Alchemist Harry

AN: about Hermione writing in the books, she believed that the ingredients were either wrong or in code, so she felt that correcting it for easier use when she started to use the information was appropriate.

AN2: I took a concept I saw in a few fics.

Chapter 7: Exclusions.

A few weeks have passed since the confrontation between Harry and his house over the stolen goods, and it was now mid-October, and Ronald Weasley and a good section of the Gryffindor house were ready for their 'revenge'.

The group had done their research and had campaigned whenever the girls in the trio weren't around, and now they had the necessary support for their plan. A plan that required nearly ninety percent of the house to agree.

It only lacked one signature, one that had to be obtained after the plan.

An interesting thing to note was that the fifth and seventh years had signed the document to provide support, primarily because Ron and company were interrupting their OWL and NEWT studies.

Many of the other years signed the documents because the group had been either annoying, or believed Harry should have just let it go and not involved their head of house or the headmaster.

The majority of those didn't think of what their reactions would be if it was their property that had been stolen and sold.

Finally, many signed due to greed when they saw the conditions stated in the document.

They were waiting in the common room, as they had heard that Harry was heading to the room in one of the rare times that Harry looked to be heading into the room.

Ronald was in the lead when the nearly inseparable 'outcast trio' stepped through the entrance.

The boy, who was at the center of the original issue strode forward, and spoke the speech he had prepared in advance for this day, "Harry, you are hereby excluded from Gryffindor, until the following conditions have been met:

1. You return the items you took from us.

2: You allow Gryffindor house to enter your lab, and take up to two items each.

3. You agree to sell us whatever we want. At prices determined by our head of house.

4. A public apology to everyone you have insulted since arriving at Hogwarts.

5. You will attend all the classes. (EN)

6. You will wear the proper uniform. (EN)

7. You will show the proper respect for all the professors. (EN)

Konoka and Setsuna, you two are also being excluded, and will remain so until the following condition is met:

1. you will swear an oath to both give up your friendship of Harry Kiesling, and to stay away from him until his own exclusion is over.

So mote it be.

We have the girl's trunks down here, now get out of our common room!"

Harry looked at the assembled students and turned on his heel and walked out the door, as his trunk had been long moved to his lab.

Konoka was initially shocked and upset to the point that she almost looked like she was going to cry.

Then her eyes went as hard as steel as she made her decision. If it was the choice between her house, which included someone who insulted her from the day they met, or someone who was rather kind to her and been the one to defend her from nearly the start, even if he was a bit cold and distant.

Well, it wasn't much of a choice.

She looked at Setsuna and saw in her eyes the other girl had made her decision.

Almost in sync the two strode forward and grabbed their trunks.

Most of the room froze as they saw the two girls just take their stuff and leave.


Harry was waiting outside the common room because he wanted to speak to them if they came out.

He was mildly surprised to see them come out.

"I'm sorry, you shouldn't be punished because of my actions. Let's talk to McGonagall, perhaps she can do something," he said apologetically.

Konoka ground out angrily, "No, don't apologize. You did warn us, and this was something that happened because that house thought thievery was appropriate."

Setsuna added in, "As she said. It's the fault of the thief, now let's go find McGonagall."

Half an hour later they were outside her quarters knocking.


What would happen next, is due to several circumstances intersecting at the same time.

The first is that McGonagall had had, not half an hour before, a minor migraine.

The second is that she had gone to bed early because of said migraine, and it wasn't a night for her to be on patrol.

Lastly, she had a deep trust in her house, that they wouldn't do something as foolish as excluding a person for little reason.

The trust had been slightly damaged by the thefts, but since there wasn't any retaliatory action, she believed that the issue was settled.

And now, with a massive headache, she had someone, presumably students, knocking on her door, after curfew.

Sighing, and hoping her headache potion would kick in already, unknown to her she accidentally took stomach medicine and moved to her door. Opening it, she found three students, one that was quickly becoming her least favorite student, despite his parents being among her favorites, and two girls that the faculty was betting would become a romantic trio.

"What is it?" she ground out.

Harry handed over the parchment with the exclusions on them.

