Chapter One: Through the Space Warp

AN: This was transferred, and modified, from What I wrote on the Anime Addventure

An old man walked up to a house labeled #4 on the street named Privett Drive with a small bundle and a note attached. Behind him looking on as he set the bundle down was a giant of a man and a woman with square glasses. Making sure the spells were in place, including a tracking spell, he disappeared with a large crack, followed by another one when the woman vanished. The extremely large man looked sadly at the bundle that he had delivered to the old man not moments ago, before climbing onto a motorcycle, revving the engine, and flying away.

This left the bundle alone on the doorstep of the house, to hopefully be found, and raised by the household which contained the last living blood relatives of the baby contained within the bundle. The relatives hated anything odd or unusual, but due to a woman's sacrifice, made it a place where an ancient magical protection spell could be used. At least that was the plan of the old man. The problem arouse however that those types of spells can be very finicky as well as sometimes going against the caster's wishes for the safety of the spell's charge. Normally though this wouldn't make a difference, but in this rare case, the house which belonged to people who wanted nothing to do with magic, was sitting on a major, for lack of a better word, leyline of magic.

This allowed the spell to supercharge itself, and linking itself to a dimensional gateway in a nearby netherworld, dropped the bundle into it with enough guidance that it would land safely, near a potential family.

A dimensional gateway is a portal that can lead to anywhere the traveler desires; usually this is controlled by a gate keeper to make sure the portal opens stably and safely. These gateways are a dimensional congruence that is in constant flux, so without someone to open the portal to a safe destination it can lead anywhere.

This is precisely the situation poor Harry found himself in, as his basket disappeared into the gateway. An instant later, Harry reappeared in the middle of a camp. Two people were sleeping under the stars nearby. It must be noted, a ride through the dimensions unguided and uncontrolled is a rough one, and so the baby reacted in a most predictable fashion.

"WAHHHHH!" Harry cried his eyes out. An eighteen year old woman was woken up by the noise. She looked around for the source of the noise, and noticed a basket holding a bawling baby inside. She picked up the baby, and tried to calm it. As she did this, she gently kicked the sleeping form, of the young man lying nearby. "Klein! Wake up!"

"What is it, Lita?" Klein responded sleepily, while he opened his eyes. He noticed, upon laying his eyes on her, that she was holding a baby in her arms and snapped fully awake. "Where the HELL did you get the baby?"

Lita swatted him upside the head as she admonished him, "No swearing around the baby, and to answer your question, I found him crying his eyes out while lying in a basket in our camp."

"A basket?"

"Yes, it's right next to my bedroll," she answered, while pointing at the aforementioned basket.

Klein picked up the basket to examine it. He found a note taped to it, but it was badly damaged. Only three words where legible, one was 'Harry', and separate from that word, were the words 'parents dead'. "Well from what I can make out from the note, I think his name's Harry, and I think his parents are dead."

"Poor kid, hey I know why don't we take care of him?" Lita asked excitedly.

"Are you sure? We only got married a few weeks ago," Klein reminded her.

"But, this could be our only chanceā€¦" Lita said softly.

"True, we don't know, do we? So, let's head back to Kavoc, and see whether or not they would let us move into that house permanently, and raise little Harry Kiesling," he said with a smile.

Her smile turned radiant for a few seconds before a smell hit her nose. She looked at young Harry, and then at Klein, and asked, "Do you know how to change a diaper?"

They looked at each other, as they realized they had a lot to learn.

Meanwhile the old man had just apperated back to number four Privett Drive when the magical trackers he had set on the baby went haywire.

Upon arriving at the location he saw the fading remnants of the portal that soon disappeared completely. He started using spells on the location to determine what had happened, and found the protection spell had broken, and the remnants unable to be reconstructed. Heading back to his office the old man tried many spells to find the missing child, and all but one failed spectacularly. The one that did succeed gave an image of a young man and woman talking to a bartender with the basket containing the infant hero to wizarding kind. The image lasted less than half a second, but told him the child was safe.

"Now, how can I reach him?" the old man mumbled. He then walked to his private bookshelves and started looking for references. With all the rare books at his fingertips, he found... one relevant book.

The book, titled Dimensional Magic had instructions for traveling between worlds, but the method had multiple flaws and/or limitations. First, the magical device takes nearly ten years to complete, building it and enchanting it takes three hours, but the spells have to mature, and that takes nine years eleven months. The second problem is this, it can only go to a known dimension, or one with some sort of traceable beacon. The third limitation is that distance traveled in one dimension equals distance traveled in another.

Fortunately the tracking magic he made would serve as a beacon, and meanwhile Harry would be safe from Death Eaters, and finally the two that adopted harry looked like a nice, average family...

End Chapter.