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A/N: The main pairing of this story is Kurt/Mike/Matt. This begins right after the fourth episode of season 1, Preggers.

Episode 1: Accidentally in Love


Kurt looked up curiously.


The two football players were standing beside him. Mike was smiling shyly at him, and Matt was looking at the ground nervously.

"We wanted to say thank you." Mike told him.

Kurt blinked.

"Oh… For what?"

"For doing Single Ladies, and having the team dance… I haven't felt that free in years," Mike said softly. "Spent too much energy trying to fit in, never doing what I wanted. What I want is to dance."

"I want to sing," Matt whispered.

"You opened our eyes," Mike continued. "Made us take a risk. Thank you for that."

Kurt felt extraordinarily happy. Nobody had ever thanked him like this before.

"You're very welcome. Mike, Matt - I'm glad you've joined Glee club."

"We are too," Mike answered for both of them.

Kurt basked in the comfortable silence they were sharing.

"And Kurt…" Mike said, almost as an afterthought, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "You should wear blue more often. It really brings out your eyes."

He winked, and Kurt's stomach flipped.

Matt finally met Kurt's eyes, and gave him the biggest smile. Kurt's knees felt weak.

Kurt couldn't move for another minute after they'd left.

"What's wrong with me," he gasped. Yesterday, he'd been swooning over Finn - but now that was a thing of the past.

Mike Chang and Matt Rutherford were the most gorgeous boys at McKinley, Kurt decided right then and there. And while Finn had a girlfriend, Kurt was fairly sure Mike and Matt weren't seeing anyone…

"Maybe," he thought out loud.

Maybe there was a chance one of them was gay, and might be interested in him?

Probably not, Kurt sighed, but a boy could dream….

In Spanish the next day, Mike sat down to Kurt's right, and Matt to Kurt's left.

"Hola," Kurt said shyly.

"Hola, maravilloso Kurt," Mike grinned at him.

Matt just smiled sweetly at the smaller boy.

Kurt's heart pounded. He felt trapped in between them… But delightfully so.

Mike spent most of Spanish class whispering to Kurt, little compliments and silly stories.

Kurt was so confused, but he still didn't want it to end.

Mike had already called him his little sunflower, his gorgeous ballerina.

Did he know what he was saying?

Kurt looked at Matt desperately, and hissed the question to him.

Matt chuckled, and nodded.

"Tiene razón," he backed his friend up. He's right.

The bell rang, and Mike reached over to grab Kurt's bag for him.

"We have history together next," Mike grinned. "Let me get your bag for you."

Kurt nodded. As he left the room, Mike and Matt moved to walk on either side of him.

"So what do you say to having dinner tonight?" Mike asked lowly.

Kurt could hardly breathe.

"I'll cook," Matt said, his gaze fixed intently on Kurt.

"Dinner? With both of you?" Kurt choked out.

"Yeah," Mike shrugged. "We come as a set. So what do you say?"

"Yes please," he breathed, hardly believing his luck.

"Good," Matt practically growled. Kurt shivered as Matt's arm wrapped around his waist. Mike's arm fell over his shoulders.

People were staring curiously at them, but none of the three boys really gave a damn.

"Chang! Rutherford! What the hell you doing?" Dave Karofsky sputters as he sees them with Kurt in between them.

"Going to class," Mike shrugged at him.

"With him!" Karofsky bellowed.

Everyone in the hallway turned to watch.

"We're in the same class," Mike said, feigning obliviousness.

Kurt's heart was pounding again, and not in a good way.

"You're touching him," Karofsky pointed at Kurt. "What, you caught the gay?"

"Nah, I was born like that. Later." Mike led Kurt and Matt right past Karofsky.

"One, two, three," Matt whispered - and swiveled around to face the larger boy.

"Fags!" Karofsky yelled as he aimed his fist at the back of Kurt's head.

Matt turned and caught Karofsky's flying fist with his hand. He used his leverage to slam the bullying football player against the lockers, and immediately pressed his right forearm tightly against Karofsky's throat, depriving him of breath.

He leaned in and whispered something into Karofsky's ear.

Karofsky paled and stopped struggling. Matt finished what he had to say, and stood back, eying the boy like a lion would eye a wounded antelope.

The bully stared back at Matt, looking entirely terrified.

"Sorry, Hummel," he whispered - and took off, walking as quickly as he could in the opposite direction.

Matt just smiled at Kurt and stepped back to his side, placing his hand on the small of Kurt's back.

Kurt looked up at Matt with adoring eyes.

"You… oh… wow."

Matt smiled down at him, and lifted his chin with two gentle fingers.

"Nobody gets to do that to our Kurt."

Kurt's eyes fluttered, and warm lips kissed him on the corner of his mouth. He knew he had to be blushing, but for once he didn't care.

Mike chuckled at the sight of a flustered Kurt, pulled Kurt's head around to him, and kissed Kurt full on the lips. Mike moved his lips slowly, dancing over Kurt's mouth, soft and patient.

