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Beth sleepily made her way through the back entrance of Orange Orange the next morning. Sarah had said she'd be in later—about noonish. She cracked her back wearily and glanced at the clock: only 7:30. Damn packing. Loading everything up in Texas had been easy; unloading was another story. Her muscles still ached from all the heavy lifting, but there was no way she would have asked Casey for help—she wanted to prove to herself (and to Casey) that she wouldn't be a burden. It didn't work out quite like she planned. He didn't seem to care, the only thing it proved to her was she needed to start working out again.

Clicking on the lights, she unlocked the door and readied herself to be bored for the next four and a half hours. Not fifteen minutes into her shift, the bell over the door chimed. Looking up, Beth saw a brunette in a Nerd Herd uniform (she recognized it as the same uniform Chuck had been wearing the day before) stepping cheerfully through the door, her tie-dye socks a sharp contrast to the rest of her outfit.

Since AJ's shift didn't actually start until 8, decided to grab a quick snack before braving the Buy More. She'd asked Chuck if he wanted to come along, but he'd promised Morgan he'd meet him before work, so she'd been left to venture into the yogurt haven alone. The ginger-haired girl behind the counter smiled at her, and asked, "What can I get you?"

Quickly scanning her choices, AJ picked the oddest sounding yogurt, "Killer Kiwi", and took a seat near the counter to eat it.

"How can you eat that stuff?"

AJ looked up to see the girl pulling a disgusted face. Savoring her first bite of yogurt, she took a second to answer her. "Well, you put the spoon in your mouth and…"

A wry smile appeared on her face. "Alright, I'll give you that. But, it's so…weird. The texture is so unpleasant. I'm Beth by the way, have you lived in Burbank for awhile?"

"Hi Beth, I'm AJ. I actually just moved here, but I used to spend the summers here with my grandmother when I was a kid. And I don't know what you're talking about, yogurt is amazing!"

Beth shrugged noncommittally, then walked around the counter and took the seat across from AJ. "I'll take your word for it. I just moved here too, from Texas."

In between mouthfuls of yogurt, AJ replied, "That's awesome, I love Texas! But you know, there's plenty of stuff to do around here as well. Like, um, shopping at the Buy More!"

Beth raised an eyebrow. AJ shrugged with a goofy grin. "I just got a job there; it was the first thing that came to mind."

"No kidding, my roommate works at the Buy More too! Do you happen to know John Casey?"

AJ suddenly choked on her Killer Kiwi. "Holy guacamole, we must be neighbors then!"

"Really? That's awesome! We'll have to hang out sometime—I could offer my apartment but…Casey's a little funny about inviting people over. You're always more than welcome here at Orange Orange though. Employees get free yogurt; you can have mine, since I will never eat it."

"You call your roommate by his last name? And don't worry, I'm living on my own, so you're welcome to stop by there whenever. Also, you are the nicest person ever for giving me your share of yogurty goodness!"

Beth laughed, and blushed ever so slightly at the compliment. "John doesn't really suit Casey; he's too…gruff to be addressed by his first name. And it's seriously no big deal about the yogurt, from what my coworker Sarah says, we rarely have customers, so I'd appreciate the company."

"Wait, Chuck's girlfriend Sarah?"

"You know Chuck?"

"You know Chuck?"

"Hold on, I'm getting confused. I know Chuck through Sarah. I haven't known him long though. He seems like a nice guy. How do you know Chuck?"

A reminiscent smile appeared on AJ's face. "We've known each other since childhood—Chuck, Morgan, and I would play video games and horse around during the summer."

"Wait, who's Morgan?"

"Chuck's best friend. He works at Buy More too."

"Does everybody cool work at Buy More? Maybe I should have worked there instead…"

AJ laughed. "No way! Then you wouldn't be able to give me yogurt. And besides, Ellie says working at the Buy More isn't a good way to spend your life."

Beth looked confused again. "And who's Ellie?"

"Chuck's overprotective older sister. She's nice though. Now that you know me and Sarah, she'll probably want to meet you. And force you to girl's nights. But only when Awesome doesn't work."

"Oh, cool! Umm…What's an Awesome?"

AJ snickered unabashedly. "Awesome is Ellie's fiancée. I haven't met him yet, but Chuck and Morgan say he's, well, awesome. I expect we'll both meet him at the neighborhood party Ellie's organizing."

Beth nodded. "Well, it sounds to me like we'll be seeing a lot more of each other."

AJ smiled. "Yeah, I guess so. Well, I better go, wouldn't want to be late for my first day of work."

"Okay, well stop by again whenever you get the chance."

"Will do!"

Both of them stood and shook hands, and AJ threw her empty yogurt cup and spoon in the trash. With a final wave at her new friend, she exited the Orange Orange, thinking maybe she'd stick around Burbank for a while longer than she'd originally planned. Beth meanwhile stood staring at the door out of which AJ had left. Her mind swirled with the names of all the new people she'd be meeting. She had a feeling AJ and her were going to be good friends. A spark of excitement flashed in her eyes. Maybe Burbank wouldn't be as bad as she thought.

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