Entry One

We have been noticed by the Huffengamot for our pranks last year and have now been chosen to record all pranks and mayhem that follow to demonstrate our control over the school. It is a great honor to be among the few chosen to go on in history through these books. The Huffengamot has given us one last test before it is truly decided. We must not fail.

Our task is to show our control while remaining anonymous. After having one Sirius Black inform us during Potions that we look like we're covered in bees we have decided we will send out bees to sting all who mock us. The bees have been charmed to only be seen by those they sting. The Gryffindors will pay for laughing at Black's pathetic joke.


Our plan has succeeded. Who know Black could yelp that loud. It was music to our ears. Those being stung were given detention for disrupting the class, had points taken away, and were forced to do extra work.

The prank was approved by the Huffengamot and we will now officially go down in history in our house! We have been informed though if this book gets into the wrong hands or we are discovered as the pranksters we will be punished. That has happened with many in the past, and as the Huffengamot pointed out, could have happened today. They were discovered because they got greedy and were punished for their failures. It is highly likely we will end up the same way but for now we will rejoice in our accomplishments. We three, henceforth known as vigilantes, Order of Helga, third class, take great pride in having been chosen and will do everything in our power to surpass our predecessors.

Entry Twenty-Seven

Watched Black and his cohort James Potter humiliate that greasy Slytherin, Severus Snape, today. Done as revenge, this would not have bothered us, but Potter claimed that he was doing it not in retaliation for some wrong done to his person, but because Snape "exists". Obviously we could not stand for that, being fair-minded as well as devious, so we plan to charm Potter's clothes into smelling like a Muggle septic tank.


Our plan worked slightly better than we meant it to. Herbology class was cut short when Potter attempted to reverse our charm and caught his shirt on fire, emitting a foul stench and causing several Hufflepuff's feet to be trodden on in the mad rush for the door. Although our House peers are slightly displeased with us for this reason, the Huffengamot was highly amused and has promoted us to Order of Helga, second class.

Entry Fifty-four

The Ravenclaw-Gryffindor match is in two days. The Ravenclaws are set to have the field to practice tomorrow but one of our first years overheard Potter and the other Gryffindor Quidditch team members plotting to take the field for themselves. We must not allow them a minute on it. We will continue to scheme.


Late last night we charmed all the brooms of the Gryffindor house to the ceiling of the Great Hall – all but the brooms of Potter and Black. The entire house got mad at them, assuming they had done it as a joke, and they quarreled well into the night while the Ravenclaws practiced on the field. At midnight the brooms fell from the ceiling and the Gryffindors finally went to sleep.


The Gryffindors came out to the field late and with many bags under their eye (Potter and Black had black eyes and several other bruises). They were uncoordinated and had failures throughout the entire Quidditch match. Ravenclaw won with Gryffindor scoring no points. We rejoiced greatly. If the Slytherins don't mess up this year Gryffindor will come in fourth place. No matter what we do, every year the Slytherins always find a way to mess up and come in last place.