Saks: Hello everybody! ^^ My name's Sakura or in short, Saks!

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Saks: Oh, come on, say something Nade-chan!

Nade: Shut up.

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Mikan: So…why are we here?

Saks: Oh, yeah! This is our very first story EVER! This is based on Harry Potter and Gakuen Alice!

Harry: I have a bad feeling…

Nade: …Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 was good…

Saks: Totally…*day dreams*

Nade: Here's the summary.

What would happen if Gakuen Alice and Hogwarts school of wizardry decided to allow a temporary student exchange program? But of course, Hogwarts cannot allow muggles, even if they have strange powers but…Gakuen Alice can accept wizards…if they have Alices…So follow Albus, James, Rose and the rest of the crew to Gakuen Alice where they will be enrolled for an entire month and see how they will learn to control their Alices!

Ron: Blimey…long summary…

Hermione: Well of course Ron! They can't just write it all down in one sentence!

Ron: …

Harry: *sighs* so it's gonna be our kids, not us?

Nade: Yes.

Albus: …I have a bad feeling…

James: This will be interesting…*smirks*

Albus: AH! THERE'S THAT SMIRK! RUN! *runs out*

Everybody: …

Saks: Well…Then let's start!

Mikan: Nade-chan and Saks-chan doesn't own Gakuen Alice or Harry Potter!

Nade: …Start already.


"Talking in English"

Thinking or 'Thinking'



"And so…we begin another year in Hogwarts." Everybody clapped at the Headmistresses words.

"But…things will also be a bit different…" Everybody then looked up, interested with what Professor McGonagall would be saying.

The mistress looked at the students with a small and not at all visible smile. She knew that what she would say would bring shock and very big interest to these children. And she knew that Albus Dumbledore would most likely do something outrageous as this, even if it means going against wizarding law. And thankfully, it wasn't.

"We will be sending some students to a muggle school."

Everybody stared at the professor in silence.



"Shut up James!"

Professor McGonagall turned her attention to the two brothers who in her eyes, were quite identical despite their age differences.

James Sirius Potter was the eldest of the two and quite the trouble maker. A boy who was a lot like his grandfather, his father's Godfather, and his uncles, one who had misfortunately died by the hands of either a Death Eater or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named himself. He looked much like his father…except for the eyes.

As for Albus Severus Potter, his name goes to both Headmasters before her. Though she still doesn't understand as too why the boy's father would name his son with Severus's name was a mystery to her yet. Especially since Snape was the one who had killed Albus. But all in all, he was a good child with the exception of getting into a bit of trouble once in a while due to a bit of his naïve nature and his older brother. And while he looked like his brother, his eyes were a different color; the same as his grandmother.

"Thank you Potter for your outburst," Professor McGonagall said, "But you have not yet heard the reasons as too why."

She wasn't fooled. The boy was interested.

After all, why on earth would a Magical school want to associate with a muggle school?

"One of the headmasters there, or as they would call them, 'principals', found out of our school but have asked to for students to study in theirs for a mere month."

"But this is not wise!" Professor Sprout cried. Many students quickly agreed, nodding their heads or crying out in protest as well.

"Actually…their school is very different from a normal muggle school." Professor McGonagall stated. "I have met with the headmasters there and they have powers that even we cannot do ourselves without the help of our wands or potions. They can do these abilities by themselves."

Everybody in the hall was silent.

What was the headmistress saying? This makes no sense.

What muggle school have powers similar to theirs…but have no use of wands?

"We have asked muggle-born parents to help us in this and so far, only two have agreed. They will meet with the chosen students there, along with their wife and husband. Now, off to bed for tomorrow, we shall be requesting students to go! Make up your mind by the end of this week! Good night!" She said before moving back and heading out of the Great Hall.

Meanwhile, two children were talking among themselves.

"She's mental! Why put wizards and witches in a muggle school?" Albus Severus Potter, a second year in Gryffindor asked bitterly.

Rose Weasley, another second year and in the same house as her cousin smiled. "But wouldn't it be fascinating? To learn about how muggles learn in their own schools…to see what they do during their weekends…to see what they do with their free time…what they have to study and how hard their courses are!" She cried.

