This is going to be a 100 drable thing. My friends were so kind to give me some of their ideas and pull them altogether into alot of different stories.I have a bunch of notebooks at my feet full of them. Enjoy. Ps this will not stop Moonlight heist.

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A Change of Tune


Tropical Land


Kaito sighed. He was dressed in a light shirt and a pair of black pants. His red cap shadowing his face from on lookers. It seemed Watching. Yeah Watching his favorite Tantei was hard. Yesterday was a no go. He fled when the girl punched through a wall.

Kaito hoped said girl Ran Mouri never conered him as himself. How did Tantei-san do it? He hoped Aoko never learned to move like that. He'd would never be able to survive another mop attack or any attack at all. Kaito sighed again. It seems his Tantei got into another murder case.

Did murders him too. Maybe they liked having him solve their crimes. Yeah that's excatly why. They had such high standards and as long as Tantei-san keep solving them he'd be okay.

As long as no other thieves desided to steal his Tantei. Kaito blinked. Okay must not have to much sugar in the morning. He was starting to think of Tantei-san in a brotherly way. How could a Tantei and a thief be brothers.

Kaito looked up and saw Tentai-san and Mouri-san walking away as the murder was taken away. Kaito stuck his tongue out at the murder in a childish inpluse. Then went back to watching Tantei-san.

Kaito narrowed his eyes at the man in black. SNAKE! Suddenly it didn't matter that Tantei was chasing him also. Kaito was right behind him. He wanted to face Snake and make him pay for killing his father.

Pain!His head. He saw Tantei-san get hit by a pipe. Was that what he was hit by?

"Partner."The man he'd mistaken for Snake said.

"You let these two brats follow you."The silver haired man said.

Kaito didn't like the look in his eyes.A shine of metal. A gun!

"No partner there are alot of cops can't leave anything that might link back to us. Lets try the poison though it hasn't been tested by humans these two will be great test subjects."The silver haired man said.

Kaito was suddenly very afraid. He'd rather face Aoko and fish then stay. The silver haired man grabbed his hair and forced something into his mouth then water. He tried tried not to swallow he really did. But he lost the battle as the man went to Tantei-san.

Everything was burning. This was worse then anything he'd ever felt. He felt darkness takng him. Thank you Lady luck for letting me die quickly. Wait! Kaito struggled and on the edge of his vison.A woman with blonde hair and glasses was coming over to them.

Maybe they wouldn't die. The white thief and his shadow wouldn't be lost. Thank you a million times over Lady luck. Kaito thought before blissful sweet darkness consumed him taking away the burning pain...


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