Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. I only own my own characters that I created; Lilith, Elysia, Maylin, and only two of the Zanpakutos I made up.

OC Summaries:

The OC's in this story are created by me. Lilith's friend/Zanpakuto was created by Tite Kubo and all the other Bleach characters that may appear in my story. The Zanpakuto's name is Arturo Plateado and he is a self-made Arrancar designed for the Wii game Bleach: Shattered Blade and Bleach: The 3rd Phantom. You can find his information on the Bleach Wikia. On with the backgrounds and I will explain how Lilith obtain an Arrancar as a Zanpakuto.

Lilith: She's obsessed with the Anime Bleach as long with her two best friends; Elysia and Maylin. Her favorite characters mostly consists of the Arrancars and of the ex-captains. She doesn't understand why she is more drawn to them she just knows deep down in her soul that's where she would be if they were real. She has a thing for Grimmjow since she can relate to her more than the others. Even though she knows if they ever met they would get on each other's nerves.

She is a laid back, hot tempered, mischievous girl. She loves to fight and won't back down to no one. She has a smart ass mouth on her and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She loves to pull pranks for fun. Some would say she is evil but not true, she is just sadistic at times if you really piss her off.

She has just barely past the chin, choppy hair that's black with teal chunky highlights running through. She has strange eye color. They are silver blue in color, if you look into them it's as though she is staring straight into your soul and knowing every little secret you hide. She has pale smooth, flawless white skin. She loves to wear anything in black since that's her favorite color, jeans and combat boots.

She doesn't remember her past that much. All she knows is that she was adopted by some rich couple. Her adopted parents are hardly ever home and leaves her by herself. She found solitude in watching and reading Bleach. She has nightmares about her biological parents but it never makes sense. Her house is very secluded from everything and very big. It is two stories and has a really big basement. There are five bedrooms in the basement itself and six extra bedrooms on the second floor. They all have their on bathroom attached to them.

Elysia: She is one of Lilith's and Maylin's best friends. She also enjoys watching Bleach and the Arrancars. She's not to sure about the ex-captains that are with them. One of her favorite Arrancar is the Espada, Ulquiorra. She just understands him more than the others.

She is sarcastic and hyper most of the time. She speaks her mind like Lilith, that's how they became friends, they had a lot in common. She doesn't get mad that easy and when she does get mad then she breaks all hell on you. She's really friendly and tries to become friends with anyone she meets. If you do become friends with her, she is loyal to a fault. She finds the good in anyone, even if they are evil she can still find some part in them that cares. She too also love pranking people for fun.

She has short black hair that she likes to dye different colors. Right now she has it dyed black with green bangs. She has bright sky blue eyes. When she looks you, you feel compelled to look her in the eyes. Even though they make you feel uncomfortable. She too has pale shin but not as white as Lilith's. She wears black and some color shirts, jeans, and either combat boots or running shoes.

She lives with her mom and little sister, Lacy. Even though she is mostly stays at Lilith's house, she even has her own bedroom there. Her mom doesn't really care if she's always over at her friend's house. Her mom puts her down all the time and tells her she was a mistake and she never wanted her. So she kind of adopted Lilith's family as her own.

Maylin: Another one of Lilith's and Elysia's best friend. She loves Bleach too and just like the other two she likes the Arrancars better. She mostly likes Gin, the ex-captain of the 3rd division. She likes mysterious men and Gin is the most mysterious man there is on Bleach, that alone attracted her to him.

She is mysterious at first. Once you get to know her then she starts opening up. When you first meet her she closes up and has an attitude towards you. Speaking her mind and putting you in your place. After she starts to know and trust you she shows her true self. She is caring, laid back girl. She loves pranks like the other two. She helps anyone in trouble and fights only when necessary. She still has a dark streak in her and isn't afraid to show you.

She has platinum blonde hair with black hair underneath, that is just past her shoulders. Her eye color is an intense shade of violet. She has more of a tan than the other two. She wears more colorful shirts, jeans, and running shoes.

She too has a troubled past. Both of her parents are alcoholics and used to beat her when she was a kid. She would usually lived on the streets than with her parents. Then she met Lilith she too adopted her family and stayed with her. That's all anyone really knows about her past and she liked to keep it that way.

Zanpakuto's Summaries:

These are the Zanpakutos that my OC's obtained when Azien came for the surprise visit. At first they thought they were just from their imagination for the RP game they were starting. Then the day before the surprise visit they find out they are not merely imaginary. Arturo Plateado is the creation by Tite Kubo and the other two are my creations. Most of the information I got on Arturo is from the Bleach Wikia. I just added some things that wasn't mentioned. Like some of his personality and some of his powers.

