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"You ready, Rach?" Will asked, glancing around the hospital room one last time.

"Yeah." Rachel, too, swept her eyes around the room - it had been a long couple of weeks for her - what with her fathers dying and then finding her mother (who was pregnant with her Glee club director's kid) and then getting beat up so badly that she needed to go to the hospital - which she was now getting out of, thank god.

"Rachieee!" Quinn's voice rang out from the end of the hall, eliciting a laugh form both Rachel and Will. Finally Quinn burst into the room, out of breath, a beautiful dress and tux in her hands. "I thought I might've missed you guys!" She exclaimed.

"Where else would we be, Quinnie?" Rachel teased her best friend while carefully taking the dress out of her grasp.

"Quinn, it's beautiful." Rachel said, her breath getting caught in her throat at the prospect of wearing this. It was a beautiful one-strapped gold dress that was tight on the top, but loosened up as it fell above her knees. "It's the right size, right?" Quinn rolled her eyes and laughed before responding.

"Of course it is, you know I'm the best!" It turned out that Quinn had a real knack for designing and stitching dresses - something that everyone found out when she came to the hospital with a new dress for Rachel to go over all of those bandages which were now thankfully gone.

"Alright, I'm gonna go," Will said, taking his Tux from Quinn and giving Rachel a kiss on the cheek and walking out. "See you guys in an hour?" He asked, pausing in the doorway.

"We wouldn't miss it for the world." Rachel said with a smile. Will left and the girls quickly changed before heading over to the hair salon to get all 'glammed-up' as Santana would say.

"Hey, Rach!" The firey Latina said, waving to the girls as they walked into the parlor.

"Lookin good, Lopez." Quinn said, quickly taking a picture of her hair in the foam rollers. Santana just rolled her eyes.

"Just wait until it's your turn, Fabray." She mumbled, turning her attention back to her girlfriend who was reading a magazine. The girls spent an hour at the salon before heading over to the park where the wedding would take place. They got there just in time to see Will walk up the aisle. The girls snapped a couple of photos before heading into the rooms set up for the bridal party.

"Mom," Rachel gasped, tearing up for the second time that day while looking at her Mom in the wedding dress. "You look stunning!"

"Thank you, baby," the older Corcoran said, pulling her oldest daughter closer. "I wasn't sure if I'd be showing yet, but I'm glad I'm not."

"Is that normal?" Mercedes asked, her head tilted sideways.

"Yup." Shelby said, tucking a stray piece of Rachel's hair behind her ear. "I was like this with Rachel, too. I didn't really start showing until halfway though my last trimester. She was my little midget." Shelby affectionately tapped Rachel's nose before turning around to put her veil on.

"Told ya you were always a midget." Sanata joked, pulling Racehl into a hug. All too soon, the music started, signaling the bridal party to line up. The glee girls lined up with their respective others followed by Sue and Coach Bieste - who was Will's Maid of Honor and then Rachel - Shelby's 'Star of Honor - and Noah. Before walking out Rachel turned back to her mom one last time.

"I love you, Mommy." She said, pressing a chaste kiss to her mother's cheek.

"I love you, too, Star." She said, already tearing up. "This card is for you, okay. Look at it after." Rachel quickly dried both of their tears and nodded before turning around and giving her boyfriend a kiss then taking his elbow and walking out together. Once at the end of the aisle, they both went their separate ways and then turned back to see Shelby make her grand entrance. There was not a single dry eye in the room as Shelby walked down the aisle, her eyes transfixed on Will, both of their orbs never breaking contact. Finally, she reached the chuppah - Rachel and Shelby were both Jewish, after all - and took Will's hand.

Finally, after a very long service, the Rabbi there handed Will the glass, and within two seconds, the area erupted in cheers of "Mazel Tov!" The crowd clapped and Rachel ran over to her new family, tears streaming down everyone's cheeks.

"Congratulations!" She whispered in both their ears, none of them letting go of anyone. "I love Yeon guys so much, thank you for everything!" The family laughed and then hugged some more as the rest of their guests made their way over to the reception.

"Shelby!" A voice called out, breaking the family's little bubble.

"April!" Shelby exclaimed, running over to her best friend. Apparently, the two had starred in Wicked together, something that no one knew until a couple of days ago. As the two walked happily away, Will pulled Rachel into another big hug.

"I'm so proud of you, Rach. I love you so much!" Rachel chuckled a little; it wasn't often that she got to see the man get emotional.

"I love you too," she said, resting her head on his shoulder before softly saying, "Daddy." Will pulled back a little, looking for her nod of affirmation before crying some more and pulling her closer, showering her head with kisses.

After a while, everyone was enjoying themselves at the reception when Shelby came up to Rachel. "Hey, Rach," she said, pulling the girl closer to her. "I love you, star." She emotionally said. Rachel buried her face in her mothers neck too.

"Good day?" Will asked, pulling his wife and daughter into his arms.

"The best." Rachel said, glancing up at her family and then down to the card that her mother had given her earlier. It was second part of the card she had received all these years ago: This is forever.

Yes it is.

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