Love Lizard

Part 6


She leapt up, hand slamming the book closed as she whirled around, the strangled noise pulled from her throat was half gasp, half shriek and it made George grin from ear to ear.

"Surprise you?" he asked innocently, Hermione covered her instantly guilty looking book slam by shoving it far underneath her parchments and putting a hand to her chest, exhaling deeply.

"Oh my god!" she breathed, watching him smile down at her and feeling a decisive urge to pinch him in the arm. "George, is that you?"

"One and the same" pulling up a chair adjacent to her own corner he draped himself over it and propped his head on his arm, watching her. "I's surprised at you, this is not how our favourite Miss Granger should be acting… we could lose points"

Hermione blew out the air in her lungs with a derisive laugh. She was looking at his legs, entirely too long, if she stretched out there would be under the table footsie.

"I'm not skipping classes, I have a free period" she replied imperiously, sitting primly with her skirt tucked beneath her. She had always felt entirely comfortable fielding any one of the twin's remarks. He leant back sceptically, his hair an artful mess and as usual an air of mischief just hovering around him; she wondered where Fred was hiding.

"Sure Granger" he winked, fingers drumming the table.

"And what about you?" leaning forward, pointing a finger at him "Partner in crime missing as well as not in lessons… suspicious much?" George just grinned, somewhat charmingly, shaking his head as if she were the silliest thing.

"Oh Hermione, I could tell you but then you'd only ruin the secret." Intrigued but unwilling to rise to it she just raised her brows at him.

"So what occupies the time of our favourite know-it-all?" he asked changing the subject, his voice pleasantly conversational. Scowling a little Hermione thought of mentioning that was the second time someone had called her that this week and how she hated it… contemplated this but shrugged and answered.

"I was just finishing off this runes essay… and I was just starting to read this book for my next charms project and…" she saw him looking away as she spoke, angrily wondered to herself if she were boring him. A small part of her wondered if he thought her dull, in comparison to all the things she imagined he and Fred got up to her life must seem so boring. He wouldn't think her boring if he knew what she got up to some nights... last night for instance "… and there are the detentions with Snape I have this week so I don't really get much free time and.." that had done it. George was looking at her now with an extra amount of grin on his face.

"You've got detention with Snape?" he leant forward "When?" he sound positively delighted "How?"

"All this week" she said sourly, slightly very secretly proud for an odd reason. Everyone else she knew would have blanched at the thought but here was George, cracking a smile, so visibly enjoying the thought. "I was reading… ah, fiction in his lesson" George cackled a short laugh.

"Kidding? He gave you detention for that?" his voice was waning as he stared off wistfully, probably thinking of all the things he'd gotten detentions for that weren't reading a book.

"He actually screamed it at me he was so angry…" she enjoyed George's look of incredulity "when I left he threw the book at my head!"

"Really?" he leant back in his chair, almost spent with excitement "Wish I could have been there… sounds wicked" he looked back at her, his smile appreciative.
"Well it's looking better for you Granger… you're coming along"

"Thanks…tell that to the hands that have to wash out fifty cauldrons a night," she said sarcastically, her voice flat with distaste 'so help me god' she whispered fiercely as George laughed loudly.

"Getting along?" Fred eased up to them as if he'd been there all along; Hermione was smiling in pleasure, turned to Fred and greeted him.

"Granger's got detention with Snape" George said, wriggling happily. Fred looked from him to Hermione, at first shock and then that identical smile spread over his face.

"Really? Very nice!" he said, and a little proudly patted her shoulder "you're really coming along Granger" with a bemused smile Hermione wondered if she was some kind of rule breaking project for them. George looked up.

"Ready?" he asked, Fred nodded and he stood, looking at Hermione and pointing his thumb at his twin "Wait hours for him to choose what to wear" he said, exasperated.

"And yet perfection like this is worth it" Fred added, the two of them bidding a swift farewell and hurrying away.

Hermione was still smiling as she checked her watch, realised it was time to go and began packing away her things. That had been really nice, just to sit and chitchat. The Twins always made her feel at ease.

Stepping back from the flames, she pushed sideways, trying to keep the fire between them. The two half wolves inched around, wary of the flames, and wary of her knife, the light from her fire casting their bodies in bronze.
She cursed the witch that had fuddled her senses from knowing the full moon approached and of her two travel companions. If she had known they would turn into these… disturbindg creatures she had only heard about in tales and no less impressive for it. Their bodies twisted into the canine image of a wolf their retains the parts of all recognizable men and the rumours of the animalistic ways made fear and desire run both as plainly in her veins. She knew they sensed it.

Crawling on the floor they approached her, their hard, well-muscled shoulders shone and flexed and made her mouth water. Their beast magic emanated their intent like waves upon a shore and her legs and hands trembled from trepidation and her own stirrings.

Had they not flirted with her so outrageously on their journeying maybe she would not be in this situation, but she found that as they closed on her, the fur on their skin giving way softly to her tentative touch as their hands divested her of her knife, her dress, and all her apprehension. Cursing Eda and thanking El she allowed for the twin pleasure of Will and Oliver to claim her.

Shock trilled up her spine and she froze where she was as the passage came back to her. A little of last night's reading coming to haunt her on a wisp as she slowly put books away. Closing her eyes taking a breath, fixing her face with a smile that her entire body wished to turn into a secretive grin she tried not to think about what she had just been thinking about.


She flushed all over and lifted up 'Magical Pleasures' she breathed out another fresh wave of panic, to think she had been so silly as to read it in the common room.
It was damaging her studies, it might soon be damaging her friendships, but without it she wouldn't have been in such a conversation.
She was losing her edge.