Arturo Plateado: He has long turquoise hair, yellow eyes, and his mask is on his right cheek. It looks like just the upper jaw, but it extends around the back of his head and it has a sort of crest. His hollow hole is located below the base of his neck. He wears the Arrancar uniform, but has a belt just underneath his sash.

He has his own personality since he was an Arrancar before shape sift into a Zanpakuto. He is a ruthless warrior and calculating strategist when it comes to battle. He is arrogant, self absorb, short tempered guy. He has a sharp tongue and just speaks his mind. He also likes to fight and gain as must power as he can.

He used to be a self-made Arrancar before the Bleach storyline. He wants to kill all the Soul Reapers that lead to his down fall. They thought he died, but since he could shape-shift he shifted into a Zanpakuto and waited until someone called to him. That someone was Lilith even though she thought she made him up, now they are very close and he is protective of her when he is in the real world. He also has history with Aizen.

All his abilities that he had as an Arrancar now Lilith can control, even his own Zanpakuto. Since a Zanpakuto is part of your soul and now he is part of Lilith's soul that's how it worked now. In his sealed form he can materialize in the real world. Once his release command, "Devour, Arturo" is said there is a black energy that surrounds Lilith as he shifts into a basic katana that's a black blade that glows red with an hourglass-shaped guard. It looks just like his own Zanpakuto, Fenix but black. When the command, "Absorb, Arturo", he has the power to absorb the spiritual energy. Which it adds to the wielder's strength. With the command, "Project, Arturo", X-shaped projectiles blasts comes out of the blade hitting the target. Besides the uses of the sword Lilith also has these abilities. She can summon a massive, red Cero from her right index finger and also she can summon the Gran Rey Cero that only the Espada can use without releasing Arturo. She can control a Beam Saber that he would use instead of his sword. It is a powerful, dark colored saber of energy that materializes when her fingers extend forward. She can also use the Beam Saber Assault when she manifest the saber, it extends and proceeds to attack relentlessly while using Sonido. She can get sixteen hits, followed by a seventeenth that knocks the opponent forward. She begins the attack shouting, "Dance!" and ends it with, "Die!", while stabbing the opponent in midair. The last thing she can do is the Spatial Prison. It's an unique version of the Negacion technique. It's a black powerful circular shape that temporarily paralyzes targets absolutely.

Ryƫjin (Dragon God): He is Mylin's Zanpakuto. He is a water element type sword. In his spirit form he can shift from a dragon to a man. In his dragon form he has light blue scales and red eyes. In his man form he is tall with a blue tint to his skin, light blue hair and red eyes. He only wears black pants and no shirt. He doesn't have any history like Lilith's sword. Maylin just came up with him in her head.

His abilities all have to do with water. In his sealed form he is sterling silver ring with a blue dragon circling it. His release command is, "Cascade, Ryujin" , Maylin is then engulfed in a wall of water as it falls there is a beautiful white katana with a light blue hilt. There is a light blue dragon engraved onto the blade and it has a blue glow to it. When Ryujin is activated he makes Maylin's reflexes increase and increases her speed. With the command, "Spring Forth, Ryujin", a jet of water shoots out of the end of the blade directly towards the opponent. When it makes contact it slightly slows them down. With this command, "Surround, Ryujin", this is a mist that surrounds the opponent making it hard to see and move. Shouting the command, "Transform, Ryujin", it turns an area of solid matter, up to 1 meter in diameter, into water. If the opponent gets caught they can not escape for up to 60 seconds, leaving them vulnerable.

Raichixyou (Lightning Bird): Elysia owns this Zanpakuto. His name means lightning bird but the spirit is not of a bird but a man with wings. He is tall, dark skinned man with angel wings. The wings are clear and blue lightning running through them. He has on a black fitted shirt and jeans, his feet are bare. He too doesn't have any history that we know of.

His release command is, "Spark, Raichixyou", there is lightning that crashes down around Elysia leaving static and a mezmering katana in its place. The blade is clear, but you can see blue lightning running through it. The guard is in a shape of a lightning bolt and the hilt is silver. Before his release form his is a bracelet that looks like lightning bolt continuing around. Once he is release he gives Elysia great skill with the sword. When she shouts, "Scream, Raichixyou", it produces a shockwave up to 10 meters in diameter, knocking down anyone in it's path. With the command, "Envelope, Raichixyou", it produces a cage of electricity around the opponent trapping them in. As soon as that happens shouting, "Strike Down, Raichixyou", lightning strikes down in the cage towards the person trapped. When it makes contact it knocks them down and paralyzing them. Then the cage disappears leaving the paralyzed opponent waiting to be finished.

This is my first FF that I'm writing. I'm not to sure if it's going to be any good so please bare with me. If you could would you please review and let me know what you think and please be honest. Thank you.