All She Knows

He must have been watching for her, because the door opened as she reached the garden. Lamplight spilled out, illuminating the cobbled walk and Jesse strode out towards her. He swept her into his arms and murmured, "I missed you. You're late coming home today"

Quinn looked at him apprehensively and softly said," Coach Sylvester wanted us to go over our routine for Nationals. I'm sorry Jesse" She tensed, waiting for him to admonish her but relaxed when all he did was kiss her. "

"Just let me know next time. I'll pick you up when it's over. You know I worry about you.", as he continued raining kisses on her face. He carried Quinn into the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. His lips took passionate possession of hers and his hand cupped her chin, and keeping her mouth captive beneath his.

Not that it needed to be kept captive, Quinn was already addicted to Jesse's kisses, loving the way he dominated her with his mouth, and his tongue. She willingly complied to his hands urging her to take her clothes off. Her body was in tune to each and every touch of his. Before long, they were making love with passionate abandon. Quinn found Jesse mesmerizing. He dominated her in every way and yet she wanted more and more of him. Quinn had never wanted a man in such a way before; she had never allowed any man to have the upper hand.

Quinn had met Jesse during the summer after she gave birth to Beth. She had moved back in with her mother and during the holidays was working out to be ready for the Cheerios tryouts. Her plan was to regain her spot on the team and she needed to be in fighting condition. She had bumped into Jesse in the park and they had got talking, cautiously on her part, as she was still wary of him after his betrayal of the glee club. They met everyday after the initial meeting and Jesse not only coached her during her physical exercises but included vocal training for her. He insisted that she not only regain her Cheerios position but be a genuine contender for solos in Glee. He even insisted on a fashion makeover for her so that when she wasn't in her Cheerios uniform: he was that confident that she'd win her spot back: she'd be more stylish and sophisticated. He wasn't very fond of her preference for the sweet baby doll dresses, preferring her to be in dresses that were sexier. In fact, unknown to her, Jesse St James was molding Quinn in to the image of his perfect woman. Quinn was blessed to be born naturally gorgeous, so all Jesse did was "tweak" her to his liking and keep her emotionally dependant on him. With Quinn, she felt that Jesse understood her and she let her walls down.

None of her friends knew of her dependence on Jesse at that time, as Mercedes had gone to visit relatives in San Francisco for the whole summer and Kurt attended theater camp in New York. When Jesse had to leave for UCLA, the separation was surprisingly hard for Quinn. She didn't realize that she'd invested so much emotion in to her relationship with Jesse; she'd thought that they were just friends. The day he left was the first time they'd kissed. Jesse was an accomplished lover; and Quinn was left breathless by his kisses.

From then on, Jesse kept in touch with Quinn through daily phone calls. He'd make it a point to come back to Lima as often as he could to be with Quinn. Jesse was in love with Quinn but it was a selfish kind of love as he wanted her to be how he wanted her to be. And now he was back as a Co- musical director for the New Directions, fulfilling one of the requirements of his course to complete a six months internship. His parents were still in England, so he had the house to himself and now Quinn was living with him. Age wasn't an issue as the age of consent in Ohio is 16 and Quinn was now 17 and Jesse 18. Money also wasn't an issue as Jesse's parents made up for their long absences by providing him with all the money he could need.

Jesse didn't like not knowing what Quinn was doing. He was possessive of Quinn and he made her account for everything on her schedule. He would never hurt her physically but he chained her emotionally. Quinn always felt the need to please Jesse. It was as if her happiness depended on him being equally happy. She would avoid talking to boys because she didn't want Jesse to be jealous. Besides classes and Cheerios, they did everything else together. Quinn didn't have lunch with her friends alone anymore, Jesse'd always be there. She never went out with them if Jesse couldn't come. But Quinn excelled in her studies, was reinstated as Cheerios Captain and she was fighting for solos in Glee and getting them more often than not nowadays.

Quinn's friends were surprised to know of Quinn's relationship with Jesse. Rachel was quite vocal in her objections both in their relationship and also him acting as co-director.

"Are you trying to sabotage us again, Jesse?" Rachel seethed

"No, I decided to do my internship here because I want to be with the girl I love." Smiling at Quinn as he spoke

"You said the same thing to me" reminded Rachel

"Ahh...but now I'm not being pushed by my coach to be here or be in a pretend relationship. I have nothing to gain by New Directions losing. And there's so much more at stake for me now," Jesse said, shutting Rachel up

As a co-director, Jesse brought his experience and enthusiasm to the benefit of the New Directions. Their rehearsals became more focused and regimented and there was no doubt in anybody's mind that Nationals were definitely in their grasp. Everyone agreed that Jesse was proving to be a welcome addition to New Directions.

However, on the personal front, things were different.

"Kurt, I'm worried about Quinn. She's so controlled nowadays. Haven't you noticed that she hardly says a word to us when Jesse's around, definitely not to the other boys anyway," Mercedes said to her best friend.

"That's right; she doesn't even go out alone with us anymore. Its always one excuse or another about what she has to do with Jesse. He seems to be her Svengali" Kurt replied

"Svengali?" Mercedes asked

"Svengali is this character in du Maurier's novel, Trilby. I guess the common meaning would be a person who with evil intent manipulates another into doing what is desired. It is frequently used for any kind of coach who seems to exercise an extreme degree of domination over a performer, especially if the person is a young woman and the coach is an older man. "Kurt said reading from his Google search result

"That so sounds like Jesse. Well, maybe not evil but definitely dominates Quinn. I'm really worried about her, Kurt. We should say something to her."

Blaine too had noticed the marked change in Quinn's behaviour with the arrival of Jesse St James as the co director of Glee. Blaine was attracted to Quinn and initially thought that there might be a chance for him. But he instinctively felt that all wasn't right in that relationship. Though Quinn could never be called gregarious, she'd always been friendly with him, but now she didn't even make eye contact with any of the boys, even those in Glee. If she was paired with a boy during a routine, once it was over, she'd quickly sit again beside Jesse. He was strumming his guitar and singing the Bruno Mars song "All She Knows" as he felt the lyrics fit his thoughts of Quinn, he kept singing the parts that expressed his thoughts:

And I'm on the outside

Knowing that you're all I want

But I can't do anything

I'm so helpless baby

Everyday same old things

So used to feelin pain

Never had real love before

And it ain't her fault

She knows better but

She can't help it

Wanna tell her

But would that be selfish

How do you heal

A heart that can't feel, it's broken

His love is all she knows, all she knows, all she knows

His love is all she knows, all she knows, all she knows

You've been livin this way so long

You don't know the difference

And it's killing me

Cause you can have so much more

I'm the one you're looking for

But you close your eyes on me

So you still can't see

A.N: To any who have read my stories, you'd know by now that my heroine is always Quinn and I've tried different pairings for her. Time and time again I seem to go back to Jesse as there are so many different aspects of his character to play with and I still think he and Quinn look perfect together.

And then there's Sam.

I looooooove Sam and Quinn (I am a massive shipper of them) so that's why I try to limit my usage of Sam as there's always this tendency for me to give Sam his happy ending ;-) Anybody else has this problem when writing?