Chapter 2

Ryuuki looked up startled from where he'd leaned forward to ogle the normal looking cheesecake and froze, the man before him also seeming to freeze.

"It's alright sir, I've waited this long, and I'm sure I can wait a little while longer."

The two stood in an awkward silence, Ryuuki growing more awkward with every glance shot his way from the man next to him. Eventually he couldn't stand it and spoke up.

"Are you alright sir? You look a bit flustered," he asked, hoping it would be enough of a hint.

"Ah, nothing at all, it's nothing important anyway, you just reminded me very much of someone I know. I apologise for staring." The man did seem to be sincerely apologetic, and Ryuuki waved it off.

"No worries, but you did have me wondering. Hey, your order really must be huge to be taking this long, is someone having a party?" Ryuuki asked, carrying on the conversation for lack of anything better to do.

"Actually no, an acquaintance of mine has a rather large sweet tooth, and I'm picking these up for him."

Shuffling was heard form the back room of the shop, and soon a flustered looking woman appeared with four plastic bags.

"Here you are sir, I'll just need to go back for the other two," she said, looking at the old man.

"No problem," the old man said, and he smiled at the woman who returned it. It was then that she noticed Ryuuki standing there.

"Oh I'm sorry, what would you like? If it's nothing too large I can get it while I'm back there!" she asked, glancing almost reproachfully at the old man.

Ryuuki, who was still scraping his lower jaw off the floor at the amount being bought for one man, could only stutter, "Just a strawberry cheesecake, if you've got any left..." almost forlornly.

"Don't worry, you're in luck. I'll have it boxed and brought out for you," she chirped, and with that, she disappeared back into the depths of the shop.

"I apologise once again, I hope this doesn't hold you up for long," Ryuuki said, pulling his hair over his scar.

"It's quite alright; compared to how long these orders usually take to fill, I'm sure it won't be long at all. You're lucky there's still strawberry cheesecake left actually, it tends to be his favourite. I often have to either pre-order, or visit several shops to find the requested amount," said the old man with what looked to be a fond smile. He obviously cared a lot for the sweet monster.

"You're actually telling me he eats this much sugar on a regular basis? I didn't think it was actually possible to burn that many calories!" Ryuuki exclaimed in surprise.

"You'd be surprised..." muttered the old man as the woman returned with their orders.

"Here you go sirs! This one's... yours," she said, handing one of the bags to Ryuuki, "and the other two here are the rest of your order sir."

The old man handed over a credit card, and Ryuuki found himself relieved that he wouldn't hear exactly how much the man's order had cost. It was probably a small fortune. He dug out the necessary money for his cheesecake and placed it on the counter. Glancing at the number of bags the other man had to deal with, he made a quick decision.

"Do you need help with those bags sir? I honestly don't mind."

The old man paused for a moment, and replied, "I wouldn't like to trouble you, and it's not far to where I've parked."

"If you didn't just tell me you had a car, I'd be offering you a lift home with that many bags. Come on, if it's not far then it's even less trouble for me, and if anything it can be my good deed for the day," Ryuuki insisted with a cheeky smile.

"I can tell I'm not going to win this argument, you're one of those stubborn ones aren't you. Well fortunately for you I'm experienced in these matters and know a lost cause when I see one. I'm parked just round the corner," said the old man, picking up four of the bags and making his way to the door. Ryuuki quickly grabbed the remaining bags and hurried to open the door.

"Ah, thank you, that could have been awkward. It seems that your help was needed after all young man."

Ryuuki huffed out a laugh and mumbled, "No problem."

The walk round the corner was silent, and Ryuuki found himself half expecting the sight of the limousine when he saw it. It fit somehow.

"Thank you for your help...?"

"Ryuuki! Uhm, Kinjo Ryuuki. I'm just glad I could help. I hope your friend doesn't have you trawling Tokyo for you more sweets for a least a month, I mean, this is enough to send the average man into a diabetic coma!"

"Well I wouldn't say he's all that average, really," the main commented absently, gesturing to place the sweets into the footwell at the front passenger side of the car.

"I'd ask your name in return sir, but unfortunately I think we're in a time where the simple curiosity of a person's name could raise questions, if not be outright dangerous," Ryuuki said sadly. "I gladly offer my own, but I won't be asking. I don't think it will be long before names are taboo if this carries on." Suddenly Ryuuki was forcibly reminded that he was also Harry, who had fought He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and it struck him that the last name that had been under taboo had been Voldemort. If they weren't careful, and didn't catch this Kira, even the innocent would be too afraid to say their own or their families' names. It wouldn't take long for criminals to get themselves fake names and documents. Instead of one maniac that had people too terrified to even think his name, there was one maniac who would have people terrified to use their own or their loved ones' names. Already he felt bad for even thinking of asking this man's name, like it would be disrespectful.

