Slytherin Love Lizard

One evening in November


Journal… is it okay to be like this? I mean, I'm a normal girl and after all this time I should start to feel things down there shouldn't i?
It's not as if it matters… I have all this studying to do and I still haven't gotten an idea for what my end of year charms project is going to be on. I just thought it might be nice to have something relaxing to fall back on… I read that orgasms are good for tense muscles… well they say massage is as well but when will I ever get the time to get one of those? But I touch myself in the shower and I don't feel a thing. I've just spent a good fifteen minutes down there in bed and nothing! My nipples don't respond as well… It's so frustrating! I need a book for this kind of thing. All I want so badly is to have one orgasm, why doesn't it work! Am I not normal… am I broken down there or something? Or is it that I'm surrounded by all this magic… I think there might be a book I can look at…
Maybe if I get the time I'll tell you about my research later… but I think I really have to go to bed.
Tomorrow we're starting double potions with the Slytherins again and I can't wait to see the looks on the boys faces tomorrow!


Hermione put her quill down and frowned at the entry, letting the stark black ink on the page dry out before she closed it. Having re-read her own words, and the similar ones in the last couple of entries she wondered if it was really her… or maybe she just couldn't feel anything at all… maybe she was numb?

She shook her head and muttered the word 'nox' to put her world into darkness before her wand and her journal went under her pillow as she scooted down into the warmth of her blankets, touching the cold bits at the edges with her feet and straightening out her nightdress.

She'd look in the library tomorrow if it really bothered her. For now though, she had too much school work to think about. Not having a time turner really made you cherish the hours of sleep you had at night.

But of course she couldn't sleep and her hands strayed down until they hit soft curls and the slight wetness that accompanied them.
She let out a little breath, hyping herself up her ran a hand up her thigh, across her hip, dragging her nails gently across her stomach and up to her breaths, taking one her hand as her other hand delved deeper into her. She closed her eyes rubbing the centre of her clit in round slow circles that made her feel warm in her chest. Her fingers delved deeper until she was two knuckle deep indie her own pussy, arching herself yup with her own short thrusting movements and stifled the fake moans she knew turned her on even as they embarrassed her.
She pinched a nipple between her thumb and finger, hoping for a reaction that didn't happen, she swirled the top of her finger over her hooded clitoris, aching for the pulsing buzz she knew every other woman would feel.
She felt nothing and after a few more minutes of gentle fondling she went for her last resort, both hands joined in, running down her body to her centre, but she snagged her finger on her pubic hair and scratched the inside of her leg. Hissing in pain she turned over angrily shoving her hands under her head and shutting her eyes.


The next morning Hermione woke up at seven as usual, washed and dressed herself by half past and was ordering the books she needed for the day in her satchel by the time most of the other girls were just stirring from sleep.

She slid her hand under her pillow for her wand and panicked for a brief moment as she grasped only air. Before logic set in and she looked on the other side of her bed and found her journal lying on the floor.

She picked it up and smiled at it in relief as Padma dropped gracelessly out of bed behind her. She jumped, grasping her book and her wand to her chest. She turned but Padma wasn't looking at her… she was not a morning person.

Scurrying to her book bag, Hermione shoved her journal in and closed it loosely in her haste to be out and home free from prying eyes. She always kept it hidden, If the girls knew she kept a diary, there would be no end to the measures she'd have to take to keep it safe! Even if all she talked about was school and girl things.

She hurriedly left the dorm, practically running down the stairs. The common room was fairly quiet this early and she slipped out into the hallway.

She went to the library first to return some books and collect some new ones from the shelves and almost instantly regretted it when, standing before the library doors she saw Draco Malfoy coming down one of the large staircases towards her. He was alone and hadn't seen her yet and she entered the library quickly striding purposefully toward the front desk attempting to ignore how pretty and strait his hair had looked so early in the morning.

Shoving hers from out of her face she found a secluded table and immersed herself in her history of magic essay.

Footsteps, she looked up. Again he didn't see her but she scowled when Malfoy walked past the isle she was in. She followed him with her eyes to where he went across the hallway in another isle until he was out of sight. She looked down and realised that she'd been taping her pen idly for at least a minute.
She'd not get any more work done like this, time to call it a morning and get some recreational reading underway!
She put her things away and piled her books on the table beside her and got up, indulging herself by walking casually along the rows and rows of books before alighting on one and returning to her desk with it.

She smiled down at its dark green binding.

Wizarding Pleasures? Sounded like a good book. She admitted that she'd picked it up because the title made her giggle but she assumed it was a book about various wizarding hobbies.
Besides, it might very well come in handy for a muggle studies assignment.

She let the book fall open in front of her.

He touched her thigh slightly with his wand, whispering spells she'd never heard of that made its wooden tip throb and tingle against her skin-

Hermione slammed the book shut quickly, her face aflame, hoping no one had heart her involuntary squeak of shock. For some reason she imagined Malfoy, in the isle next to her hers, looking up from some light morning reading with a silly look on his face. She giggled and stared at the book in her trembling hands.
How had this book even gotten into the library in the first place?
Examining it she saw and 'FS' written on the spine in purple ink. 'Forbidden Section'. They had books like this in there? She ignored the urge to hand it in for refilling. She looked around again and reopened it guiltily.

"Stop, I can't take any more" she moaned heatedly against his arm, grasping onto him. A smile curved his mouth as he let his wand trail circles down her leg, eliciting small cries and moans of passion from her soft, red parted lips.

