Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it's breaking

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness.

-Smile (Charlie Chaplin)

AN- Disclaimer- I own nothing… sadly enjoy!


-Rachel POV-

I hate this day. With a passion. Ever since I can remember, I have always hated this day. I would rather not be on Broadway than suffer through this day every year… Well, actually. I take that back… I think… Yes. Yes I do. I hate Mothers Day with a passion. Because I don't have one. I don't have a Mom, I mean. I don't even know if she's still alive. For all I know, she could be dead. I don't know how old she is, if she's pretty or ugly, Fat or skinny, or even if she's married and has other kids… I wish I could meet her. Even if I could just see her for a minute, that's all I want. All I've ever wanted.

Besides for my friends, the Glee kids, every refers to me as "Rachel, the one who doesn't have a Mom" or "Rachel, Finn Hudson's Girlfriend" or "Rachel, the Broadway diva". But that's not true. I do have a Mom… I just don't know who she is yet…


-Quinn POV-

Today is Mother's day. To me, it's just really another normal day. My sister usually takes care of stuff. She gets Mom a present and says it's from the both of us. Walking to school with my Cheerleading outfit on and backpack slung over my shoulder, I look at my phone and see a text message from Rachel:

"Tell ur Mom I said Happy Mother's Day"

Oh, shit! I always forget that Rachel is always extra-extra sensitive and private than usual on this day. I know why. She's only told us Glee kids, and it's not what everyone thinks it is. I mean, it's so obvious that she is upset because she doesn't have a Mom, or knows who she is for that matter, but that's not the real reason as to why she is so upset every year on mother's day. Granted, that is part of the reason, but it's not all of it. The real reason is that on her 10th birthday, Rachel got a letter in the Mail from her Mom. The entire letter said to wait for Mother's Day. In exact words it said: "Wait for Mother's Day". That's all. No "I love you" or anything like that, but it was enough for Rachel. So every Mother's Day she waits for something to happen. I responded to the text saying:

"kk. Will do. Hope ur ok"


-Shelby POV-

I saw her. Finally, after all those years, I saw her. She was walking to school. She was so beautiful. She looks exactly like a mini-me. I don't think she saw me. Even if she did, how would she know that this random lady on the street was her Mom? The chances of that are one in a million. But that's the problem. My Rachel is one in a million.


-Will POV-

"That's her". I said to a teary Shelby. "I know. Thank you, Will". "For what?" I asked. "For this, for showing me my daughter." I turned around to look at her. There were fast tears falling from her face onto the hard sidewalk beneath us. "Thank you Will." She said turning around to look at me. "You're welcome" I replied "That's what friends are for, right?" "No, Will", she said turning to me "I want to be more than friends." I was speechless. This was the moment I had been waiting for! Then, all of a sudden her phone rang. The familiar tunes of Defying Gravity rose up to our ears from her phone. It sounded familiar. The song being a ringtone, I mean. I tried to remember where I heard it. I couldn't. "Hello?" Shelby said into the phone. "Damn." She said looking up "I have to go. One of my students has strep throat." "Goodbye, Will" She said kissing me on the cheek. "Goodbye Shelbs." I said using the nickname I have for her. "Will," she said sternly "Just because we're dating doesn't give you the right to call me that! I have a rep to maintain!" She said walking to her car. I started my walk into the school. Boy, I love that woman, I thought to myself. Then it hit me. I remembered where I heard Defying Gravity before. It was Rachel's ringtone. Like Mother like Daughter.


-Rachel POV-

This day just keeps on getting weirder and weirder. First this morning, when I woke up, my Dads made me my favorite breakfast, Hash Browns and Toast and Jelly. And they NEVER make that for me! Just on my birthday! I didn't even realize it was Mothers Day until I got that text from Quinn! Well, I would have found out sooner or later. Anyways, the weirdest part was when I was putting my new iPhone away after looking at Quinn's text, I had to turn around to try and open up my backpack zipper and when I turned back, I could have sworn I saw a woman looking at me. Oh, well. I thought to myself. She must have noticed me from one of my various concerts. I was going to go up to her to say hello, but then I looked at my watch and realized I really must be going to reach school before anyone else in order to preserve my hair and clothes from slushy facials since I forgot to bring an extra pair of clothes. So I didn't go and talk to her but she continued looking at me. The weirdest thing was, when I took out my mirror to look at my hair, I could just barely see the woman in the background. She kinda looked like me though. I mean, her hair color was the same as mine and so was her skin tone. I got a bit freaked out so I started walking back towards school.

As soon as I was about to step into school, I heard my ringtone, Defying Gravity. I put my backpack down on the floor in order to take my phone out, but my phone wasn't ringing, yet I still heard the song. "That's weird" I thought to myself. "No one else even knows this song." The students of WMHS sans Glee club, of course, are very musically disabled. I turned around to see if it was someone behind me and all I saw was a very giddy Mr. Schue talking to a woman who I swore was the same one who was just staring at me. My mind is probably just playing tricks on me though. I was up late last night thinking about my letter from my Mom.


-Will POV-

Can u do me a favor? 3- xo S

I looked at the message from Shelby on my phone screen.

Of course Shelbs: p xo


So, what is it?

U know the tape I gave u last night?

Ya, why?

Give it to Rachel

Wow, I defiantly didn't see that coming! The tape she gave me last night was just a recording of her singing I Dreamed a Dream… but I guess, I mean, what harm can it do?

Sure babe. I'll give it to her during Glee, nxt period.

K thx luv u

U 2

Wow… Am I lucky or what?