A/N: We got the idea of the Huffengamot from _'s story about Hufflepuff House, called "One House to Rule Them All". We don't own that idea or the Harry Potter books.


"Look at this." Hermione slapped a worn notebook on the kitchen table of 12 Grimmauld Place.

"Ah, come on, Hermione," said Ron. "If we wanted to study we would have gone back to take our NEWTs."

"I think you'll be interested in this," insisted Hermione. As Harry warily eased the notebook open, she explained. "I was in the library this morning before I left for Easter holidays—" she ignored Ron's eyeroll "—and someone dropped this. I opened the cover to see whose it was, so I could return it, and – well, you'll see."

Harry worked to decipher the loopy cursive on the inside cover. "Property of the Huffengamot, for instruction of first years." He looked up. "What's a Huffengamot?"

"I don't know. I asked a couple nearby third years if they knew, but they just glared at me like I'd insulted them and walked back to the Hufflepuff common room," said Hermione. "Read the next page!"

Harry flipped to the next page and began to read, Ron looking over his shoulder. After a few minutes and several more pages, the boys tore their eyes from the notebook.

"It's like a textbook of all the greatest pranks in Hogwarts history!" said Ron hoarsely.

"Not all of Hogwarts history," corrected Hermione. "Look on the back cover – it only covers 1973 to 1977."

"I've always wondered how that trick step got there," said Ron, not listening.

"And all those broken armchairs in the Room of Hidden Things… they must have been practicing for that one on page five!" said Harry.

"Why couldn't you have found this in our third or fourth year, Hermione?" asked Ron, only half-joking. "We could've used these ideas!"

"What's strange, though, is that you can't turn the pages back after you read them. You can only go forward," said Hermione. "I kept trying, but eventually I just had to close the notebook and start over from the beginning."

Harry tried to flip backwards in the notebook and found that Hermione was right – it was impossible, as though the pages were fused together. A message appeared in the margins, scrawled in the same loopy cursive as that on the inside cover: "Re-reading is an unnecessary and disgustingly Ravenclaw-like habit. Learn to remember everything you read the first time. This will make it possible for you to destroy any paper trails that can be used against you."

There was a long silence as the Trio stared at the message.

"Well," Harry finally said. "That's a bit eerie."

"Probably written by a Slytherin who wanted to scare anyone who tried to read their diary," said Ron reassuringly, with a glance at Hermione's worried face.

She smiled weakly. "I didn't notice that when I read it. You're right, it's probably a joke." She still looked worried, though, as Harry and Ron began to read the list of pranks.


Meanwhile, in the bowels of Huffengamot headquarters

"What do you MEAN you lost the book?"


CGR: Me and Findthefourth wrote this during camp and we plan to start writing again now that A) Band is over, B) FtF has settled into her role of editor of school newspaper, C) paly is over, D) finials are over/new tri has started E) we have our piece for speech and debate mostly finished. So…yeah…lots of fun now. We plan to update all of our stories…of course everyone says that….