I loved you in the morning,

I loved you when it rained,

And even if you were frustrating

I loved you all the same.

Ron finished the poem in his head, images etched into his heart.

I love the way you laugh,

The way you smile, the way you sleep,

And when I had to see you with him,

It made me want to weep.

You do not look at me with the same eyes,

Nor say my names like that,

Even though I know I'll deserve it someday,

This will be tit for tat.

You had me at hello,

You have me at good-bye,

And when I compliment you, each time I do,

I do not have to lie.

You're beautiful, resplendent,

You glow like candlelight,

I'd hate to say this to your face,

But I'd want to be in armor, your knight!

Oh, my one and only-

If only you could see,

That when I look at you and him,

I only see you and me.

I hope you liked it. :) I rushed it, but still. I think it's sweet. Harry Potter is J.K. Rowling's, not mine.