Sylvester's Nephew

Disclaimer: Glee has Never Been Mine :-(

In this story, picture Sue Sylvester's nephew ( a cousin's son) looking and sounding like Justin Beiber, in fact he's called Justin B (JB) here. He's 16 and a sophomore with a massive crush on Quinn, 18, who's a senior. It's AU so Quinn never had Beth but she's still in Glee just because she loves performing.

Justin looked at the plaque on the door "Coach S. Sylvester" and promptly knocked on it, before poking his head in. "Hi Aunt Sue!"

"Hello there kiddo…I see you made it all right to school. Sorry I couldn't drive you in the first day. The Cheerios always start practice at 7 am and I'm here much earlier. "Coach Sylvester replied

"Its ok Aunt Sue. Its easier if I drive my own car, I'll be more mobile that way. So, these are all the trophies you've won then?" Justin walked around the room looking at the display cases. There were also photographs of the winning teams and he looked at last year's winners. All the cheerios looked hot but right on top of the pyramid was the most gorgeous real girl he'd ever seen. JB didn't count actresses, models and singers as "real" people. Just as he was about to ask his aunt who the girl was, there was a knock on the door and lo and behold, in walked the very vision.

"Q, make sure Anna and Lisa practice their back flips for an hour this afternoon. They were both very sloppy during practice" Aunt Sue spoke to the vision.

"Q?" That's an odd name…just an initial, thought JB, or is it "Que"? Whatever…she was still smoking hot! A veritable walking, living, breathing wet dream come to life. He couldn't stop staring at her. He wondered how it would feel like to touch her hair, whether it'd feel like silk…screw the hair, he wondered what it'd feel like to touch her creamy silky skin. He was beginning to like William McKinley High School. The cheer leaders skirts were micro minis with slits! The vision was beginning to notice his presence and she kept stealing glances in his direction, a slightly puzzled look on her face.

"Q, this is my nephew JB. He's new. Take him to Figgins and baby sit him today," Aunt Sue instructed Q. JB didn't even let the term "baby sit" offend him. Aunt Sue had just handed him the vision on a silver platter. JB guessed that the Cheerios must be used to taking instructions from Aunt Sue as the vision didn't even bat an eye, when Aunt Sue saddled her with him. "Thanks Aunt Sue" JB said wholeheartedly, "I'll see you later"

As they walked to the principal's office, the cheer leader leading the way, with JB walking slightly behind her, admiring the view of how the skirt swayed as she walked. "Shit! She's got such gorgeous legs..and that ass!" He was so busy admiring the view that he'd missed half of what Q'd been saying. "Ummm, sorry Q..I didn't hear you"

She turned around and gave a half smirk as she said, "Firstly, if you weren't staring at my ass, you wouldn't have missed anything I said. And secondly, it's Quinn.. And thirdly, I'm taking you to Principal Figgins office and I'll wait for you to get your schedule and show you your first class. "

JB nodded his head, still mesmerized by the way Q's mouth moved.

"Earth to JB, earth to JB" Q snapped her fingers in front of his eyes

" about lunch?" JB asked spontaneously

"Lunch? I'm sure you'll have made some friends by then," Quinn said, and then relented when she saw his puppy dog look, "Just for today. I'm a senior and you should be making friends among the sophomores"

Quinn stopped and looked at JB straight to the face, then tilted her head to the side while she chewed her bottom lip slowly, " You've got a lot going for you JB, you shouldn't worry about not being popular" The smile she gave him after that nearly caused JB to be rooted to the floor. Yup, things were definitely looking up at William McKinley High School.