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Chapter 3: Do You Think This Will Get Ratings?

Chef Hatchet was a bold man, he had served in a war, he had dealt with twenty two unruly teens for a good few years and had been a chef for a while too. But none of those things could of made him the man he was today.

There was one thing that had left a blank page in his life, and needless to say it was something that Chef had never even thought about. Love.

Yes, Chef Hatchet was feeling emotionally detached and alone. Something a war veteran to feel? Possibly, typically he picked a day where he was meeting a certain TV personality to discuss plans for the next Total Drama series.

Did he really need that today? To have Chris McClean ramble on at him for a good five hours about how this new series needs to be 'bigger' and more 'extreme'. And he really didn't want to know about how many female costumes he would have to wear this season, all though it was his favourite part of any Total Drama series.

But today all Chef wanted to do was what all single people want to do at some point in their lives.

Sit at home, watching The Notebook and crying into a tub of Ben and Jerry's.

Yes Chef had seen The Notebook, and not only that; he had it on DVD, illegally downloaded on his computer and could nearly quote it word from word. But of course this was a secret, and anyone that found out about it would have their head put through a wall.

Grumbling to himself, Chef donned his usual sloppy apron and left his small hut to meet Chris at the TV studios. It was only a short walk, and once he arrived he found the main man sitting in a meeting room, drinking Champagne on his own.

"Ah, there you are" Chris said, not bothering to stand to greet Chef, "Get a glass, we've got something to celebrate".

"What?" Chef grunted as he made his way over to the bottle to pour himself a glass.

"Why the renewal on Total Drama of course!" Chris cried out, "Four seasons, four! Who can believe that? My cooking show was cancelled after one show and now I'm here, the beloved host of the best reality show in the world…no no! In the universe! I did think we were in trouble after the end of World Tour, but no, we're here, and we're better then ever!"

Noticing that Chris was holding on a to a bottle of champagne, Chef knew that Chris was wasted. How were they going to discuss season four in this state?

"Is this a meeting? Or an excuse to get drunk?" Chef Hatchet asked.

"Get drunk, of course. Come on, when in my life have I decided to call a proper meeting?" Chris chuckled as he swigged more of his champagne.

Chef Hatchet shrugged his shoulders and grabbed the other bottle, it wasn't The Notebook, but hey, drinking and alcohol would surely perk him up slightly.

A few hours later and more champagne bottles emptied, security had to remove Chef and Chris for unruly behaviour, it all started when the two started singing 'Come Fly With Us" from the past Total Drama series and breaking a couple of chairs in the process.

The two were now stumbling around the streets of Toronto, trying to gather their thoughts on where their next bottle of alcohol would come from. Chris was slumped against Chef and Chef was just sober enough to hold the two up.

Soon the drunken pair found a store and somehow came out with more champagne, struggling around the streets the two found a small cute little park where they collapsed under a tree, sharing the bottles between them and carrying on their heavy drinking spree.

"Now…I'm not saying I'm a perv or anything…but…but if the opportunity came then I would t-totally have sex with Lindsay" Chris slurred to Chef.

"You'd only do her because of her boobs" Chef grunted back, leaning against the tree to drink more.

"So? That's kind of a turn on point for me…being a man and all" Chris replied, "What's got you all wound up?"

Chef swigged some more champagne "I dunno, all this talk about the next season…I can't help thinkin' about DJ".

"Dude that's gay-."

"I WASN'T FINISHED" Chef snapped, "I can't help thinkin' about how I'm gonna see him again, he's like…he's like my son".

"No he's not".

"Well he could be God dammit! Every time I think of our alliance…I just think that could have been something magical… he could have taught me so much about cooking, cooking is my life, I wanna cook for the whole world, but he…he TOOK that away from me…and I HATE him for it".

It was all too much, the alcohol took over and Chef started blubbering into his apron. Chris just watched the trainwreck that was his partner in crime, he scooted over and placed an arm on his shoulder.

"You, my friend, are a mess" Chris chuckled, "Drink more".

Chef snatched the bottle from Chris' hand and downed all over it, "I come in, and I cook for kids all the time…and they think I don't have a life, well that's not true, it's not! I do…I have a life, I wanna get married, I wanna cook for my wife, but I'm stuck with those ungrateful kids. FOREVER! No one will love me".

Chris gasped horrifically, "That is so not true! I love you man" He grabbed Chef's face and squeezed his cheeks together, "I love you, so much, you're…you're my black brother from another mother. And I want you to know that you mean so much to me…and if no one wants to marry you. I will marry you".

Chef looked a Chris, horrified at what just came out of his mouth, "Get married? What to you? A weedy little white boy?"

"Well don't have me then!" Chris snapped.

"No, no!" Chef stopped him, "Fine, let's get married…as long as I am the bride".

Chris threw back his head and howled with laughter, "You can be whatever you want…as long as theirs a TV crew at the wedding, do you think this would get ratings?"

For two drunken men, Chris and Chef managed to plan a wedding in a matter of hours, they found a big wedding dress from a costume shop for Chef and a wonderfully tacky powder blue suit from an old suit maker, they had decided that they're only guests would be the Total Drama contestants. Because in another drunken heart to heart, they had decided that they were the best things to happen to them both. The invites were just phone calls made and the whole old cast conveniently dropped their plans to come and see the hilarity of their worst nightmares getting hitched.

The pair had found an all night chapel that would get them married in a few minutes, Chris had agreed it was just as good as Vegas. The guests had arrived and were soon eagerly anticipating the arrival of Chef and Chris.

Chris dragged himself up the aisle first, waving dramatically at all of his guests and blowing kisses, in his hand was another bottle of champagne that he refused to let go of.

Then the wedding march started up, and the crowd gasped, Chef sauntered down the aisle in the most puffiest wedding dress they had ever seen, after a few stumbles he reached Chris and the elderly vicar.

"Dearly beloved…"

"This is the best wedding I have been to yet" Cried a girl in the front row.

Chris looked up, "Wait…I don't know you!"

The girl stood up "My name is…you don't need to know that, just call me 'Desire at Gunpoint' and I heard about this wedding from a friend and I just had to come see it for myself. Please…do go on".

She sat down with a gleeful look on her face.

The vicar coughed loudly, "Dearly beloved".

The ceremony went on, and was very amusingly beautiful, Chris had found a child's plastic party ring from a dumpster and put it on Chef's finger, and their vows were spontaneously funny.

Sniggering came from the back row, as Geoff and Duncan were filming the whole thing, Chris and Chef believed their long winded story that they were in the TV recording business now and had borrowed a camera to film the wedding.

"This is so going on YouTube" Geoff hissed and he zoomed in on Chef's dress.

"You may now kiss the…erm…Bride"

Chef and Chris turned to each other, and both puckered up to received a peck on the lips, the crowd burst into applause and cheers as the two left the chapel for more alcohol.


"This is awful…how could this have happened?"

Chef had woken up with an awful hangover, and lying in a crummy motel room next to Chris, what they had done the night before they couldn't remember, until Chris' agent emailed him a video, and sure enough the video was entitled 'Chris McClean and Chef Hatchet get hitched'.

The video was of the whole ceremony, down from Chef declaring his undying love for Chris, Chris singing 'I will Always Love You' for his vows and of course, the kiss.

"I blame you for all this" Chef hissed, "You and your stupid Total Drama meetings, I'm going home".

Chef then proceeded to storm out of the motel room with a bang, but as he left he noticed the pink ring on his finger, and liked the way it looked.

He wasn't going to take it off just yet.

That. Was the hardest thing I have written yet! It may seen kind of lazy but I'm sorry, you try marrying Chris and Chef!

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