Moonlight Heist

Shinichi and Kaito were smirking to themselves. Switching languages every few minutes. Japanese, French, Chinese, and English. Which had the green haired Hakuba ticked.

Kaito had explained how Hakuba liked to point out he thought he was Kid. Shinichi agreed this was very annoying and thus was the one to dye his hair green.

Kaito pouted thinking blue was a better color. And sure enough not five minutes later the back of Hakuba's hair was dyed blue while the front was green.

Hakuba was giving them pointed glares after reading the heist notes in the paper.

Shinichi was indifferent to the glare having received enough from Ran and Haibara.

He knew he couldn't go back home.

Haibara was sure to be very angry with him and Ran. Well it would be better if he gave her time to cool down after that letter he sent explaining about Conan.

Actually it would be better to stay here and hide with his brother. Ran was sure to deck him and Haibara. Well she could do some things with needles and put things in his food that weren't necessarily stomach friendly.

So the father away from Beika he stayed the better. Shinichi blinked as he felt his phone vibrate. He looked at Kaito who was busy gluing different items to the back of Hakuba's shirt went he wasn't looking then at his phone. It was Hattori. Shinichi sighed in relief that it wasn't Ran or Haibara calling him.

"Hello." Shinichi said.

"Oi Kudou what the hell did you do?" Heiji yelled. Shinichi blinked. It sounded as if Kazuha was yelling in the back ground.

"I guess the best term for it would be 'Making a break for it'." Shinichi said sighing.

"Well Nee-chan just called me asking where yea are. Then she starts yelling my ear off for not telling her about Conan. Yea sure as hell made her angry." Heiji said.

"Heiji is that Kudou. Give me the phone so I can give him a piece of my mind." Shinichi heard Kazuha yell. There was a sound of a door slamming.

"Heiji, open the door right now!" Shinichi heard Kazuha yell.

"No you ahou." Heiji said back to her.

"Kudou start explaining before Kazuha breaks the door down." Heiji said to him.

"I put a letter explaining everything under Ran's pillow this morning before I stole the antidote from Haibara's lab table. Now I'm in Ekoda with my twin brother that I never knew I had." Shinichi said.

"Brother? You have a brother." Heiji said.

"Yes. You'd like him. Hakuba's in my new school and my brother dyed his hair blue." Shinichi said. He smiled when Heiji laughed.

" That's rich. Can you send me a picture. I'd love to have blackmail on that English prick." Heiji said.

Shinichi smiled and got a picture of Hakuba with half of his hair green with the other half blue. Different items like pencil and paper glued to his back in a smiley face. And sent it to Heiji who burst out laughing.

Then Shinichi heard a crash.

"Got to go Kudou. Kazuha broke down the door. I'll be sure to visit you and you brother." Heiji said before hanging up. Shinichi sighed and looked up. He jumped because Kaito was right in front of him.

"Who were you taking to?" Kaito said his head tipped to the side.

"My friend Heiji Hattori. At least it wasn't Ran" Shinichi shivered. Kaito nodded before going to flip his friend's skirt since he was bored sticking things to Hakuba. Shinichi watched his first mop battle with eyebrows raised.

He turned and jumped when he met a pair of red eyes.

"Akako Koizumi." The girl with red hair and eyes said.

"Shinichi Kuroba." Shinichi said.

" I know who you are. You're the shadow who pounced on the white thief at the clock tower. The one with the same aura of Kid. But your not Kid. Eh little Shadow. From a sparrow to a raven. From chasing the magpie to flying with it. Oh how the tables have turned. I look forward to seeing you again little ghost." Akako said before returning to her seat.

Shinichi shivered. That girl was weird. The bell rang and Kaito was the first out the door Aoko at his heels with a mop. Shinichi followed not wanting to be left behind with Hakuba or the weird girl Koizumi…

Ran was beyond angry. This morning she found 'Conan' missing and a note under pillow. She had called Hattori first thing. Then Kazuha. Now she was walking down to Professor Agasa's where she thought she could get some answers.

She pounded on the door.

"Professor Agasa open up. And if Shinichi's in there he's in trouble." Ran said. The door opened to reveal Ai Haibara. Or as Ran knew now Shiho Mianyo.

"Where is he?" Ran asked glaring at the young woman. Ai glare right back.

"Your 'boyfriend' Kudou-kun isn't here. I haven't seen him. But when I do he is going to get it." Ai said darkly.

"What he do to you? He left me a note explaining everything about 'Conan' under my pillow this morning." Ran said. Ai regarded her with a slightly shocked expression.

"I created an antidote a few days ago. One that I am sure is complete. Kudou-kun stole it yesterday and disappeared off towards the Kid heist. I haven't seen him since." Ai said. Both woman looked at the shocked Agasa.

"Do you know where Shinichi is Agasa?" Ai asked her eyes glaring. Agasa laughed nervously.

"Um.. Ran-chan Ai-kun." Agasa said.

"Tell us where Kudou-kun went Agasa or I'll go get some things from the lab." Ai said. Ran just punched her hands together.

Agasa gulped.

"Shinichi's adopted." Agasa spit out. Both Ai and Ran blinked.

"Shinichi's adopted?" Ran asked. Agasa sighed.

"Yes, Yukiko adopted him when he was just a baby. He looks a lot like Yusaku that no one really questioned that he wasn't their son. I learned from Yukiko about Shinichi's real parents. Chikage and Toichi Kuroba. And his twin bother Kaito-kun. I'd seen them once coming to visit the Kudou's when Shinichi was very young. They live in Ekoda." Agasa said.

"You think Kudou-kun found this out and that's why he did this to us." Ai said.

"Yes I saw him with some test papers from the hospital. He looked really depressed when I saw him leave for the Kid heist. When I asked him where he as going. He said 'To my family'. I've never seen Shinichi so depressed before." Agasa said.

"Well since you know where the Kuroba's live you'll be driving us." Ai said. Agasa looked shocked before sighing and grabbing his keys…


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