Albus stared at her. "…Right…"

"Oh, mum said that something would be happening this year but I didn't give much thought into it. Oh, I never would've expected something as sudden as this!" Rose said happily as they got off the staircase as it left the lifting, moving to another.

Albus sighed. "Right…"

"That's it then!"

"Huh?" Albus turned to his cousin who beamed in confidence.

"I decided to work hard to go to that school!"

"What? B-But why?" Albus asked, shocked.

"Why else? Doesn't it sound fascinating?"

"No, not really…"

Rose glared at her cousin and huffed in annoyance. She looked away and blinked to see a boy with pale blonde hair moving past them. "Oh, Malfoy!"

The boy paused and looked back. "…Potter…Weasley…"

"Are you planning to enter for that school?"

Malfoy frowned and his eyes suddenly showed distaste. "No, why on earth would I? Going to a filthy place like that…"

Rose glowered at the boy. "What was that?"

"Muggles are not filthy!" Albus cried, siding with his cousin.

Malfoy scoffed. "Of course, half-bloods like you two would think that." He said, brushing past them.

Albus glared at the boy. "At least I didn't become a disappointment to my parents when I entered a house! How did your parents take it when they met you again in the summer about being in Gryffindor?"

"Albus!' Rose whispered harshly.

Malfoy turned to look at Albus bitterly, hate pouring out of his body. "At least I am not some slow, pathetic, half-blood wizard." He whispered coldly. "And my parents were fine. I was not a disappointment unlike you would've been if you ended up in Slytherin."

Albus clenched his fist.

Rose looked between the two and sighed in annoyance.

A bit further away, James saw his brother and Malfoy glaring daggers at each other and walked up to them.

"Having fun trying to kill each other?" He asked. Albus turned and shook his head.

"It's nothing James!"

"Really now?"

"Yes, really?"

"Are you sure?" James asked, a twitch curving his lips slightly which went unnoticed by Rose.

"Yes James!" Albus cried. Being a bit slow and naïve had its disadvantages which included not noticing his brothers intentions.

"Really, honestly sure?"


"You solemnly swear that you are-"

"YES I AM!" Albus burst out. He gave a last glare to his brother before stomping off to the Fat Lady.

James lips twitched before he burst out laughing.

"Was that really necessary?" Rose asked. James nodded.

"He seemed tense so I thought a bit of humor would ease everything."

"I don't think that would be counted as humor…What do you think Mal-" Rose paused and sighed. "He left…again…"

Then she brightened. "Are you planning to join the muggle school?"

James shrugged. "Maybe. It seems like a good place to cause some mayhem and nobody does it better than any relative of a Weasley! Or at least, that's what Uncle George said."

Albus sighed.

"What's wrong Albus?" A boy with silver hair and dark blue eyes looked at his friend. He carried a small rabbit in his arms.

"Nothing…nothing at all…"

"He's worried over the muggle school." Another said, coming into the room. His sea-blue eyes looked at Albus.

Yuki smiled. "So that's it…now that I think about it, where is the muggle school?"

The other two looked at him, then to each other, then back to Yuki and shrugged. Yuki sweat dropped.

"Of course…"

~Next Day~

"Finally, today is done!" Albus and Rose sighed at James who continued to mutter under his breath over the hard works of school life in Hogwarts while Yuki and Suzune ignored him completely.

"By the way, did you hear what Professor McGonagall said this morning?" Albus asked. "I woke up late…so I came late…"

Rose turned to him. "Well, the school we can enroll into is in Japan."

A soft clink came from behind that it was nearly inaudible but the three heard and turned to face the reason of the sound.

Suzune and Yuki were both frozen to the spot, their utensils on their plates and their both their right hands hanging midair.

"…Yuki…Suzune…are you two okay?" James asked.

Yuki quickly snapped out of his trance and smiled. It was there that it didn't seem like anything was wrong right?


"Suzune…you okay mate?" Albus asked nervously.

Suzune nodded slowly.

Albus, Rose, and James quickly turned around and quickly started whispering.

