Lilith's Dream

I woke up what looked like the dessert. When I fully took everything in it more looked like Hueco Mundo from Bleach. I walked around looking at everything then I heard something behind me. I spun around not knowing what to expect. When I fully spun around I gasped, there in front of me was an Arrancar. Ok I know it was just a dream, but it felt real and I didn't recognized this particular Arrancar. He was tall, pale skin, turquoise long hair, yellowish-gold eyes, and his mask was on his right cheek. It was just an upper jaw that went around his head to sort of crest and his hole was below the base of his neck. He was wearing the basic Arrancar uniform, but a belt underneath his sash.

"Who the hell are you," I asked glaring at him. He just smirked while sizing me up. I felt like punching him in the face the way he was looking at me. "Well, are you gonna answer or just stand there looking like an idiot," I replied.

Finally he spoke, "My name is Arturo Plateado, I'm an Arrancar that got trapped as a Zanpakuto. Which means if I'm here in your inner world then I'm your Zanpakuto."

I just snorted when he said that. Who does he think I am a moron. That only happens in Bleach and the last time I checked this wasn't Bleach. Somehow I felt like he was telling the truth and it scared me a little. If it was true then my world and the Bleach world are going to collide.

"Fine I believe you, but why do I have a Zanpakuto? I thought only Shinigami and Arrancars only had swords not humans," I said casually.

"Well from what I gathered from your memories that was sealed you are half Hollow, or Arrancar to be specific," he said. He gave me a look like I should of known that.

"Fine, let's say I believe you and I am half Arrancar why am I not in the Bleach universe," I asked. What he told me surprised me, he didn't know. Go figure that my life would be fucked up from the beginning. For the rest of the dream he told me everything that I need to know about my powers. He also started to train me on how to use those said powers.

Elysia's Dream

I was standing in the middle of a field, it was night out and it was lightning. The lightning never touched down on the ground so I knew I was safe. I decided to walk around and take in my surroundings. It was beautifully and it was peaceful. I made my way to a cave and there standing at the mouth of the cave was a man.

He was tall, dark skin and had wings that looked like an angel. He had short black with streaks of yellow hair, silver eyes and his wings are clear with blue lightning running through them. He was wearing a black fitted shirt and jeans. He was beautiful in a way. It felt like I knew him and he was part of me. I asked him what his name was.

"My name is Raichixyou, and I am your Zanpakuto. Your were born half a Shinigami and your memories was sealed. You were sent to this world so you wouldn't interfered with the Bleach world," he explained.

I just nodded. Not knowing what to say or think. Somehow I felt that he was right but my mind kept saying it wasn't possible. "Ok so say I believe you, why come to me now," I asked him.

He simply replied it was just the right time. I knew I wouldn't get anything else from him because he didn't really know. So I knew only one thing I wanted to do and that is to learn my new powers. So that's what we did we trained and talked.

Maylin's Dream

I was on a small island and water was everywhere I turned. I felt peaceful being here and powerful. There was a small hut in the middle of the island so I walked towards it. Once I reached the hut a guy walked out of the door greeting me.

He was tall with a blue tint to his skin. He had long light blue hair and red eyes, he was wearing just a pair of black pants. "Welcome Maylin, I've been waiting for you," he greeted with a smile.

I smiled back asking him how he knew my name. He just smiled at the question, so I decided to ask a different one, "What's your name?"

He replied, "Ryujin and I'm your Zanpakuto." He then explained to me how I'm half Shinigami and was put in this world to keep from interfering in Bleach.

I decided to go along with all this and asked if he would train me. He smiled and agreed to help. That's what we did we trained.