sangheili then primes a plasma grenade before throwing it to a group of vorcha with great accuracy. The glowing grenade then sticks to a vorcha's face. The vorcha screams as it frantically tries to pull the grenade out before it detonates. The plasma explosion incinerates the vorcha's body as well as killing the nearby vorchas with plasma burns and explosion. The Sangheili then fires a few plasma bolts to a vorcha and kills it with multiple plasma burns just as his rifle's plasma cell loses power.

The other marine then throws a frag grenade to a pair of vorcha behind a divider. One of the vorchas is able to jump out of the way just before the frag explodes and kills the remaining vorcha. He then fires a short burst at another vorcha. The gauss rounds are large and strong enough to dismember one of the vorcha's forearms and leave fist-sized holes on the torso.

The Unggoy Minors are firing their plasma pistols and needlers at the vorchas. Two vorchas is hit with needler crystals at their torsos which then detonate after a short time. Another vorcha is then hit with two plasma bolts at head and torso.

Three krogans then enters the fight as they move forward while firing their shotguns to the defenders. The UTF and CNS personnel quickly take cover as the shots hit the combat barrier but one Unggoy is hit with its shields down and loses some of its blue blood to the floor. He screeches in pain as he shotgun rounds hit a good portion of left shoulder as his partner quickly pulls him into cover. The other Unggoy quickly applies some medi-gel to the left shoulder which quickly quells the pain and somewhat heals the wound.

The Sangheili quickly creeps beside the barrier and quickly aims his plasma rifle to krogan at the center. The plasma bolts bypass the krogan's kinetic barrier before hitting the krogan's armor. The plasma bolts burns through its hardsuit before cauterizing the krogan's body. He quickly aims to the other krogan and shoot but misses as the krogan fires his shotgun which then hit his shields. This causes him to stagger and lose his aim as the plasma bolts partially hit the krogan's hardsuit and hit an unlucky vorcha. A portion of the hardsuit melts from the glancing shot due to the plasma and causes pain to the krogan who then takes cover behind a large pillar.

The last advancing krogan is about to get close when a fuel rod shot explodes before him which causes him to stagger back. He angrily looks towards the source of the shot when he sees a roaring Hunter charging towards him, The Hunter then bashes its ship-grade left arm shield to the hunter which crushes the krogan's hardsuit before sending him flying to a nearby wall. The krogan smashes into the wall with great force that it creates a crater around the dead krogan.

The remaining vorcha's and krogan quickly engages the Hunter but all of their shots only hit the Hunter's heavy personal energy shield (not overshield) as the Hunter aims its fuel rod cannon. He then fires its fuel rod cannon at a group of vorcha which then sends them flying with dismembered parts due to the strong explosion.

The remaining krogan decides to flank the Hunter and charges the Hunter at the side while firing its shotgun at a higher rate. The Hunter's shield absorbs the shot as it turns around just as the krogan melees it with the shotgun. The Hunter staggers a little bit due to the krogan's strength but doesn't do much due to the mass of the Hunter's body along with its heavy armor. The Hunter then moves it arm shield before him before jumping the krogan and swings its arm shield to the krogan.

The marines quickly jump from the combat barrier they are hiding behind as the krogan hits the barrier. The barrier's ground support fails as it too flies with the krogan and hits the wall at the back. The wall cracks around the crater the impact creates.

The few remaining vorchas are quickly dealt with as the marines, the Sangheili and the Unngoys fire at them with gauss rounds, plasma bolts and needler crystals. The situation quickly ends as the last vorcha dies. They quickly tell the civilians to head to the now open door who quickly comply as they run towards the section of the station. The UTF and CNS personnel quickly escorts them into the station section once the last of the civilians leaves the vicinity after closing the door behind them.

The Blue Suns and Eclipse groups are currently engaging Dark Blade who is being supported by two Sangheili Majors, and some Unggoy and Sangheili Minors.

Six Unggoy minors, two Sangheili minors and one Sangheili major are killed by the two mercenary groups as their personal energy shields were overwhelmed when the two sides first met.

Dark Blade charges using her augmented agility into the two mercenary groups as she slashes through every mercenary nearby with her two energy swords. She jumps forward as she charges into a horde of mercenaries. She twirls herself around as slashes two Eclipse mercenaries across their torso. She then lands on her right foot and use her momentum to perform a powerful roundhouse kick to the neck of a Blue Suns trooper. The mercenary's neck easily breaks from the sheer force of her kick which causes his head to tilt at unnatural angle as his body is send flying towards another Blue Suns trooper. The two mercenaries then hit a divider which causes the mercenary at the rear to break his spine.