The old man was alarmed at the sudden change that had overcome the young man, and asked if he was alright.

"Yes. It's just really sad; Kira might think he's cleaning up the world by getting rid of all the criminals, but they'll just find other ways. All he's doing is making the world an even scarier place for everyone else. I'm sure he'd be dancing to a different tune if it was him on the other side of that kind of power. He'd probably be at the front of the mob, carrying the biggest pitchfork. Anyway, I'm off home with my cheesecake, before my stomach thinks that my throat's been cut! It's a pleasure to have met you." With that, Ryuuki bowed to the man, who collected himself and gave a bow in return. By the time the old man had straightened, the young man was already moving swiftly back the way they'd just come.

The old man sighed to himself, saddened by Kinjo Ryuuki's words. It was strange how much the pleasant man resembled his charge, and it was strange to see such open expressions on a face so similar. There had been one other who had looked like his charge, and he'd always been rather psychotic in his behaviour. Even this man's name was similar to an alias that both his ward and his psychotic double had used, and in fact he was sure that his ward had already decided to use the alias 'Ryuuzaki' for this case.

Sliding into the driver's seat, the old man put on a wireless headset and called the only number stored on this certain phone.

"I'm just leaving the shop now; I shall be back within the quarter hour."

"Understood Watari. Any problems?"

"No, I purchased everything that you requested. I did meet a rather nice young man however."


"He was just in the same shop; he came in while I was waiting for your order to be filled, and I was rather startled to note that he looks an awful lot like you, except for his eyes. He has bright emerald green eyes. He asked if I was alright, and apologised for startling me, and ordered a strawberry cheesecake."

"Did he tell you his name?"

"As a matter of fact he did. That was also rather interesting. If I'm not wrong, he's rather intelligent but doesn't think much of himself. He gave his name and said that he wouldn't be asking for mine, as it would be disrespectful of him with the Kira situation. He said that he'd gladly give his own, but wouldn't ask someone to give away anything that would put them in danger."

"His name, Watari."

"Kinjo Ryuuki he said, I apologise for getting ahead of myself, but he looked a lot like you, and he seemed like a good soul."

"What if I were to tell you I've not long finished reading a suspiciously thin file about this same man. He must have been driving home from being introduced to Yagami-san. I was contacted by Yagami-san not long after Kinjo-san left the NPA building."

"Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Am I likely to be in danger? I am almost positive I am not being followed, but I will be evasive regardless."

"He arrived in Tokyo earlier today, transferred to the NPA from a station in Okinawa. He requested the transfer a week ago, and it has been processed too quickly for it to be normal procedure. Apparently he has received some form of specialised training that he is not legally allowed to discuss. I shall be requesting that he receive permission to tell me from whoever is enforcing his silence." The detective paused before continuing. "For a moment I wondered if I was either looking at a picture of myself or Beyond, but then I noticed his eyes. I must say that I don't think I've ever seen that particular shade of green."

"Rather startling in person. He was non-threatening, and pleasant to a fault. I noticed that he has a habit of tugging the front part of his hair over his eyes when he is nervous, so bear that in mind."

"If he is at all suspicious, he will be one of those who remain after those with too much to lose have left. From what information we have I think we will both be seeing a lot more of this Kinjo Ryuuki. I will bear that gesture in mind; I will be questioning everyone who stays behind personally so hopefully he won't find anything too odd."

"I sincerely hope there's nothing wrong about him, my instincts are telling me that he is a good man, and I've rarely been wrong. I'm certain that he has no idea that I'm associated with you, but I did mention that the sweets were for my friend who has a sweet tooth. I'm almost there, and I've positive I'm not being followed."

"I shall see you soon Watari."

With that, the line was disconnected.

The next day was extremely busy for Ryuuki, and his fingers were tingling from the amount of background information he'd had to type into the computers that day. The NPA was in chaos, and truthfully most of the people working there seemed rather afraid, and this affected their ability to do their job. He'd been introduced to a few people by Matsuda when there had been breaks, but he could already tell that most wouldn't see the investigation to the end. It was likely that most of these people would see their lives as being too high a price to pay, and back out of the investigation completely.

He'd spoken to Ron and Hermione briefly the night before via three way mirrors that Ryuuki himself had looked up the enchantments for and worked on in honour of Sirius, and passed on what information he had gained so far from talking to the Chief. Both had been disturbed and had urged Ryuuki to be extra careful. The three of them had had a good laugh over Ryuuki's new look, which had thoroughly embarrassed Harry, especially when Hermione had teased him for looking so "Dark and mysterious!" and had asked him if that's what he'd been aiming for. With his face bright red, Ryuuki had mumbled that no he wasn't, his face had just turned out that way, and had distracted them both from their teasing by telling him about the old man in the sweet shop who had bought six bags full of sweets for a friend of his, and who apparently had a friend who looked a lot like his 'Ryuuki' disguise.

