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First Reminiscence


Sometimes Sam couldn't believe what a lucky guy he was; how many people could say that they got to marry their high school sweetheart and were currently living happily ever after.

Him and Mercedes had been married for five years now and had just had their first child together (a girl named Samantha). It was amazing that a jock like him could end up with a girl like her but there was no way he was pulling at that thread.

He thought back to the moment when he had first seen Mercedes and how he could feel inside him that there was something special about her. He remembered the feeling of butterflies when she smiled at him for the first time and how adorable she looked when she was embarrassed.

If someone had told him back in high school (before he had met Mercedes) that this was the woman he would fall crazy in love with and who he would spend the rest of his life with, he probably wouldn't have believed it.

Thinking about it now though, he couldn't imagine life without her and his little girl.


Mercedes had never thought she would be the girl to get an amazing guy like Sam for a husband and that she would have a gorgeous baby girl but here she was. If there's one thing that life has taught her, its' to always expect the unexpected and Sam was definitely unexpected.

She thought back to how sweet he had been in helping her with the bullies and the way his eyes had shined playfully when he had met her in the comic book store.

Of course like any couple, they had their share of disagreements and arguments but in the end their love was strong enough to overcome anything that life threw at them.

She still kept in contact with most of the people from glee club and Kurt always made it a point to say that he knew they would end up together. She would roll her eyes playfully and change the subject but deep down she knew he had been right all along.

Life was definitely unexpected and a rollercoaster but she wouldn't change it for the world; she was thankful that things didn't turn out the way she thought they would have. Sam was the best thing to ever happen to her and she couldn't wait to see what other unexpected things they would face together.