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Demon of Lust

Chapter 2 Demon Fox vs Demon of Lust

Naruto was 9 years old when he appeared before the Kyuubi's cage. "So my jailer has come to see me has he?"

"So you're the Kyuubi, I have been feeling your chakra for a long time now." Naruto said without an ounce of fear in his voice.

"I can see you're not exactly human either. Your mother had the same aura." Kyuubi growled and thrashed around in his cage. "Free me from this place boy or feel my wrath."

Naruto started laughing, his laughter echoing through the room. He wiped a tear from his eye and straitened up. "Your wrath huh?" Naruto laughed. "You're gonna learn your place Kyuubi."

Naruto's eyes shot open they were purple. Kyuubi was thrown back by a powerful force. With his back to the wall stone shackles began to bind Kyuubi, each of the Kyuubi tails were bound and his arms were bound above his head. His legs were spread and bound. A shackle also bound itself around the Kyuubi's throat.

"What have you done?" Kyuubi tried to struggle but it was no use.

"I think a certain fox is just begging for punishment." Naruto released his pheromones in dust form. The purple dust hit Kyuubi hard. Kyuubi's manhood was hard as a rock and dripping pre cum. His body was shaking.

"Damn you brat ahh." Kyuubi moaned. Kyuubi tried to free himself using his chakra but found he could not call upon his chakra.

"You're in my world now Kyuubi." Naruto whispered and continued to release his pheromones. Kyuubi's eyes rolled up and his tongue slipped out the side of his mouth. His body shook in pleasure and the Kyuubi came.

"Now for some fun." Naruto held up a chakra sign. "Chakra tentacle jutsu." Naruto's chakra turned into dark blue tentacles. Some tentacles latched onto Kyuubi's nipples, a larger tentacle jammed itself down the Kyuubi's throat, another two large tentacle latched onto Kyuubi's furry balls. The tentacles at Kyuubi's nipples and balls started sucking on them. Kyuubi moaned.

Naruto smirked and created more tentacles. Many tentacles started stroking the Kyuubi's arousal. The feeling of the chakra tentacles felt amazing on the Kyuubi's manhood. Kyuubi was moaning and he came again. Naruto smirked again. He sent smaller tentacles to penetrate Kyuubi's arousal. The tentacles slithered down Kyuubi's pipe then started fucking his arousal.

Kyuubi moaned and cried out in pleasure drowned pain. It didn't take Naruto long before he was filling Kyuubi's ass with tentacles. The tentacles at his ass were stretching and probing him as well as lubing him up. Kyuubi came when he felt the tentacles hit his sweet spot.

Kyuubi began to whimper. Naruto removed the tentacle from the Kyuubi's mouth. "Please no more."

"I know that demons can be controlled by rage and lust." Kyuubi was slightly afraid. "I don't want to control you Kyuubi I would rather you serve me completely."

Naruto spoke not taking his eyes away from Kyuubi, and Kyuubi could see he was not lying. "Please mark me I will serve you." Kyuubi moaned out. Naruto smiled.

"Take human form Kyuubi and I will mark you." Naruto removed the tentacles and shackles from the Kyuubi's body. Kyuubi obeyed and took human form. His ears were pointy and he had blood red hair that had black at the tips. On his back he had a tattoo of his 9 tails. He was lithe but he had small muscle. His still hard arousal was standing from a thick nest of blood red hair. The seal was a tattoo on his abs.

Naruto stepped into the Kyuubi's cage. Kyuubi smirked. "Die." He shouted and sent a chakra claw at Naruto. Naruto wasn't fazed by his attack. He stopped it with his bare hand. Naruto channeled his lust dust and the Kyuubi's chakra claw turned purple. The now purple chakra went back into Kyuubi and his whole body surged in pleasure.

"What have you done?" Kyuubi moaned as his whole body was burning with pleasure and lust.

"I infused my lust into your chakra and forced it back into your body." Naruto touched the Kyuubi's cheek. "It must be painful to have all your power turned back on you."

Kyuubi shuddered in pleasure. "Please touch me more." Kyuubi moaned his mind completely in lust state. Naruto forced Kyuubi up against the wall. He opened his hand and a black sphere appeared in the palm of his hand. The sphere was the size of a baseball. The ball opened its red eyes. He began to chuckle. Kyuubi gasped.

"This is one of my pleasure beasts, it's called Barru." Naruto started to push the ball into Kyuubi's ass. Kyuubi cried out in pleasure and pain. Soon the Barru was pushed into Kyuubi's ass.

Once inside the Barru started vibrate and move. Kyuubi moaned and came his seed splashing onto the wall. The Barru then started licking Kyuubi's sweet spot. Kyuubi cried out in pleasure.

Naruto let the Barru have his fun with the Kyuubi. He watched as the Barru made Kyuubi cum again and again. Naruto used his ability to manipulate time in the Kyuubi's cage. Kyuubi was pleasured for a full week though only 7 minutes passed.

The Kyuubi's cell was coated in his cum. Kyuubi had collapsed onto the floor spent. Naruto reentered the cage. He gripped the Kyuubi's hair and pulled his head to the side, exposing Kyuubi's neck. Naruto sank his teeth into Kyuubi's neck and poured a large amount of chakra into his wound. Kyuubi shuddered and came.

Naruto started sucking on his mark. Kyuubi shuddered and moaned. When Naruto pulled away a solid black collar appeared around Kyuubi's throat. Naruto moved around Kyuubi and pulled his hard manhood free from his pants.

Kyuubi looked up and stared at Naruto's hard arousal. "Suck me."

Kyuubi obeyed and started sucking and licking. Naruto purred his approval. Kyuubi was now his pet and if he behaved himself he could become his mate.

Winner Demon of Lust

End chapter 2