Deidara was irritated, you could even say angry. 'Why?' you ask. Well he just lost his previous partner, both of his arms, and he hates his new partner with a passion. Now normally he would be pissed and trying to strangle Tobi, but he is rather fond his arms and head. Kakuzu could have at lest let him sit anywhere else but he had to make him sit on the only pointy rock in this neck of the woods. Right now he is just trying to not twitch. Lets see how thats doing.

Poke twitch, poke twitch, poke twitch.

"Twitch again and I'll make sure your head is like these arms are, detached." Growled out an angry Kakuzu.

"Not my fault it hurts like hell, un." grumbled a suffering Deidara

"Diedara-senpia would some leaves help with the pain!" yelled Tobi as he hit Deidara with some leaves that happened to have a stick attached.

"If it wasn't for the fact that i dont have my arms I'd stuff some C3 down your throat! Un." Yelled a now pissed and almost willing to move Deidara.

"I'd help if he had a bounty." Commented a half way done Kakuzu.

"Hey, where is Cussing Scythe Man?" Asked a curious Tobi.

"I cut off his head and threw it in that sack." Kakuzu said as he pointed off to his left.

"Dont worry Cussing Scythe Man, you'll see the light again!" Yelled a panicking Tobi as he ran over to the bag.

"I wish Hidan was conscious. Also your done." Kakuzu said as he watched Tobi re-attach Hidan's head to his body.

"Slow enough, and did he just do that with a stick, un?" Asked Deidara.

"I believe so. Grab your partner and be gone before I decide to undo the work I did." Said Kakuzu as he walked over to Hidan and Tobi.

"Grouchy aren't we? Tobi get over hear before I complete my promise! Un."

"Deidara-senpia whats your promise!" Yelled Tobi has he appeared next to Deidara.

"It involved a C2 bomb, but now im going to do it with a C3 bomb!" Yelled Deidara as he started to chase Tobi while making a bomb.

"I'll #$* hold him down while you ^&$*#^ him up with your ^*$^ bomb!" Yelled a now awake and pissed Hidan. The resown he is mad, that's because Kakuzu fixed his neck, but decided to leave that stick Tobi tried to use to put his head back on. He would attack Kakuzu if it wasn't for the fact the he would be chopped up again.

Hidan threw his scythe and stuck Tobi to a tree while Deidara charged.

"Tobi a good boy! Why Tobi get hurt? Tobi doesn't think t-mph !"

"That's right, you don't THINK! Un." yelled Deidara as he stuffed a C3 bomb down Tobi's throat. Deidara quickly made his get away on one of his clay birds while Hidan ran for cover.

To this day people wonder why Tobi didn't try to get away sooner. All we do know is that a Space time jutsu plus a C3 bomb, and some timing summoned a creature not know to this world. It's name,