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Raindrops splatter on my face as I lay there on the ground with my eyes closed.I slowly open them & begin to get up.I don't want to leave.I don't want to leave this beautiful meadow. Can't I stop time?
I must get home to help out with dinner & other crap like that.

"Violet?Is that you?"My mother calls from the dinning room.I'm Violet Jade Haze.

I'm 16 and in the tenth grade.I have violet eyes,Hense the name Violet."Yeah it's me."

I answer while taking off my now damp jacket.

"Come & help me set the table,dear."She tells me.

I remove my purple Converse and say,"Okay."

I come into the dining room to be greeted by a small smile,than she hands me the plates in her hands.I take them and began to put them down one at a time.

"So where were you,Hun?"My mother asks while we eat."I was at Star's house."I lie,because I hate when my parents get into my business.

Star is very outgoing and loud.I'm the complete opposite.I'm shy and quiet.I'm also graceful according to her at least."Tell her I said hi next time you see her."My dad says.

"Me too!"My little sister,Scarlett,chirps.

"Will do."I say and push around the peas on my plate with my fork.

"So tomorrow is your first day of school?"Star asks when I talk to her on the phone that night.

"Yeah."I tell her.

I've recently moved to San Jose,California.I use to live in a city very close by.I think it's about 15 minutes away from here."Then be excited!You'll meet a ton of people!And they'll all adore you."Star says trying to be enthusiastic.

"I'm not that great when it comes to socializing."I tell her dully "UGH!"I was taken a back by the sound.I looked at my iPhone in a 'WTF?'sort of face,then said,"What do you mean?" "You know exactly what I mean!"I blinked twice in confusion."What do you mean you're not good at socializing?You're friends with me!And like a ton of other people!"
I looked straight ahead in a 'a huh yeah right'sort of face.

"Star!I'm friends with only 3 other people!"I say sternly.

"And I consider that to be alot of people."She said as if she was talking to a continued,"Don't be such a downer to yourself." "Whatever.I-"I was interupted by a knock on the door."Vi,lights out.10 minutes."My mom said opening the door then closing it.I sigh."I've gotta go Star.I'll call you after school tomorrow."I say."When you call we'll talk about all the hot guys you met."She says.I chuckle.

"See ya,Star." "See ya!"She chimes.I press the end button on my iPhone.

Tomorrow is school,also known as a social hell hole.
Well,that's how I see it in my mind at least.

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