The other mercenaries quickly fire their weapons on the SpecOp Sangheili only for their shots to bounce over the strong energy shield surrounding her. She quickly sprints to evade the rest of their attacks in a blur.

The other Sangheilis are awe struck at the female Sangeheili's battle prowess. They haven't seen any warrior like it. The only warriors they've known with such prowess are the Spartans during the Great War and the legendary Arbiter, Fal 'Chavamee. The Sangheili Majors close in to join the fight as soon as they return their senses back into the fight. Their subordinates fire upon the distracted mercenaries thus thinning their numbers quickly.

"Kill the demon!" One of the Sisterhood Initiates shouted in fear as she fired upon Dark Blade.

Dark Blade smirks under her helmet as she recalls the very same title her people used to call the Spartans during the Great War. She then stabs the asari mercenary before she lifts her up with the energy sword and throws her to a Blue Suns.

She notices an Eclipse Vanguard glowing with biotic energy who then quickly sends a warp towards her. She quickly jumps away as soon as the biotic warp is heading her way. The biotic warp misses her by a few centimeters before she lands over an unlucky Blue Suns trooper and crushes his head. She quickly closes in towards the Vanguard who is firing her M-27 shotgun (not human-made in this story) in a blur. The vanguard didn't have enough time when the augmented Sangheili slices her across the abdomen.

The mercenaries begin to retreat once they see how many of their members are dead especially from a single Sangheili who is truly frightening for them. The reinforcements composing of UTF marines and CNS soldiers then arrive at the other side of the retreating mercenaries. With no point of escape and not willing to die especially to the "super" Elite, the mercenaries surrender as they lay down their weapons.

The UTF and CNS soldiers quickly restrain the mercenaries and confiscate their weapons. The other Sangheili minors are looking at the SpecOp Sangheili with awe as they look at the number of kills she'd inflicted on the mercenaries.

One of the Sangheili Majors then approaches her as she places her deactivated energy swords on her waists. He places his right over his chest before bowing before the SpecOp Sangheili which she returns.

"I thank you for your assistance. I am Val 'Revum of the Elysium Defense Force assigned at this station. Who might you be?"

She then faces the Sangheili Major before answering.

"I'm Ship Mistress Dark Blade, Special Operations. I apologize about your losses, major."

"No need for apologies, ship Mistress. They've fought with valor and courage. Their sacrifice will not be in vain."

Dark Blade's comm beeps which she answers by placing her right hand over her right temple. She then nods to the message from the comms before placing her hand away.

"I have to get moving, major. It's a pleasure meeting you."

"Of course, ship mistress." He bowed before Dark Blade quickly left the vicinity using her incredible speed which he still found surprising.

[Codex Update]

Digmaan-class Battleship:

It has a length of 4.3 km, a width of 870 meters and a height of 1.4 km. It has a very thick Titanium-A2 Battle Armor with an approximate thickness of 15 meters. It is also equipped with a heavy grade energy shield that allowed it to absorb large amount of damage. Its main armaments are the three dual MAC turrets at each side. It is supplemented by three PAC cannons, multiple Spartan cannons, hundreds of Archer (II) missile pods, point defense railguns and pulse lasers. It has limited number of fighters due to the number of MAC's installed.

It is the first battleship built by the UTF Navy before the Spartan-class Battleship (the battleship that appeared during the Second Contact War) is devised. It proves to be highly effective as the multiple MAC guns allows it to single-handedly destroy multiple Loyalist ships on its own. With the addition of the PAC cannons being able to strip their energy shields before the MAC guns fire.

(A/N: The Spartan-class battleship that was shown at "Second Contact War" had the wrong armor thickness. It should be thicker.)

Terrance Hood-class Super Carrier:

It has a length of 5.7 km, a width of 1.5 km and a height of 910 m. It has a 12 meter thick Titanium-A2 battle armor and a heavy grade energy shield. It is armed with four spinal MAC guns, multiple Spartan cannons, hundreds of Archer (II) missile pods, point defense railguns and pulse lasers. It also has a large complement of Super Sabre starfighters and Longsword fighters. They also have complement pelicans, Marines companies and ODST's aboard the ship.

Arbiter-class Super Carrier:

It is the most powerful and largest ship ever made since the Covenant Empire. It is the pride of the CNS Navy due to the large amount of firepower it can send during any conflict. It is armed large amount of plasma turrets, pulse lasers and multiple energy projectors. It is also has a very large number of fighters in its large hangar bay. It also has thick armor along with a powerful energy shield. The combined protection of the armor and the energy shield still can't truly stop a shot from the SMAC of an ODP's or the Spartan-class battleships.

It also acts as a mobile fleet support station as it is equipped with a number of docking station that is compatible the ships of both the CNS Navy and the UTF Navy.

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