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Their story begins where life as they knew it ended...


A little blue eyed girl spun around, clutching something tightly to her chest, and looked in the direction her name was called. A beautiful raven-haired young woman came towards Rose, then knelt in front of her so they were eye-level.

"You had me worried for a minute there," Tasha sighed, relieved to have found her niece before she got hurt. "What are doing out here, Rose?"

"Auntie Tasha! Look at this," Rose exclaimed, revealing what was in her clasped hands. It was a fully bloomed, deep blue rose. Rose's mother, Moira loved the flower so she had gardens full of different types and colors. Tasha had never seen this particular version of the flower before; blue roses couldn't be made naturally, but it was Rose's favorite color and she had asked her mother repeatedly for this rose. They must have found a way, Tasha mused silently, leading Rose back towards the warm house. Everyone in the family went through great lengths to spoil the small girl.

As soon as they crossed the threshold, Rose immediately went in search of her older brother, Christian.

Tasha felt more at ease now that they were safely back in her brother's house. Call it woman's intuition, but she had a feeling that something was wrong tonight. She couldn't figure out what it was though, so she was being extra cautious. Tasha didn't want to let the kids out of her sight until the bad feeling past.

She belatedly followed the sound of Rose's footsteps until she found both of them, sitting in front of the fireplace in the living room. Rose was excitedly showing Christian her new treasure when she walked in. Both look up at her, she was always struck with how similar they were; same deep black hair, milky white skin, and winter blue eyes. They even had the same smile which, just now, was in full force. They really were adorable kids, sometimes she wanted to just take them home with her and keep them. She smiled softly and joined them on the rug, together they marveled over Rose's unique find.

Hours had past when there was a knock at the door. She looked at the clock across the room. It would be dawn in a few hours, why would someone be knocking at the door at this time? The family's guardians would have just come in if they really needed to talk to her. She looked back to her niece and nephew. Rose was already fast asleep, leaning heavily against her brother and clutching the blue rose in her tiny right fist. Christian was barely awake, stoking his sister's hair soothingly, eyes drooping drowsily, but he snapped into alertness at the knock. He probably thought it was his Mom and Dad, but Lucas and Moira had said they wouldn't be home until a few days from now.

Tasha exited the living room and headed down the hall until she reached the front door. The bad feeling she had felt all day suddenly spiked and she was suddenly sure whatever was on the other side of the door was the cause. Dread and fear filled her so completely that it made her nauseous. It couldn't be anything dangerous though, right? The guardians would have taken care of it, it was what they were there for. The terror kept her from believing her own logic, but she reach a trembling hand to open the door, anyway. Once the door was halfway open she could see who was on her brother's doorstep.

Relief flowed through her as recognized the features of her brother and his wife. The relief, however, was quickly replaced by horror as she fully took in their appearance. Skin too pale for even a Moroi, blood smeared mouths, red ringed eyes, and the cold, cruel expressions on their faces. Strigoi.

"Hello, sister," Lucas smiled, maliciously. "Aren't you going to invited us in?"

Tasha paled and quickly slammed the door shut. She fumbled with the locks on the door, hoping it would at least slow them down, if not hold them. She leaned against the door trying and failing to steady her legs. She heard an odd cracking sound and let a out a yelp when an arm broke through the door just to the left of her head. She moved forward shakily to avoid the reading appendage, but it had retracted. She slowly backed up, not wanting to turn her back to the things Lucas and Moira had become, but knowing she needed to protect Christian and Rose.

That thought hit her like a punch in the gut. Christian and Rose, who were so young and defenseless. She turned around and sprinted as hard as she could on her unsteady legs toward her niece and nephew. She entered the living room just as the screeching of metal tearing came from behind her, and she knew they were inside. While she had been gone Christian and Rose had moved to the corner of the room on the right side of the fireplace. She quickly went over to them and stood protectively in front of them.

Lucas and Moira entered the room soon after, all that could be heard was the small crackling of the flame in the fireplace. She was just thankful that neither Christian nor Rose went rushing over to their "parents," maybe they sensed something was wrong with them on some subconscious level.

"Tasha that was rude, locking us out of our own home," Moira's voice was the same sugary sweet tone she had when she was alive, but as a Strigoi had an edge of ice in it. "We even came home early, just to see our children."

"No," Tasha's voice sounded strangled even to her own ears. "I won't let you take them." She knew she couldn't hold them off for long by herself. Where were the guardians? Surely they had heard the racket by now.

"You could join us as well, Tasha, then we'll all be a family, again," Lucas said, smiling persuasively.

"Do you really think that's tempting? I'm not eating innocents people for immortality," Tasha replied. The fake-pleasant smiles fell off of Moira and Lucas's faces. "That's why you did it, right? So you could live forever?"

"The reasoning doesn't matter now. What's done is done," Lucas said, coldly. They weren't pretending to be normal anymore. "What you are doing is foolish. You can hardly hold us off, Tasha. We already killed the guardians, before even alerting you of our presence, there's no one to help you."

That's why she hadn't seen the guardians all night, even when going outside to retrieve Rose, they'd already been dead. She felt a chill slide down her back. "Then I will fight until my last breath."

"Good," Moira smiled widely, flashing her fangs. "It's more fun this way."

Lucas sighed, slightly disappointed. "We'll have to make it fast, one of the guardians got to call for back-up before I killed him."

They moved so fast she could barely see their movements, but she knew what their goal was: to take Rose and Christian. She just have to keep them safe until the guardians came and everything would be okay, even if she died in the process.

The fight was a blur. All she was aware of was kicking and hitting and using her fire magic, anything she could to keep them away from their targets. Even though she was trying her best, she could feel the pain screaming through her body with each blow they landed on her. She could hear them hissing whenever her flame came to close to them for comfort. She remembered screaming when something dug into her cheek, when the white-hot pain licked through her nerves and the blood gushed down her face.

She didn't know how long it was before the other guardians arrived. It felt like hours to her abused body, but was probably really minutes. They killed the Strigoi so fast, so easily. She felt so helpless. She'd almost died, Rose and Christian had almost been taken. She looked over at her nephew and niece. Christian was sitting in front of Rose and holding her to him protectively. His face was oddly blank as he looked at his parent's dead profiles. Rose was crying silently and crushing the rose that was still in her hand. Both of them had had unmasked fear in their eyes. Tasha sank down to her knees in front of them and clutched them to her as hard as she could. Tears and drops of blood for her cheek stained Rose's semi-crushed blue flower. She knew things would never be the same again as she held her newly orphaned niece and nephew.

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