We're Getting Married!

Summery: The Gang of Total Drama are growing up and getting Married! But to who? It's all up to the reviewers!

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with Total Drama…Sadly…

I can tell you all that the strangest ideas hit me when I'm at work…Anyway; this is the newest of my creations!

This is inspiration caused by the most recent episode of Glee, where they sing 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars and they're dancing down the aisle, then this hit me, I adore doing 'reviewer influenced' stories since I started my 'What Wasn't on Camera' fic, and when this idea sprung into my head I just couldn't let it go.

I don't normally start my stories like this, but I think it would be best I explained myself before I started writing, plus I want it to be helped by all of the Total Drama Community, rather than myself!

It's pretty much what the summery says; the Total Drama group are getting married, but to who? Well, that will be decided by you!

Each chapter I will choose a member of the Total Drama Cast at random, then it's up to you to submit a review on who you think would be a good suitor for the other person.

For example, let's say I chose Heather, then it's up to you all to see who you would like to see her get married to, then the person who gets the most votes in reviews will then be paired up with Heather and I will write a chapter about their engagement/wedding!

Simple, right?

Ok, before we start things off I want to set some rules, I don't want to set too many because I don't want to seem to fussy but I feel like this one is important.

Every character can be wed more than once; however they can't be married to the same person twice.

For example, let's say I chose Courtney to get married and the reviews I got back said that they would like to see her get married to Duncan then that's fine, however, when I choose Duncan he cannot be married to Courtney again, partly because its already been written and I don't want to do it again, but you can put both Courtney and Duncan with other people, so say if I chose Gwen and people wanted to see Duncan and Gwen then that's fine too!

Another quick rule, mix it up! There are no limits on what the couples are, canon, fanon, crack, yuri, yaoi, I don't mind! Whatever you guys want I'll do!

May I just say this is done completely at random, so not even I know what's coming! I typed out all the names on a word document and closed my laptop lid and selected by tapping the up and down keys until I got bored!

So, without further Ado, I will present to you the first character who will be getting married!



So, Gwen will be the first lucky girl going down the aisle, next stop is who with? Well, that's up to you, who do you want to see her go down the aisle with?

Will it be one of the three main men in her life? Trent, Duncan or Cody? Or maybe you want to see a fanon wedding with Tyler or Justin. Maybe with a girl or maybe even Chris, Chef Hatchet or Blaineley? It is entirely up to you!

You can choose anyone to do with Total Drama, I don't mind, and the person who gets the most requests gets married to Gwen!

The choice is yours!

Much Love!

Sakura Blossom Storm