This had sent Ron and Hermione into fits of laughter, with Ron saying something along the lines of, "Well which one's the evil one, him or you?" and Hermione throwing in her two pence worth with, "Well if he's the one eating all those cakes, then it looks like you've turned yourself into his evil twin Ryuuki!" Ryuuki had glared, and Ron and Hermione quickly stopped laughing and apologised, saying that they just weren't used to his new look yet.

Ryuuki had once again tried to distract from the awkward moment by mentioning that apparently the sweet binge happened fairly often, which had sent Hermione into a long winded speech about muggle diabetes and the importance of oral hygiene, and Ron had an expression of awe on his face at the thought of one person being able to eat six bags of sweets and cakes before they went bad, with muggles not having the use of preservation charms, and not only that, but regularly.

Hermione had recommended that Ryuuki try some ramen and had told him that it's the thing she misses most about Japan, which cheered him up a bit since he didn't think he could survive on strawberry cheesecake.

Now that he was on the way back from the restaurant, he could safely say he'd found a Japanese dish he could survive on and he had the feeling that Hermione wouldn't be the only one missing the ramen when he returned to Britain. He only had to stop off at a supermarket or something similar before returning to the apartment, since he'd eaten the remains of the cheesecake that morning for breakfast, or else he wouldn't have anything for tomorrow morning.

He found a likely looking shop and was relieved to find a decent range of instant noodles, teabags, milk and fruit that he recognised, so he filled his basket, dumped in a newspaper for information purposes, and was soon driving towards his apartment, minus a few yen.

Reading the paper had been rather depressing, but Harry had decided that it would be a good idea to buy a daily subscription, seeing as how the muggle newspaper at least looked a good bit more reliable than the Daily Prophet ever was. If anything odd happened, hopefully he'd see it in the news. He phoned the delivery office and was assured that his subscription would start the next day since he was paying in advance over the phone, and that the paper would be delivered sometime between 6 and 7am.

That night Ryuuki was too tired to dream, and he woke feeling much refreshed, in time to hear the morning paper come through the slot in the door. He lifted the paper and held it above his head as he yawned and stretched, stumbling towards the bathroom where he planned to take a shower.

It wasn't until he was eating his breakfast noodles that he noticed the headline, THREE MEN FOUND DEAD IN SUBWAYS – WAS IT KIRA?

Grabbing the newspaper and leaving the rest of his noodles, he rushed out of his apartment and quickly skimmed the article in the elevator. One man worked as a cleaner and had died whilst working, one man died after stepping off the train, and another was found dead sitting on the same train the second man had stepped out of.

As soon as Ryuuki arrived at the NPA building, he'd asked if the Chief had arrived, and was told that he was in his office. He hurried towards the office and knocked.

"Come in."

Peeking round the door, he asked if it was a good time, and the Chief nodded, before pointing to the seat in front of his desk, and shuffling a few papers aside.

"What can I do for you Kinjo?"

"Having read today's paper I'd like to request that I be allowed to research backwards through every copy of every newspaper in Tokyo, perhaps even magazines."

The Chief raised his eyebrows.

"I said yesterday that Kira makes mistakes Chief, and if he's as young as we think he is, he's likely already made at least one. It could be in a tiny article somewhere, worth reporting but not front page news. I want to search for anything at all that's odd, or out of place. Like this article here, it just doesn't make sense, this is far too public, Kira must have had a reason," Ryuuki spilled out.

"Hold on a minute there Kinjo, pass me that paper."

Ryuuki passed over the paper as the Chief read the article.

"I think you're right. It's worth a shot, so yes, call up the newspapers and have them email you copies of every newspaper printed since the 28th November, good work Kinjo, I hope you find something."

"Thanks Chief, I hope so too."

As soon as Ryuuki left the Chiefs office, the Chief picked up the phone he had been given, and pressed the call button.

"Good morning Yagami-san," said the distorted voice.

"Good morning. I'll get straight to business. One of the men read this mornings' newspaper and came to me with a request to be allowed to obtain copies of every Tokyo newspaper since the incidents started. He noticed that the three deaths yesterday were out of character, and likely had a purpose. He also stated when I first met him that Kira had made mistakes, and further stated today that if Kira is a student as suspected, that he has likely made more errors, perhaps something small that is 'worth reporting but not front page news' as he put it. I know a good idea when I see one, so he's working on it now."

"Good. Have him type up the details of anything interesting. Who are we talking about?"

"Kinjo Ryuuki."

"Alright. Thank you for this information, and notify me immediately if a lead is found."


"Goodbye Yagami-san."

