Enjoy this is definitely a work in progress. Thanks to all who read :) I don't know everything about the Claymore...actually I've only watched the anime so timeline help is welcome.

Of course, nothing in the day could go right for the lonely Claymore. Wearily she stabbed her sword into the cold ground and leaned against it. She couldn't seem to catch her breath today. Yomas swarmed at her dainty form as she departed from the last town. She rushed forward bravely, but all the energy she expended on them weakened her. About five groups of six had laid waiting in the depths of the forest. Unfortunately she encountered each; unfortunately for them she slaughtered all of them. A waste of time in her opinioin. Clare had grown so much since her days in the organization. She could feel the improvement with each yoma slain. She refrained from using much yoki. She couldn't allow her yoki to alert anyone to her position. She couldn't be captured because of dim yomas. She probably should have turned back toward town to avoid more tiny armies, but she kept going. She despised staying in one place long.

Still her luck only continued to drain the further she trailed into the trees. She sensed something coming...something stronger. Every muscle in her body tensed. She almost wanted to hide, but she yanked her sword up. She didn't enjoy the fighting...it was survival and defense. Also her mind just wasn't up for another tustle. She felt drained completely by the time the monster appeared before her. It was only a weak Awakened Being, but still she should have remained alert. She frowned at the still human-looking girl. The monster didn't look menacing. Clare waited for it to attack. She waited...until angry impatience rippled through her body. She rammed forward with her sword thrust in front like a lance. Her eyes blurred from the brash move. She didn't even see when the tiny shapeshifter ducked down in a new form and chomped on her foot. Sharp pain surged up Clare's leg. She looked down, and without hesitation diced the being's head into chunks. Her breathing heaved in shallow amounts. She resisted the urge to use her yoki to heal. Releasing the yoki to use the quicksword would be enough to gather attention, she didn't need more by healing. Not feeling victorious, but obviously alive...Clare sat on the cold ground and watched the sun hide behind the darkening clouds, careful not to move her damaged foot.

Her thoughts tunred dark as the sky turned dreary. She sighed. She wondered quietly if Teresa would approve of her. She wondered what she should live for since she failed to kill Pricilla. She wanted die, but she didn't feel suicidal...just hopeless. She had abandoned the others due to this feeling. She wasn't very social in the first place, but regretted not having someone around to lift her up when she felt horrible...like today. Have you ever thought so much that you felt like you'd been talking for hours? Exhausted Clare dozed off. She didn't care if she was defenseless. Certainly she would still hear anyone approaching or at least sense them. She wasn't completely unguarded...right?

Deep, recovering sleep overtook Clare's still body. She hadn't expected it, but she needed the slumber. She hadn't been sleeping or eating any lately. She needed more than she allotted for herself. She wasn't concerned. When she felt good...strong, her only goal was to kill as many yoma as possible. Today though sleep trumped everything else. Her body woke with a jerk two hours later. Nervously she glanced around in the dark. She rotated her aching foot. The bone had healed though, so she could move with a slight limp instead of a orgre-ish drag. She froze when she noticed a dark silhouette sitting near her. A voice rose above the stark silence, "Well, Clare, did you expect to evade us forever?" Clare immediately knew who was speaking to her. She almost sighed with relief. Relief that it wasn't another Claymore. She didn't want to endure another fight just yet. She didn't respond, however. She didn't need to. Rubel continued without her input, "I've been watching you for a while Clare. You've grown stronger..." She could hear the smile in his voice. Abruptly he sturned stoic, "I have a mission for you." Clare stood when she heard this.

Defiantly she plucked the great sword from the frozen soil. She turned to leave, but Rubel didn't quit his spiel, "It's a mission made for you. The Organization had an idea. What if Teresa of the Faint Smile never died...never defied them even. If you kill the bandits before they ...take you, then, Teresa won't snap. Sounds do-able, correct?" Clare didn't move. In fact, she hardly thought. The very idea of doing that seemed impossible - like a dream. She didn't care what happened to her if Teresa could live. Clare repressed her smiling lips. She turned her head sideways and asked unenthused, "Is it possible, Rubel?" He simply chuckled, taking her question as a yes. He knew she would help him even if she realized this could ruin her revenge plot...her life even. He chuckled again before taking a tiny device from his pants pocket.

"Here...don't ask how or why, but this will take you where you need be," he spoke placidly, but his explanation lured Clare toward him. She reached out with amazement on her face. Such a tiny box. She wondered who could make something so powerful to surpass the restraints of time. She didn't even worry about whether this would kill her. It could be a trap... She didn't care today though. "Focus on where/when you want to go while holding it." Clare nodded dutifully. She could do that...she would do that! She squeezed her eyes closed in anticipation. A swoosh overwhelmed her ears, and soon she lost consciousness.