So this is the first chapter in a series that I'm doing about Sam/Mercedes, focusing on a bunch of "firsts" they have. Please read and review :)

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Finn had finally convinced Sam to join New Directions and to be honest; he was pretty excited about it. He had always liked singing and playing guitar and it would be cool to be around people who love that kind of stuff too.

"Hey everybody, my name is Sam. Sam I am. And I don't like green eggs and ham."

He quickly surveyed the room to see who his new glee club members would be. He saw Mike (who he knew from football) cuddling with who he assumed was his girlfriend and then he smiled at Finn and Rachel. Out of the corner of his eyes he two people in the back row sitting close to each other and whispering to each other. His eyes were drawn to the girl (who had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen) and for a split second their eyes locked. He felt something, like an electrical current, run through him and he quickly tore his eyes away from her. Mr. Schuester went on to explain the assignment for the week as Sam took his seat.


"I can't believe that Puck is in juvie! How in the hell are we to win at Sectionals now?" thought Mercedes as Mr. Schuester delivered the bad news to the club. She was seated beside Kurt and smiled a little when he gave her a look as if to say "I'm not surprised".

Her attention was suddenly grabbed when a tall blond haired boy walked into the choir room. Mr. Schuester introduced him as Sam Evans, their new member and then Sam made some joke about Dr. Seuss or something. As she studied him, their eyes connected for a second and she realized how beautiful his eyes were. As quickly as it happened, it was over.

Kurt leaned over and said "He's on team gay".

"Of course he is.", thought Mercedes, with some disappointment, "Why wouldn't he be?"