Dear Readers,

Looking back at this fanfiction, I pretty much grew bored.

I mean, at the beginning, it was darn easy.

But knew that the task will get tricker with passing time. And it has.

I mean, as I look at all the reviews from the last chapter, I pretty much seethe through my teeth and frown.

Lots or Reviews from so many people.

I mean, I was thinking of continuing this until it hit "Session 31"!

Guess I'm a failure!

And the thought that I have to, pretty much, focus on my other stories and all... It's quite irritating. I have, in fact, thought of Discontinuing all my Death Note stories and moving on with Kuroshitsuji.

But... I guess I'm still not ready for that, sadly.

So... Thank you so much for following and reviewing this story.

Beyond is quite flattered. Except with those annoying fangils he claims never stop bugging him.

And yes, I was pretty annoyed with Bellatrix Birthday... Sorry, but you pretty much a

cted like a little girl, and that, I deeply despise.

Anyways... This will be the last thing posed for this.

I deeply apologize for leaving the reviewers hanging.

Beyond would answer more questions, but it's too much work.

And I, in fact, have a life. I mean, my life is not all Anime and Manga, just so you know. I have friends and a family that I love, and I can't just waste part of my life doing this type of thing for a character that doesn't even exist!

Haha- I still love Beyond Birthday. :)

Okay, so if you have any last words to say to me, please leave a review. Just make sure it doesn't have any questions forwarded towards Beyond, but for me, and I will take the time to reply to you in PM. Sound good?

Okay. Aging, Thank you so much to all my "Ask BB!" fans, and all. :)

I had a lot of fun. Who would've known Beyond Birthday fangirls could be so CRAZY! xD

Alright. Peace!


P.S. There is also another main reason why I am discontinuing this. I have taken note that more people are doing the "Ask BB" story, and I found that annoying, but I chose not to say anything. And I heard that my friend had said something to another author's "Ask BB!" fanfiction.

DNFangirl, Sorry about that. I pretty much scolded her when I saw her review. And yes, she was pretty much right. :/ But that doesn't mean you'll pay attention to it, right? :)

Okay. BYE.