"We entered the common room, and were handed these, as obvious revenge for me reclaiming my property," he simply said.

The very not in a good mood professor took the documents, and vanished into her room, and came back less than a minute later with her signature on each of the three documents, sealing the exclusions, and she created copies for her own records.

Harry, more for his companion's sake, than his own, grit his teeth and ground out, "Did you even read the damn things? Of course, you didn't, you just took them and signed them. Fine, we'll hold up for the night in my atelier."

"Mr. Kiesling, I trust my stu..." she stopped as she realized she was replying to the student's back, and that the girls were also angry with her, as evidenced by the fact that they both glared at the woman, before leaving to follow Harry.

Her migraine got worse, as she had a sinking feeling that she did something very wrong.

Vowing to read the documents as soon as she woke up once her head felt like it wasn't going to explode, she went back to bed, and to take another dose of the potion.

Once she got to her bed, she actually looked at the bottle, and then put it away, and pulled another potion from her nightstand, and after taking the right potion, fell into a blissful sleep.


Harry led the way to his lab, pissed not for his own sake, but for the duo that had done the most to honestly be his friends.

And to himself, he admitted that the duo had been growing on him.

After they arrived he scowled.

He, when he decided to offer up his atelier for the duo as well as himself didn't take into account that he had a grand total of two pieces of furniture. His couch that he tended to sleep on, and his reading armchair.

He also took into account how little floor space was leftover.

"Konoka, you can take the couch, Setsuna the chair is yours," Harry decided.

The two girls, who by now were tired out by the emotion-charged night, and dragging their trunks all over the castle so they deposited the trunks against the wall, and went to their assigned furniture.

Harry sighed, and after taking a spare blanket, found a place on the wall to crash for the night.


The next morning had a startled headmaster hearing a variety of cursed in Gaelic.

The cause? The transfiguration professor had just read the documents, and she was pissed!

The problem is that she had signed off on it, and not even the headmaster could revoke it. The only way that it could be canceled was either the conditions being met or three-quarters of those that signed off on it to agree to cancel it.

At least she knew why the trio had been pissed at her.


Dumbledore frowned, he wasn't used to hearing that professor cursing and decided to find out what the problem was... later.


Setsuna was the first to awaken, and she groaned as she started working the kinks out of her body. The chair was relatively comfortable, but it wasn't meant to be slept in.

The second problem was that she was still wearing her uniform from the day previous, as they didn't feel up to changing.

Scowling at the events from the previous day, she looked around the room that was being lit by the morning sun.

Konoka seemed to be comfortable on the well-stuffed couch, while Harry... she frowned, and took quick stock of the room's furniture... which beyond the alchemical equipment numbered two pieces.

She had slept in one, Konoka's in the other, so where is... it was at that point she noticed a bundle slumped against the wall.

Frowning she walked over to it and discovered her suspicions were correct, it was Harry.

She wanted to keep her frown, she really did, but seeing how he let Konoka and her take the furniture, and he took the floor, despite there not being enough space to stretch out.

The fact that he apparently cared enough to do so brought a small smile to her face, before she started to shake him awake.

She didn't want to deal with Konoka's guilt trip when she found out how Harry spent the night, and she was mostly sure Harry didn't want to do so either.

"Huh, what?" Harry said as he straitened up. "Ow..." he continued as the stiffness from his bad positioning hit him.

Slowly, and stiffly getting up, she tried to get his body ambulatory.

Not amused by his obvious pain, Setsuna simply said, "I do not think you will want to deal with the inevitable guilt trip she will be on if she found out how you spent the night."

Harry paused in his stretching, and then simply nodded. He did not want the girl to start crying about how she put him out. Then he replied, "We should wake her, find a shower, change, get breakfast, then see, ugh, Dumbledore to find someplace to sleep."

The swordswoman shook her head and went to wake her friend/principle.


McGonagall, after she got her cursing under control, got ready and into the Gryffindor dorms before they started to head to breakfast, and blocked them from leaving until they had all assembled.

