Moonlight Heist

The wind touched the trees. A black car was parked on the side of an old road. Light shown in the car for a second as someone inside lit a cigerate.

The sound of a ring tone entered the air.

"Hello." The blonde man's eyes glinted with malice when he said this.

"Gin. The boss wants you to go to the next heist. Snake has failed for the last time." Vodka's husky voice said.

A smile cruel and cunning went across Gin's face.

"Understood." Gin said his voice laced with glee...

Vermouth Sighed as she road her bike downtown. It didn't have to be like this. Her silver bullets.

They were getting to close for to the end of the roads. She didn't like this. Her bike road to a stop at a normal looking apartment building. She took off her helmet. Kicked her kick stand and went inside.

The inside was normal. It was how you expected every home to be. She went to the room on the right. No windows. A dark room with a small lamp. She smiled at her board of pictures.

A messy haired boy and the neat haired one. The two girls. Then one to the side. The one she lost so long ago when this started. She had her father's features.

Vermouth's figures traced her daughter's face. If only this was over. She could see her little girl again. Vermouth headed away. Turning off the lamp.

It shinned of the purpleish hair of the small 3 year old girl in the picture. Her purple eyes glinning red in the light. A name almost invisble said Akako...

Shinichi was still angry. Kaito was never the same. Someone knew about him from an easy trick. He tried to hide it, but it was there just the same the small amount of darkness in his gaze.

Even the upcoming heist did nothing to bring a true smile to his face. Hakuba was glaring at them again. His gaze ever so slightly going towards Akako's seat. She wasn't here today.

Shinichi let his gaze settle on the paper and his and Kaito's heist note.

'When the wind does flow,

As the river howls,

The night is right when the moon glows.

Not full not complete,

Only half of which is here so sweet,

A gem of gems, a word of words,

With its shinning blueish gaze,

Oh so long ago,

Did this never escape a box,

So on a night so young,

Only after the sun is done.

With this shinning beauty,

Be ours and not yours.


Kaitou Kid and Yurei Shadow'

Shinichi wondered if this would be their chance. He hoped his brother would be himself soon...

Kaito knew he was worring his brother, but he couldn't help it. Someone knew. And he couldn't take that away from the evil little girl and Mouri-chan.

Then there was this odd feeling he was getting. It felt just like the time he found himself magicly at Akako's place.

Just because she wasn't here didn't mean something bad was going to happen. Okay maybe something really bad was going to happen.

Maybe xthe witch was up to something. Kaito hoped he and Shinichi would be safe from her spells...

Akako smiled into the gliming cauldron.

"Lucfer, master. Help me weave a spell. The hawk needs help catching the Dove and the Raven." Akako chanted.

A dark figure lifted out of the dark liquid.

It is done. On the night the Dove and Raven find that which they crave. The Hawk shall brust in. A Snake and a Knife will come in. The Snake killed. The Dove wounded and in chains. The Raven frozen at his enemy. The Knife will come down. Then you shall have all men as yours slaves. And free what was once yours...

"Wait Lucfer what happens to the Raven?" Akako yelled. Lucfer only smiled and atogue licking over his sharp teeth as he dissappeared.

"Wait. Tell me." Akako yelled. But lucfer was already gone. " The Knife will come down." Akako whispered.


In the movie Countdown to Heaven. A guy is killed with a silver knife in his hand. Conan/Shinichi says the knife could also be known as Jin. Gin. :)


KKS-Kaitou Kid San