"What do you reckon is wrong with those two?" Albus asked softly.

"No idea…but it's freaky…" James said.

"Maybe it's because they're from Japan."

The boys looked at their cousin in confusion. "Come again?" Albus asked.

Rose rolled her eyes in annoyance. "You don't know? They must've told you!"

"Blimey Rose, they didn't tell us…so how did you know?" James asked.

"I asked about their names."

"Well, that's makes perfect sense!" Albus said, looking up in wonder.

"Well I'll be…I never thought the two were from another country…" James commented.

Rose nodded. "That's what I thought when we first met them, remember Albus?"

Albus nodded. "Well, then why are they surprised?" He wondered out loud.

James and Rose looked at each other and shrugged.

"Whoever decides to join this school, line up and sign here." Professor McGonagall said loudly over the clatter of students.

Albus walked over and stared at the paper filled with a few names blankly. Should I…?

"Potter, if you plan to enter or not, please hurry up." Professor McGonagall stated firmly.

Albus blushed softly and hastily added his name to the paper and quickly went off with a few giggling girls beaming at him before adding their names.

He sighed as he quickly walked away, still feeling embarrassed.

"Blimey…didn't think you'd be up for that." Albus shot his head up to see his older brother grinning like an idiot. Ablus felt his anger flare.

"It's not like you cou- where are you going?"

"Where else; to sign up!" James stated, walking over to a small group that surrounded the sign up parchment and jolted down his name.

Albus groaned at his brother's lack of fear and embarrassment.

Rose walked up to Albus and smiled encouragingly. "Don't worry Albus. I'll be there too."

Albus nodded and smiled happily at his cousin. "Thanks Rose." Then he looked back at his brother who seemed to be playing with another Weasley product and sighed. "He does realize that it'll be confiscated, right?"

Rose giggled awkwardly. "Probably not."

Albus chuckled. "I wonder what that school will be like…"

Rose smiled. "I would love to go there…but remember what Professor McGonagall said? 'They will meet with the chosen students there,' That means that even if we sign up, we might not go."

Albus twitched. "…Are they bloody serious…?"


"…Bloody hell…"

"I know."


"Hello; I am Kazumi Yukihira, the high school principal of Gakuen Alice."

Every student stared at the muggle man if front of them. His blue eyes seemed cold and unfeeling. He was what seemed opposite to the girl beside him who seemed to be, if she attended their school, in her second year. And unlike the man, her kind and trusting amber/brown eyes looked around the Great Hall nervously. Another beside him was a boy who was taller than the girl but seems to be in the same age. His cold red eyes looked around the Hall with great boredom.

Kazumi looked towards the Gryffindor table and his eyes looked to a few children with interest. He followed the same procedure with the other three tables.

Then he turned to Professor McGonagall. "May I see the students who wish to attend Gakuen Alice?"

McGonagall nodded and flick her wand. A list conquered out of air and the girl besides Kazumi let out a squeak of surprise.

As Professor McGonagall began reading off names, the girl turned to her companion. "Ne…Natsume…do you think we're dreaming or-"

"If we're dreaming then how are we having the same dream, polka?" Natsume stated.

The girl pouted. "My name's Mikan, not polka…" She muttered darkly.

She looked towards the students that lined up in front of Kazumi, her uncle and smiled at them, in which many of the boys couldn't help but smile back, some of them winking at her.

Natsume, noticing this, sent death glares to many of them. They quickly flinched back, many of them ignoring Mikan in the process.

Albus too noticed Mikan smiling to them and smiled back, as did Rose. But when he felt a glare, he turned to see the black haired boy glaring at him and he quickly hid behind Rose.

Kazumi looked at each student and began eliminating them without mercy, causing panic throughout the students.

He came up to Rose who gulped and stood tall, ignoring the stares everybody else gave her and stared back at Kazumi.

Kazumi looked down at her petite form. He gave her a long stare. He opened his lips to speak when a loud cry was heard behind the girl.

"Why are you just rejecting us? Like bloody hell that's not right!" He looked up to see a boy with angry eyes.

Kazumi stared blankly at him. "You have no Alice. There is no reason for you to attend Gakuen Alice."

