This takes place at the beginning of season five, therefore meaning that whatever takes place during seasons five, six and seven don't happen -obviously!

Disclaimer: I do not own greys anatomy, if I did I wouldn't be calling this a fanfiction

A life for a life

By Rosa241

Alex POV

God, I've never felt so crappy in my life. Man...maybe Bambi was right, I definitely shouldn't have gone out last night. Okay, I did not just think that! Jesus I wish Bailey would shut up right now...maybe I should just go, I know there's something wrong with me...not even I'm that stupid! Why is it so hot in here! God, I feel like I'm going to explode right now, oh Bailey just shut up!

Christina POV

Hell another damned speech from freaking Bailey, when will she get it, we're not stupid. We're doctors not children – okay maybe Alex can be a little childish at times, okay maybe all the time – but the rest of us are definitely capable of figuring this out on our own!

George POV

Wow, geez I hope someone can shut her up soon, she's been talking forever. I know Christina isn't going take this much longer, neither will Sloan – God knows they're not exactly the most patient of people. I don't even understand half of what she's saying, not that I can tell the girls – they'll probably just laugh at me – maybe I can ask Alex...

My gaze shifts to the older man stood by my side. I immediately note the sweat glistening off his forehead and running down his face. Why's he sweating so much? It's not even hot in here...I wonder if he's sick, wonder if I should ask him – not that he'd tell me if he was...probably wouldn't tell anyone...wait is Bailey still talking?

Bailey POV

"Alright?" I know most of them have already zoned out, I can tell ones who stopped listening again...low and behold they're mine. Grey's eyes are set firmly on Sheppard, the woman is obsessed! Yang looks like she could kill someone – no change there then – Stevens is listening, that damn smile firmly in place. O'malley's head is clearly somewhere else, it takes me less than a second to see where his attention is and only a second longer to see why.

"Karev?" My former interns eyes snap round to meet mine. "You okay? You er...don't look so good!"

"M'fine..." He mumbles – stubborn oaf – typical man, wouldn't admit to being sick if he got gunned down. My thoughts are interrupted as I note the sudden change in Karev's skin, he's gone pale in an instant and his breathing has increased – oh damn!

General POV

"Alright?" Most head's snap round and nod, despite the fact that only a few of them are still listening by now. No one notices the struggling Alex Karev as they depart, no one notices the concerned look on Bailey's face, no one notices O'Malley shaking his 'friend' to grab his attention.

"Karev? Don't give me that I'm fine 'crap' cause I can see you're not. Now stop being so damn stubborn and..." Her words trail off as her target claps his hand to his mouth in an attempt to hold back the vomit, unfortunately he fails miserably.

Doubling over Alex barely avoids O'Malley's shoes as he pukes over the floor in front of him. He can hear the disgusted comments from the girls – well Izzy and Meredith – Christina merely snorts her frustrations. A warm hand finds its way to his back and rubs comforting circles, ordinarily he'd kill the person who dared to do that but right now he can't help but feel ever so slightly thankful. He knows its O'Malley, he can tell. Another wave of nausea hits him like a freight train and despite his attempts he can't help but puke miserably once again.

"Crap! What did you eat?" Yang's voice grates straight through him.

"Shut up..." Alex mutters, still bent over, hands clutching his now aching stomach. A third wave of bile rises before Bailey seems to come back to her senses.

"Alright, Karev, go home. Now."Not needing to be told twice he heads towards the locker room mumbling something about stupid hangovers. "Now, the rest of ya'll get to work, and get someone to clean that up."

With that her formers interns – minus one – disperse and head over to start their morning rounds, except for O'Malley who can't seem to tear his eyes away from the locker room door. After a few seconds he finally heads off, knowing he has no choice but to carry on with his day.

Yeah! Had this in my head for a while now, thought I'd get it down on paper.

Alex: Okay, so what's wrong with me?

Not telling you!

Alex: So there is something wrong with me?

You just puked over the hospital floor, was that not obvious?

Alex: So what's wrong with me?

We're going round in and maybe he'll stop bothering me!