She then spoke, "I want to tell you all that I found your actions last night to be deplorable. We will have a house meeting about it after dinner, prey that I have calmed down by then. Now get to breakfast, and do not cause trouble, because I am not in the mood to be merciful."

Most of the house was confused about what she was angry about, while those that did have an inkling felt that they did nothing wrong.

The professor meanwhile noted that most were either confused or had a look of smug satisfaction on their faces.


The time after breakfast saw three students meeting the headmaster.

Konoka, knowing Harry's attitude towards the old man asked, "Ummm, headmaster? Do you know a place we can sleep? We were excluded from Gryffindor, so we can't sleep there."

"And my atelier is not meant for three people to sleep in," Harry added stiffly. He then explained what happened the previous day, and handed over the documents.

Dumbledore scowled as he read them. He didn't mind them seeing it, unlike how he usually conceals his negative expressions when he's around students, but in this case, it was better to show them that he wasn't happy about the situation.

His deputy headmistress had screwed up royally, and Ronald had also screwed up. None the less, he had to solve the problem of where the trio will sleep.

Then a thought struck him. There were guest rooms, arranged in clusters of four with a communal bathroom. While he didn't want to put the group in the same area, it was convenient, because he could move Harry's atelier in one of the rooms, and it would allow him to keep an eye on them all at once.

He would have to put spells on the girl's room to make sure Harry didn't enter them, but that was a minor issue.

"I will have a guest room suite set up for you. There are four bedrooms and a bathroom. We can also move Harry's atelier into one, with silencing charms, so that everything's together. You will have to choose a member of the teaching staff to act as your head of house, but I'll give you a few days to decide. I'll lead you to your new rooms after dinner, and I'll have the atelier moved after Harry confirms he has no active synthesizes running."

The trio nodded, the girls trusting Harry explicitly since he had defended Konoka since the day they met.

Living arrangements settled the trio headed out, with Harry heading to the library to do some research and the girls to history of magic.


By the end of the day, Harry had a stack of notes, about a 'counter' to the exclusion. It wouldn't nullify it, but it would be a public response, one that is public, unlike an exclusion which is generally kept 'in house'.

The only problem was, doing so would almost guarantee that the ones that do it wouldn't be accepted back into their house, as it pretty much is used to bring the shame of an entire house to light.

One of the ways that it can be used is for undeserved exclusions.

He would have to discuss it with the other two. He had no problems doing it, but he didn't want the fallout to hit him as well.


Meanwhile, the transfiguration professor was meeting with her house.

She started the meeting with a single word, "Why?"

At the looks of confusion, she clarified, "Why exactly did you banish three students from this house?"

"Harry stole from us!" Ronald said defiantly.

"No, you stole from him," McGonagall stated bluntly. "you know what this parchment looks like to me?" she asked, then answered her own question, "It looks like a bunch of greedy people trying to use the school rules to steal from a fellow student."

At the accusation, some students looked guilty, and others looked confused since they signed just to stop the group from bothering them, and a minority looked offended, not because of the theft accusation, but because she called it theft.

The professor saw the responses and said, "I want to know the names of the ringmasters. If I don't get them, the entire house will suffer the punishments."

A Minute passed, and one of the students raised his hand, he was one of the rare ones that refused to sign the parchment.


"I know Hermione and Ron were in on it from the start, I think Parvatiwas also a part of it from the start," the student stated, ignoring the glares from the named students.

"Anyone else? I highly doubt three people were all the ones involved in this."

When nobody else had enough courage to speak up, McGonagall sighed. She then said, "Weasley, Granger, and Patil, you will be serving detentions until the exclusions are over with. As for anybody else who signed the parchments, you are banned from all school activities until the exclusions are over with... including Quidditch."

She then marched out ignoring the protests of the entire house, especially since almost all the team, including the captain, was involved in the ban.

Before she exited the portrait hole she called back over her shoulder, "Remember, if three-quarters of those that signed the parchment agree to cancel the exclusion, it ends." And then she finished leaving.

She had to speak to the headmaster, and then apologize, and explain to three students why she signed the parchments.

Too bad by the time she went to speak to them the next day, it would be too late.


EN: Hermione's idea.