Kurt gasped as he began to kiss back, his eyes fluttering closed. Mike's mouth left his for just a moment, and he leaned to find it again, only to be enveloped in a rougher kiss that had him trembling.

His eyes opened to confirm what he thought - they had indeed switched, and Matt was kissing him now.

Kurt practically whimpered when Matt released him.

"History?" Mike pointed at the door that they were standing by.

"I'd rather just do this," Kurt pouted. Mike chuckled and kissed once more, one hand sliding to Kurt's back to pull him in close.

Kurt smiled when it was over. They made him feel so safe, so cared for…

He walked into the classroom, and for the first time that semester, didn't pay attention to any of the lecture.

Mike kept on looking at him flirtatiously, and sucking on the tip of his pencil… Kurt swallowed hard, squirmed in his seat, and looked over at Matt.

He was treated to a dark, smoldering look.

Oh goodness, Kurt thought, how was he going to survive spending a whole evening with them?

"And that policy is expressed by what French phrase… Kurt?"

Kurt's head whipped up. He hadn't been paying any attention…

"Er… ménage e trois?" Kurt said boldly, grinning.

Mrs. Gillian stared at him, her mouth hanging wide open.

"…Um, anyone else?"

"Denouement," Mike called out, and looked at Kurt with amusement.

Kurt blushed, but kept his head high.

Kurt was walked to and from every class that day by his two - dare he say it? - boyfriends.

"Oh my God I can't believe it." Mercedes said, staring at her best friend as he sat down beside her. Mike sat on Kurt's other side, and Matt sat across from him.

"Everyone's been saying… So it's true?"

"If by it you mean… Me, Mike, and Matt…" Kurt blushed as Matt took his hand over the table and caressed it gently. "Yes, it's true." Kurt took a sip of soda, and licked his lips afterwards.

Mike hummed appreciatively as he touched Kurt's arm. Kurt turned, and was met by a very firm, wet kiss.

"No shit," Mercedes responded.

"Whoa, hot boy kissing?" Tina breathed, and sat down next to Matt. "I picked the right table to sit at today."

"You always sit here," Mercedes pointed out, but she didn't look away from Kurt and Mike.

Matt watched approvingly from his spot across the table, and raised Kurt's hand to his mouth, drawing a finger into his mouth and making Kurt moan into the kiss he shared with Mike.

Tina nearly choked on her first sip of sprite.

"Are you three going to be like this every day?" She asked hopefully.

Mike finally released Kurt, who mewled slightly, nuzzling their noses together before Kurt turned to look at Matt.

"If you don't stop I'm never going to be able to concentrate on eating," Kurt said throatily.

Mercedes and Tina both shivered.

Matt decided to be kind, and let Kurt's fingertips fall from his mouth.

"Eat your vegetables," Kurt told Mike, who was playing with his greens.

"Only if you feed me," Mike said cheerfully.

Kurt rolled his eyes, but took Mike's fork and used it to slowly feed Mike a bite of his peas.

Tina and Mercedes sighed happily.

Their boys were just amazingly cute.

Somehow, on the second day that Kurt had ever spoken more than a word to Mike and Matt, they had managed to see him almost every minute of the school day. They had even managed to walk him to and from each of his classes, making sure he wasn't alone for even a minute in the halls.

Kurt didn't bother asking why - he already knew. They wanted him safe… Without them, he was vulnerable. He was practically the smallest boy in school, and the bullies would want to hurt him even more now that he was not only out, but dating two boys at once.

Dad, Kurt suddenly thought, blanching. It was one thing for his dad to accept he was gay - but for Kurt to be in such a terribly unconventional relationship, with two boys - could his Dad handle that?

"Don't worry so much," Matt said softly. He must be psychic, Kurt thought fondly, as Matt hugged him close.

They walked out of their Chemistry Class, and Matt walked him to the eighth hour study hall that Kurt always had with Mike.

Matt handed Kurt off to Mike with a soft kiss on the cheek, a smile, and the promise to see him after school.

Kurt led Mike to the back of the room and sat him in a large armchair - and curled himself up in his lap.

"You're like a cat," Mike chuckled.

Kurt just purred.

They were quietly quizzing each other on Spanish vocabulary when they were interrupted by a shrill voice.

Mr. Tillings, the usually absent study hall supervisor, was pointing at them, his face red.

"Get off of Chang right this second, Hummel!"

Kurt jumped a bit, but Mike held him still.

"We're both quite comfortable where we are," Mike said coldly. "We happen to be studying, so there's no reason that we have to move."

"It's unnatural," Mr. Tillings hissed. "I will not tolerate such behavior. Separate or leave."

"You can't say that." Tina stood up stiffly. "I'll call the ACLU, and they'd have you fired before you can even say gay."

Mr. Tillings stared at the normally stuttering girl, paling rapidly.

"So you get out of here, homophobe!" Tina slapped her hand down on her desk for emphasis.

Glaring at Tina, Mr. Tillings stormed from the room.

The study hall was silent - until Kurt broke it by rushing over to Tina and pulling her into a hug.

"You're amazing, Tina," Kurt whispered into her shoulder.