It was 8pm and Ryuuki had worked practically non-stop since that morning. On a whim he had recorded every death that had been reported as something other than old age. He'd gotten as far as December 10th, and at this rate it would be another couple of days before he was finished, hopefully before the New Year. He had a few names, mainly of people killed in traffic accidents, and only one of those people had turned out to be a criminal.


"Huh?" Ryuuki mumbled as he turned round. "Chief? Something wrong?" he asked, trying to shake the cobwebs from his brain.

"Only that you're still working, and it's past eight o'clock. You should go home, you look like you could use some sleep. I take it you haven't found anything, and it'll still be waiting in the morning, along with a bunch of fresh papers," replied the Chief, raising his eyebrows.

"I decided to write down every reported death excluding those from old age, but I've only found one so far who had a criminal record, and the crime was relatively minor, nothing that warrants a death sentence. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but he was killed the same night as Otoharada Kuro, the 28th November. I've looked through all the five major newspapers up to and including the 10th December." Ryuuki promptly let out a huge yawn.

"Right, save your work and get yourself home, like I said, it will still be here for you tomorrow," the Chief repeated sternly.

"Alright, alright," said Ryuuki with a tired grin, saving the files that were open and shutting down his machine. "I suppose I should be careful, I wouldn't want to be too sleepy to drive safely. Thankfully it's only ten minutes away so I should be fine."

"That's good to hear, now quit stalling and go home."

"Yes Chief!" he replied cheekily, and was waved off.

It was the next day around dinnertime when Ryuuki yelled out "HA!" and could be seen tapping furiously at his keyboard with a maniacal sort of glee on his face. Matsuda stood behind him practically shouting his fake name but Ryuuki was far too busy contemplating what he'd read, and thinking of ways to track down the other people who were on the bus, to remember something as stupid as his alias. Luckily there was a police report filed, a rather shoddy one at that, but there were two people's names, witnesses to what had happened. It was almost exactly the sort of thing he'd been looking for; December 20th, man enters bus, threatens the driver, starts hallucinating before shooting wildly, yells at the driver to stop, only to exit the bus face first into an oncoming car, killing him instantly. After pulling up all available data, he let out another "HA!" which made those around him twitch uncomfortably and the room to become silent as people started wondering what was going on. Ryuuki sent the file straight to the Chief's email address and headed straight towards the coffee pot, still sporting a shite-eating grin on his face. Gradually everyone returned to their work; that was until a loud "HA!" could be heard coming from the Chief's office, as the Chief, with a grin of his own, hit the 'forward' button.

Half an hour later, the Chief quietly made his way to Ryuuki's desk, and whispered that since he'd found something interesting, that he could finish up for the day and come back tomorrow after a proper meal and a good night's rest.

"But Chief, there's more..." Seeing the look on the Chief's face, Ryuuki grimaced and decided to switch direction. "Ah, on second thoughts, home sounds rather nice. I'll see you tomorrow Chief!"

"I hope you have a good night Ryuuki, take care of yourself," said the Chief solemnly before heading back to his office.

Ryuuki checked his work before saving it all and shutting down the machine before gulping down the rest of his second cup of coffee, and grabbing his jacket. He waved goodbye to Matsuda, who had turned out to be a decent guy, although he was reminded of Neville Longbottom before he had grown a backbone, but boy what a backbone. Neville Longbottom was no longer shy and clumsy, but a force to be reckoned with; a true Gryffindor. He had a feeling that at some point in the future, Matsuda would have the potential for something similar. Perhaps he sensed a potential Gryffindor amongst the muggles.

Coming from Hogwarts, he couldn't really help but mentally sort those around him into the Houses he thought they'd fit best. The Chief had been mentally sorted as a Hufflepuff; he was obviously hard working and extremely loyal, and would likely see this investigation through to the end, even if it meant his death. He was extremely proud of his two children, and he loved his wife dearly. Then there was Gryffindor for Matsuda; like a cross between Colin Creevey and Neville Longbottom, he enthusiastically wanted to do the right thing, but let his nerves loosen his tongue and ended up looking like a fool for it. With confidence, and from what he'd heard about his marksmanship, Matsuda could have a very successful career. Another person he reckoned would stay until the end. As for everyone else, he didn't really know them well enough to judge.

Although there was one other he'd mentally sorted; L.

There was no way that man wasn't a Slytherin. He'd argue to his last breath if the Sorting Hat ever dared to say otherwise, although the chances of L and the Sorting Hat being in the same room were slim to none. He didn't need to meet L in person to know that he fit the mould. Sly, cunning, using any means to achieve his goals, ambitious (with being the best detective in the world and all), and Slytherins tended to be either centre stage or so deep in the shadows that you forget they're there. L was definitely the latter.

As he was walking through the car park towards his car, lost in thought, he was brought back to reality when his trained eyes saw shadows trailing him from the corner of his eye. He quickly came to one conclusion; and he didn't like it.