"Remember this, for next time Pain wont be so mercifal." Said Zetsu. He then begain to sink into the ground. Before his head went under the white half said, "The poisin will keep you there in-till Kakuzu gives you the antidote."

Deidara groned in pain for a response. The genjutsu that was on him slipped away as Zetsu left. Even thou there was less pain in his body now, it was still to much for his body to remain conscious. While Deidara was unconscious Kakuzu slipped in, fixed his body and administered the antidote. He left Deidara where he lay. Not caring if he was killed.

Deidara groaned as he woke up, wishing he would stay unconscious. He did an experimental move of the head to see if the poison had passed. The frown from the pain lightened for a second seeing he could move now.

He tyred to lift one of his arms to see how they looked, and decided that was a bad idea as his shoulder flared in pain.

$%#& that hurts. Why does it $%#& hurt so much more then last time? Probably Zetsu's bad teeth.

He reached into he coat for some heavy duty painkillers, not caring if they messed with his head. He gritted his teeth because of the pain from moving his arms as he popped a few pills.

To pass the time as he waited for the pills to kick in he imagined what Hell Tobi must be in. He chuckled, as he thought of hundreds of people telling Tobi he's a bad boy, and smacking him with sticks.

He soon heard explosions in the distance, and they where coming at him. Frustrated he sat up, looking for someplace to hide. He was in no condition to fight. He flipped through some hand seals and then gritted through his teeth, "Iwa Gisou No Jutsu."

Earth rose out of the ground and made a small dome over him, keeping him concealed from the outside world. When he heard the explosions get close he sent chakra into the earth, hardening it and making it see-through to his eyes.

Soon one of the probable combatants got flung into the clearing after another explosion. And Deidara decided maybe he shouldn't of taken so many pills. Theā€¦ guy? _Thing?_ landed perfectly. Worried that it might detect his chakra, Deidara hid his chakra as best as he could.

Why o why did it start doing jumping jacks, did it not take its fight seriously? Perhaps the other guy was killed in the explosion? Thats if I'm not hallucinating. Deidara watched as kept from laughing. Laughing would make his chakra spick a tiny amount.

It soon moved over to a tree, brought its arms up in such a way you would think it was a little girl trying to look cute, and then blew up. It was flung into the air along with shrapnel from the tree that was not gone. Spinning is such a way it looked like it was doing cartwheels, and then it disappeared into the forest. Every once it a while you would here a boom. Each one getting farther and farther away.

"I really shouldn't of taken so many pills." Deidara said as he let his jutsu fall. He then climbed up a tree and decided to sleep off the pills. As he fell asleep his last thought where, At lest the hallucination new proper art.

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