She placed the roll of completed essay parchment onto the desk like a trophy.

It was every bit as gratifying as she'd known it would be. However, Professor Bathsheba was unpleasantly ambivalent towards it and hardly looked up, but it made Hermione happy and that was what mattered.
As she sat down, the roll of parchment disappearing into the Professor's drawer, she couldn't help but take a sigh of relief. That was one less thing to worry about.

Not that the rest of the class was anything better than a massive headache. An entirely new language with the added benefit that no one spoke it and no one was really 100% on what the particular runes all meant when put together.
But she survived. Only two more lessons until Lunch and after spending some time with Harry and Ron she thought she'd give her History of Magic essay a starting chance.

A good plan, that was until she found out Harry had blown himself up in their last class and had gone to the hospital wing. She sat with him and Ron all through lunch, eating the supplies Ron had filched from the great hall.
It was nice, actually, she couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a nice, relaxing lunch. Finishing that essay had given her so much time and she leant back and made her way through an entire pack of Bertie Bott's, listening to Ron's stupid jokes.

"You can't honestly make me believe that it was a fiery paper aeroplane that did this to you Harry!" after the third time Hermione was beginning to get tired of the phrase. Harry, singed eyebrows and perfectly undamaged ruddy black hair just shrugged. His face was covered in green healing salve.

"I'm telling you, it was smoking and you know what Trelawney's like, one wrong scent and she's crazy… I just thought I'd hide it underneath a drape… but that caught on fire and then boom" and here he held up his hands, eyes wide in post trauma "Right in the face" he finished quickly. Hermione leant back.

"Congratulations Mr Fire-Safety though" Ron said, dodging Harry's flailing arm.

"We all agree that Harry is a massive blockhead"

"Urgh… Hermione, no one says blockhead anymore," Harry moaned good naturedly.

"That's because people don't usually try to stop fire with flammable materials!" she sniped, feeling satisfied with herself. "Anyway… where did it come from?"

"No idea" Harry replied.

"Sounds like a Fred to me" Ron added, reaching forward and grabbing a handful of grapes.

"You think they're sending letter bombs?" but as she asked it, she realised the twin's good mood earlier couldn't have been for nothing.

"Maybe they're going to set more fireworks?"

"But they wouldn't have wanted to hurt anyone… least of all Harry" That would start to be concerning if it were true.

"Could have been a secret message with the self- destruct gone off too soon" The excitement in Harry's voice even as he coughed up a mouthful of soot was pretty funny.

"Only in bond movies…" Hermione answered, handing him some water.

"What movies?"

"Ron, we really need to get you staying in the real world for a summer" Harry laughed, drank some water, coughed and that's where they left it.
Hermione and Ron chatted all the way back to the third floor where they were going to get a shortcut to Transfiguration. Harry was to remain in the Hospital wing but he promised to sneak out and meet them for dinner so they were in high spirits, discussing the possibilities of Fred and George being the letter bombers.

It turned out that a lot of the school had been discussing the same thing; it wasn't just Harry's class that had received a fiery paper plane apparently and as they rolled up infront of the class, a group or three of loudly chattering students loitering outside Ron stopped by Parvati and asked what was going on.

"McGonagall's got them in there with Snape, just now they were shouting and I think Snape might have called them imbeciles… it was great!" she was excited, had obviously been gossiping and trading stories. Ron looked at Hermione and lifted his shoulders. Patiently Hermione looked again at Parvati, lavender close by.

"Was it because of those letter bombs?"

"It was some sort of prank gone wrong we think"

"The entire school is on about it and I think they've been in there for a while."

"But what about Transfiguration? The Hufflepuffs will be here soon!" Hermione said worrying that her scheduling was going to be off kilter. Sets of eyes blankly looked at her and she tutted, feeling irritated, having forgotten that no one but her was at all interested in school.
As if going to a school for witches and wizards didn't make you want to learn as much as you could?

After a long while that was only really ten minutes or so Snape opened the door of the classroom to the expectant faces of all those present. His eyes landed immediately on Ron and Hermione and a sneer that was both unhappy at seeing them and angry that they were alive and standing right by the door crossed his face before he moved forward, pushing past the students with a heavy swirl of black cloak.

"It wasn't in one of his classes, was it?" Ron's question was levelled with a deep fear that maybe his brothers were actually about to get into some real trouble.

"If it was then I'll be seeing a lot more of them" Hermione mentioned, her brain void of any errant fiction, genuinely wondering if that mean more cauldrons to clean or less.

Peering into the class room they saw McGonagall talking sternly to the very not sorry sixth formers "I would say I expected more from you, but I know harming a student was not a part of whatever fools plan you concocted so take Professor Snaps punishment as justly due" and more besides until eventually they were sent very much chagrined from the classroom to a sea of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff bystanders alike.

Seeing Ron and Hermione they walked over, waving and greeting like celebrities.

"No Harry?" George asked with a grin, Hermione soured him a look and the other, a pinch of gunpowder smudge on his cheek turned to her.

"Be seeing you in detention tonight, Granger" Fred with a small salute.

"What have you been getting into?" she asked them not wasting her exasperation as they continued past, just grinning at her "Was it the letter bombs?" Ron asked excitedly, the Twins reacted with hurt and honesty, but with more smile that was needed.

"We're innocent" "I don't know what you mean!"

"More trouble than you're worth" Hermione called, as Professor McGonagall began ushering them into the classroom. With a urn the Twins both laughed at her "never" they shouted back and Hermione went through the next class with a smile she never even noticed.

End Part 6

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