It wasn't that she didn't realise what she was reading, her mother had told her about trashy books when they went into charity shops together. No, it was exciting because she was in the library and reading a forbidden book made her knees twitch together uncomfortably in a way she really didn't understand. She flicked forward a bit.

"You look…" he held her heart-shaped face in his large hands "So delicious" his smile was sinful as he leant towards her "I just want to eat you up" his kiss was dangerous, drawing her in to heated depths of passion she had never known existed and she clung to him, their duel forgotten as his hand lowered from her face to her breast, gently caressing away her robes, as his mouth moved lower, across her jaw, down her neck past the enchanted necklace he had wanted so badly, lower until it found a soft rosy bud-

She put her hand snugly in between her legs, anything to lessen the slight pressure that was building there. Her face was calm, outwardly and she continued to turn the pages as if she weren't reading filth, just a hand sitting nonchalantly underneath one thigh crossed over the other. Gently her fingers touching the soft part in between, her other shaking as she turned page after page.

He stood behind her, his hands on her wrists, guiding them away from the mortar and pestle and towards her own aching flesh.
"But… my potion" she breathed, the passion in her voice drowning out the worry of her cauldron overflowing. His dark chuckle made her shiver in need as his lips found the back of her neck
You can make more later… there's more important things" he pressed his growing arousal against her back and she gasped and pushed back against him as his hand came around to undo the front of her robes. Shivering with a fiery need that instantly overcame her she moaned and let her head fall back to his shoulder as lips and hand performed a dance over her body she could never explain in words.

Her face was getting closer and closer to the pages as she pushed them gently aside, the quiet shah the only noise in the now completely silent library. She could feel every movement of her hands as one turned the soft pages and the other caressed her with long firm strokes that, despite her earlier complaints seemed to dull the ache she felt.
She was closely aware of every click and thump of books being moved around as a few more students entered the library. Each time she would close the book and look up, pretending that she had been doing something else. Her hand leaving her crossed legs and batting a tune tonelessly on the desk before returning the pressure she need.

"the dark arts can wait" he said, throwing down his wand and grasping her in a manly embrace, she clutched at him, terrified he would love her so fully and then leave her once again, when his hand dipped below her chin and lifted it until they could gaze into each others eyes. "I only want you now" She saw only love within his dark depths, nothing like the dark wizard she had known before.
"Oh Lionel" she cried their lips meeting in a searing kiss even her arms wrapped about his neck and his lowered to the comforts of her waist. "take me now!" she cried, their clothes instantly forgotten-

She bit her lips, her eyes closing for a moment as she drank in the last few lines.
She kept on irrationally thinking of the people in the room who couldn't possibly know what she was reading and how hilarious it was. Of Draco Malfoy in the corridor beside hers, unaware that mud-blood granger was reading something so rotten. She giggled softly, uncontrollably for a moment and was almost about to re-open the book when a hand touched her shoulder.

She screeched, her hand slamming down on the book cover and turning.

"Oh Mrs Pince, you frightened me!" she said in a harsh whisper to the woman's answering smile.

"I see that, I'm terribly sorry my dear, I was just going to tell you that lessons will be starting soon… you should really get going if you don't wish to be late" she patted her still shaking shoulder.

"O-oh, thank you" She said, using her guilty fright to cover up the tension at being 'caught', Mrs Pince's eyes on the books on the table before her, Hermione glanced back

"Oh these, I really need them for my next lesson, is it alright if I take them now and come back later to sign them out, I'll be back at break?" she put on her best smile, Mrs Pince would never let her sign out a forbidden section book. For a moment, Mrs Pince frowned, thinking it over, taking in Hermione's sterling record with the library books against her record as a mischief maker with those friends of hers.

She looked up at the sound of scuffling and scowled (disturbances? In the library of Mrs Pince? Not on your life!) before turning a smile to Hermione "Yes, certainly, but I want them by lunch at the latest to sign out properly, I must go" she put on her badass face and moved to the sound of trouble in her library, little realising that Hermione was doing a little 'punch a fist in the air' dance.

She'd done it!
then she stopped and realised what Mrs Pince had actually said and cursed. She was supposed to meet Harry and Ron at breakfast! Oh she was so late! As if the whole place was on fire she shoved those books into her bag, jumped out of her seat and ran down the isle.

She hadn't even had breakfast. She was going to be so late! Snape was going to give her detention!

Was what went through her mind as she ran strait into the back of Draco Malfoy, her bag, emptying itself all over him. She could have screamed in frustration, she was so late. Luckily Malfoy did that for her.

"You stupid Granger, what the hell is this?" he raged at her as she dropped to the floor, hands grasping for books.

"I'm sorry okay, I wasn't looking!" she snapped, her eyes desperately scanning for the forbidden book. She saw the flash of green binding just as he was about to pick it up, when had he bent down to help her?

"Give me that" she snapped, she did not need this extension of arrogance helping her in the morning when he had such enviable strait hair! She snatched the book from his grasp and stuffed it in her bag, collecting the last few stray quills and parchment before rearing up and fixing him an icy look.

"Thankyou" she said stonily before rushing away in a flurry of wild bushy hair.

Draco, still crouched on the floor, his hate dulled by sleep and lack of goons, was perfectly still as he watched her leave. Glancing around he began to smirk at the sight of the small black, ordinary looking book on the floor behind him. He was really going to look forward to her coming and asking him for this book when she realised she'd lost it.
This made the trademark gloating smirk he usually wore to a class shared with Gryffindor's come onto his face just that much easier.

The book in his pocket, with the letters HG on the front, was of course, Hermione's journal.

End Part 1


Next stop, a strange lizard

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