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"Soooo, this is everything you keep in your room?" The Wasp asked curiously looking at my various boxes.

"Yep," I smiled fishing a rifle out and looking it over to make sure the finish hadn't been scratched. "Gorgeous aren't they?"

"Huh? Well is that all?" Iron Man drawled sarcastically looking at the heaps of boxes and crates that were now cluttered a crossed the living room.

"And they're all full of weapons?" Wasp continued looking at a set of highly explosive grenades. I just nodded with a smile as I laid the rifle back carefully into the box. "And you slept with all of these in your room every night?" I just nodded again.

"Great," The doctor, or scientist, whatever they called him, sighed. "Just what we need, another war monger." He finished shooting a glare over at Iron Man.

"Ah, come on Hank, you're not still mad at me about that are you?" he replied with a hopeful grin. 'Hank' just rolled his eyes and got up before he started sifting through the boxes himself.

"I mean look at all this stuff," Iron Man said trying to convince him "Top of the line Shield tech. Think of all the study possibilities."


"Please don't give him any ideas," Wasp groaned casually waving a hand dismissively in the air.

"Weapons are still weapons. Anyway, I think we'd better keep these in the basement," was all Hank said in response before he turned to me. "That way you'll at least have a bed to sleep in tonight."

"You guys have a basement?" I asked curiously.

"Well that's what Hank prefers to call it," Iron Man laughed. "I prefer to call it out 'secret lair'. What you see up here is only half of the mansion. And it's not even the good half." He said. Hank just rolled his eyes again. "Jarvis, if you would please raise the mantle."

"Of course sir," the computers voice said as the fireplace started to rise revealing some sort of elevator.

"All right, boys, lets help our new guest move in shall we?" Tony asked as the blonde one and the Hulk started picking up the boxes, heaving one on top of another.

"Careful with my babies," I said quickly. "I spend a lot of time polishing those."

"A potential Valkrie if I ever saw one," I heard the blonde haired one mumble as he and the Hulk squeezed there way into the elevator.

"Now, I know you're not an official Avenger but since you will be living here and since you are S.H.I.E.L.D's representative, we've decided to give you one of these." Iron Man said proudly with a smirk crossing his face.

"We?" Hank scoffed. Iron Man apparently decided to ignore that comment as he handed me something that looked like a credit card. I looked it over.

"And this is?" I asked curiously.

"An Avengers I.D card, it allows us to keep track of you and it allows the Avengers to keep in radio contact anywhere in the world."

"Anywhere?" I asked. "How many satellites do you have?"

"Aha, now that's what I expect from one of Fury's agents," he said looking proud of himself. "Well that's classified young lady." Hank just sighed and placed his head in his hands. Something told me that maybe, just maybe, these guys weren't the best of friends.

"The elevators back!" Wasp said suddenly jumping up from the couch before shrinking down to the size of a…wasp and flying into the elevator which had indeed just returned from the basement. I blinked, sure I'd been told that she could do that, I'd even seen her do that on shield security footage, but seeing it in real life was still, well, weird. "Come on!" she shouted with a grin plastered a crossed her face. I looked back at the other Avengers.

"Well?" The Captain asked, he was smiling to, like he was watching a rookie soldier on her first day of boot camp, and considering his age, I probably was. "Go on." Slowly, I walked towards the elevator before Hawkeye came up behind me and pushed me in.

"I know my tech can be overwhelming at times, but don't worry," Iron Man said. "It happens to everyone." The said group of 'everyone' glared at him. We traveled down and soon I could see this 'basement'. It was enormous! More like a cave. Giant machines were everywhere along side a bunch of fancy looking gizmos and gadgets.

"Welcome, to the real Avengers Mansion," Iron Man grinned. "You can go anywhere that your card will grant you access to."

"That's basically everywhere right?" I asked looking over the card again.

"Well…" Iron Man said sheepishly. "You are a Shield Agent, one of Fury's people, I'm sure you'll understand when I say that I don't really trust you a whole lot. So, you have limited access but you can still get into most of the important facilities."

"Like the pool," Wasp grinned.

"And the gym," Captain America added.

"And the kitchen," Hulk growled, apparently not wanting to be outdone.

"And the beds provide most comfortable sleeping arrangements," Goldilocks continued boldly. "When I, as you mortals say, hit the sheets, I am 'out'." He said trying to imitate that one television commercial.

"Sweet!" I said a smile crossing my face. This might even be a little better than I thought. "Can we see it now?"

"Well, it's kind of getting late," Hank said looking at a watch that was…inside his helmet? I really don't know how the heck he knew the time. Scientists, go fig. "What do you say we grab a bite to eat first?" As soon as the words eat crossed Hanks' lips, the Hulk disappeared and we could all hear the sounds of the elevator being lifted as quickly as possible.

"Wow," I said staring at the direction in which the Hulk had vanished. "He sure can move when he wants to."

"No!" The blonde one shouted, with Thunder Booming in the distance. "My vanilla puddings! Worry not! I shall save thee from the troll!" And with that he shot towards the elevator at equally blinding speeds.

"So, who else am I going to be living with at the Mansion?" I asked as Iron Man and Hank shook there heads before we followed the two.

"Well, Hulk and Steve both live here. When Thor's not off in fantasy land he stays here and Hawkeye's just crashing here."

"Teammates don't 'crash' at each others homes," Hawkeye said proudly. "They hold down the fort."

"Sure," Iron Man said rolling his eyes as we all walking into the elevator, did I mention that he's had his helmet off all this time? I probably should just refer to him as Tony when he does that. "Jan stays here sometimes."

"Only on the weekends," Wasp smiled. "I like to switch living arrangements every so often."

"Oh and Neji's also here," Hank finished as we all walked out of the elevator and into the kitchen.

"Speak of the handsome devil," I mumbled as we can face to face with Hulk and Thor grappling in front of the fridge while Neji just looked on with a bowl of fruit in his hand. Wasp looked at me and giggled. Neji must've heard me because he looked in my general direction and sent a little glare. I just shrugged my shoulders as Wasp giggled again.

"Well since we've got a new member here, why don't we all have dinner together?" Hank asked in a tone that made it quite clear that, that last question hadn't been a request. I guess this guy really put a lot of focus on the team effort thing. I looked at Neji who just stared back at me. Oh this was going to be fun.

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