My best friends and me have been inseparable ever since Grade 2, when I punched one of them in the nose for stealing my play-dough. The only problem now is that all the girls at my school think I'm a whore and I sleep with them all, all the time. I hang around five guys.

First off there's Matt. Matt's one to think outside the box. So he's perfect for when it comes to daring each other. Matt isn't too tall when it comes to guys in La Push. He's only about six foot... six-one maybe? He has brown curly hair that can be poofed out into an afro, if he wanted it to be.

Next there's Mike. Mike definitely isn't the smartest out of all of us, but according to the girls at school he's absolutely gorgeous! But because I've known him for so long and thought of him as one of my best friends, I've never thought of him in that way before. He has to be at least six-seven and has got a bit of mussel packed into him. Although Mike's 'hot' and not the brightest in the bunch, he's always careful about whom he dates.

Max, on the other hand, well, let's just say he's not quite as careful. I suppose he could be described as a 'player'. But to us, he's just... Max. He puts up this fake fa├žade about being the strong, silent type to pick up girls, but around us he would have to be the loudest in our group. Max has a lot of mussels... possibly more than Mike. Max has blond shaggy 'surfer' hair that goes really nice with his glassy blue eyes. He's the one I punched in the nose.

Dylan was the one that immediately started laughing when Max started to cry. Dylan's the 'joker' in our group, or when he's at school, the 'class clown'. Dylan has plain brown hair with hazel eyes that tend to change colour with his emotions. He's the same height as Max, which is about six-three. Unfortunately, it's nearing the end of the year and if Dylan doesn't start concentrating more, he's gonna have to be kept back. We all had a vote as to who's tutoring him out of us five because we don't want him to be stuck in junior year all his life. We need to have a laugh in class every now and then. So anyway, we decided on the smartest one, Matt.

There's nothing more to say except for: Maggie. Is. A. Legend. Maggie's a ranger with bright green eyes. He has a bit of acne on the left side of his chin up to his cheek, but who doesn't have a little bit of acne in their life? He would be six-four... That's what he was last Tuesday when we measured him in sport. Maggie and I are so close; a lot of people would think that we are going out. Just the way we over exaggerate things like hugs and goodbyes with each other. But the truth is that we're just best friends having one hell of a time.

And last, but not least, is me, Angie. I'm fifteen so I should be a sophomore, but I've always been smart for my age (but I'm still not smarter than Matt). Almost every day, I get abused by stupid bimbos about me hanging around a bunch of guys all the time and asking me if I'm a lesbian (definitely not by the way). The truth is they're just jealous. I'm not joking either. I can't even walk down the school corridor without hearing 'Did you see Mike? I did and I saw Max too! Oh my gosh! When we see them together we should call them Mixe! Max and Mike! Get it?' I swear those girls drive me insane with their stupid hormones! Why can't they just be like me and... Oh wait, I forgot they're not cool enough. Never mind. I go by the quote "Don't be mean to me and I won't punch you in the face".

It's not like I don't think about guys or anything, I do. Except instead of it being about my best friends, it's about the gorgeous la push 'gang'. Have you seen them lately? Anyway, back to me. I love dancing and I'm obsessed with Paramore and A Day to Remember.

I just reached five-five. I have dark brown hair with red roots (not the natural red, either) that comes down to mid upper-arm. A way to explain my body would be... Curvy maybe? I don't know. I'm skinny around the waist and I'm a B-cup.

Because of all of the crazy stunts we do that are extremely dangerous, together, all of us are known as M-M-M-MAD

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