Ah, first part of your beautiful questions.


BB! hai! :3

okay, so:

1.) are you seceretly a vampire?

2.) does eating so much jam bad for your health?

3.) do you have a crush on L?

4.) what our your thoughts on unicorns?

and 5.) who's prettier, Misa or Naomi?

thanks for your time :)

Dear anonymousXandrogynous,

Yes, Hello.

Oh? A Vampire, you say? What made you think that? *chuckle* No, I'm afraid not.

Does eating too much Jam bad for your health? I'm afraid so. I eat other types of food aswell, but mostly Jam. I burn calories with my brain, so I guess I'm okay. Though, to tell you the truth. *whispers* I think vegetables are evil.

*Nervous Laughter* Me? A crush on L? Ha! What makes you think THAT? ...Well, A small one.

My thought on unicorns... Well, I do not really like them. But their horn (thing) can be useful one day.

Well...Both women are remarkably beautiful. But, to be honest, I'll go with Miss Amane. (She's sexier)

Danni Daedalus


What is your favorite way of murdering people? I know the good, and usual ways, like taking their heart out, or dismembering them, but I'm going to try and follow in your footsteps. Any good ideas for me?


Dear Danni Daedalus,

Ah, great question you have there. Well, there are many favorites. But I have to say... TORTURING them to death. I like chaining them and cutting them little by little and have them feel PAIN! For them to SCREAM! To be BROKEN! And SUFFER! -Well, you get me right? I like to Torture them. And once they die due to blood loss, I just have fun with their bodies as in, Taking out some of their organs and sewing them together and placing them into their mouth. You know, give them the wonderful "Ectoplasm" look.


Can you give me a hug and give L a hug too?

Dear Halohawtgirl123,

Umm, yes, yes you may.

*Hugs you*

And L? He's not here at the mome-

L: *walks in*

Oh, I guess he is, nevermind. *walks up to L and gives him a hug, releasing him the next second and kicking him out*

I hope you are happy.

Well, I guess that does it... for today. Please feel free to ask me anything. I will answer honestly and will do anything you ask. Except for being your slave.

Thank you.

-Beyond Birthday.