"And what the bloody hell is an Alice?" Another inquired.

Suddenly, flamed burst onto the poor boy's hair and he screamed, running around the great hall. Around him, students began to laugh when their hair burst into flames as well, causing great panic throughout the students.

"NATSUME!" The flames disappeared as they all turned to see the brown haired girl next to the black haired boy. She glared at the boy who returned the action.

"Natsume, it's not nice to try and burn those people!"

Students and teachers looked at her, confused. Who wouldn't be? After all, how could this young boy cause flames as bad as those earlier?

"Shut up polka." The boy, Natsume responded, flames appearing next to the girl which instantly disappeared.

The girl smirked smugly. "You forgot, I have the Nullification Alice! Your Fire Alice has no affect on me, baka pervert!" She cried, sticking out a tongue.

Natsume kept his poker face on and replied. "Shut up polka-dots. Or should I say strawberry fields?"

Mikan flushed. "KYA! HOW DARE YOU LOOK AT THEM!"

"I didn't, you showed me."


"You did."

Kazumi sighed at the two and quickly began to ignore them. He turned back to Rose who stiffened up as soon as he placed his gaze back on her. "You have an Alice. Welcome to Gakuen Alice."

Rose froze at his words. She began wondering what an Alice was.

Kazumi then turned to the boy next to her, Albus and nodded his approval at him, making the boy sigh and lean against Rose who too sighed in slight relief.

Mikan skipped over to them and smiled. "Hiya! My name's Sakura Mikan…or is it Yukihira Mikan…ahhh…I'm confused!" She cried.

Albus and Rose stared at the girl and chuckled awkwardly.

Mikan them grabbed Natsume and brought him to the two. "And this is Hyuuga Natsume! At our school, we're both in the Special Star Rank!"

"Special Star?" They turned to see James walking over to them. "I got in." He said, grinning.

Mikan smiled. "That's great then! I'm Mikan Sakura!"

"I'm James. That is my brother Albus and my cousin, Rose."

"Nice to meet you all! Anyway, what I was talking about is the rankings that you get in the school. It will give you great honor and-"

"And what honor did they give you when you were a No-Star, polka?"

"SHUT UP, NATSUME! At least I became a One-Star when I saved your life and-"

"You didn't; I saved yours because you were too weak. You only got that star for chasing after Reo who kidnapped me."

"Well sorry for worrying about you!"

Natsume stayed silent and turned his back to her muttering something inaudible which Mikan did not hear. Albus, Rose, and James however, heard well and grinned at Natsume who grunted in annoyance.

Slowly, rejected students were sent back to their seats and the ones that were left looked back at Kazumi.

"Those who will be leaving with me will not need to pack many. We will be providing rooms based on your rankings and you will be earning money to buy things if needed with the ranking as well. We will be leaving on Sunday so be prepared."

He walked through the hall and left, along with Natsume who stood motionless at the door and turned to Mikan.

"Hurry up, polka."

Mikan quickly fumed and screamed, "DON'T CALL ME POLKA, BAKA NATSUME!"

Natsume just smirked and followed Kazumi. Mikan pouted and stomped after them.

McGonagall coughed awkwardly and sent the students to bed quickly. Albus walked with Rose only to spot Suzune and Yuki and ran after them.

"Suzune, Yuki, did you two join?"

Yuki smiled. "Yeah and Kazumi-sensei we were good to go."


"That's teacher in Japanese." Suzune said.

"Oh." Albus looked at them in wonder. "Do you think you can teach me Japanese so I can speak…Japanese there?"

"You can always ask Rose." Yuki stated.

"Bloody hell, I didn't even know she knew Japanese…" Suzune said, his eyes slightly wide.

"Really? She told me last year."

"What, she never told me!" Albus cried.

Yuki laughed. "Well, I did ask her."

Albus sighed. Just what else could his own cousin hide from him?

But…there's no point worrying over small things like that right, Albus thought to himself. After all…going to…a muggle school…even for a month…it's exciting…isn't it?

Saks: And done!

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Nade: *glares at Natsume*

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Albus: …*sighs*

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