Tina squeezed him back tightly.

"I love you, Kurt," she said firmly. "I'm not going to just let someone get away with saying that about uh - you guys."

When Kurt finally let her go, Mike pulled a surprised Tina into a hug, brief but sweet. Mike's smile afterwards spoke a thousand words.

Tina and Kurt left class while making plans to meet up for shopping that Saturday. Tina headed to her locker, and Kurt and Mike over to Kurt's.

He glanced up at Mike, who was smiling so handsomely, and felt a fresh wave of butterflies in his belly.

"How does pesto ravioli and chicken sound?" Matt had approached them and found Kurt's other hand easily.

"Mmmm," Kurt sighed. "I love pesto."

"You know I love it," Mike nudged Matt on the shoulder.

"Oh good," Matt grinned.

They walked into the nearly empty choir room, and pulled three seats together. Kurt, naturally, sat in the middle.

Mike looked over at his new boyfriend and saw that he had tears in his eyes. He reached out to stroke Kurt's cheek gently.

"What's wrong?"

"It's just… I can't believe it, this is all happening so fast," Kurt admitted, blinking furiously.

"We're not trying to rush you in any way," Mike said seriously. "But when we see someone we like as much as we like you - we're honest, and we go for it. This - what we feel for you…" He sighed, and looked sincerely into Kurt's eyes.

"It's real," Matt said clearly.

"So believe it," Mike finished. He smiled at Kurt, and then looked up towards their teacher. "Mr. Shue, Matt and I would like to sing a song."

"Oh." Will was surprised, but he motioned for them to come up. "Go ahead."

Brad grinned at the sheet music that Matt handed him. The boys stood side by side, and then the piano started.

"So she said what's the problem baby," Mike led in, his voice a pure tenor.

"What's the problem I don't know, well maybe -" Matt sang, much lower, but just as beautiful in Kurt's eyes.

"I'm in love - love - think about it every time I think about it, can't stop thinking 'bout it," they sang together, and then they were dancing, and Kurt could only watch in delight.

"How much longer will it take to cure this, just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love - "


"Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing 'bout love."

"Come on, come on!" Mike took Matt's hand and twirled him around. "Turn a little faster! Come on, come on, the world will follow after… Come on, come on, cause everybody's after love…."

Matt jumped forward, grabbed Kurt's hands, and pulled him forward.

"So I said I'm a snowball running… Running down into the spring that's coming all this love, melting under blue skies - belting out sunlight, shimmering love!" Matt grinned at Kurt as he spun him around, dipping him as he sang blue skies, then picking him right back up and spinning him over to Mike.

"Well baby I surrender," Mike sang softly, as he led Kurt in a swing dance to the piano and back. "To the strawberry ice cream, never ever end of all this love… Well I didn't mean to do it, but there's no escaping your love…"

Kurt couldn't wipe the silly grin off his face as the two boys began to exchange him at a fast pace, barely letting him catch his breath!

Mercedes, Tina and Artie were clapping along now, and most of the club was busy tapping their feet and nodding their heads.

"These lines of lighting mean we're never alone," Matt sang.

"Never alone, no, no," they chorused together, their voices blending together seamlessly. "Come on, come on! Move a little closer, come on, come on…"

Kurt finally found himself pressed between two strong, masculine bodies, who led him effortlessly one way and then another.

Matt kissed him lazily as they swayed, Mike taking a solo as he danced around them.

"I want to hear you whisper - come on, come on! Settle down inside my love. Come on, come on, jump a little higher, come on, come on, if you feel a little lighter. Come on, come on, we were once upon a time in love - "

A moment after releasing Kurt's tingling mouth, Matt sang again, seemingly not requiring air.

"We're accidentally in love, accidentally in love, accidentally in love…"

Kurt didn't think he'd ever felt quite as free dancing as he did now. He was in a great place, dancing with the two most amazing guys on the planet - how could his day get any better?

The music wound down abruptly, and Mike stretched out the final notes as Mike gathered Kurt in his arms and kissed him gently.

"Love… I'm in love."

There was a second's pause, and then the girls and Artie started clapping.

"That was… very good," Mr. Shue said slowly. "Uh, was that…" He couldn't seem to finish his sentence.

"We're dating Kurt," Mike said casually.

"We?" Mr. Shue said weakly.

"You haven't known us long," Mike explained, as he led the other two back to their seats. This time, Mike sat down by Mike, pressing their legs together and pulling Kurt back gently to sit on their laps.

"We do everything together," Mike finished, linking hands with Matt behind Kurt.

Mr. Shue swallowed hard.

Mercedes, Tina, and Rachel all sighed dreamily, watching the way the boys cuddled Kurt to him.

"Mike, will you guys have a five-way with me and San?" Brittany offered earnestly.

"Thanks, Brit, that's sweet," Mike just smiled, even as Kurt's mouth hung open. "But we'd really just like to focus on our boyfriend."

"Okay, Mikurtmatt!" Brittany chirped.

"What?" Rachel frowned.

"It's their names put together," Santana explained, giving Brittany a soft, amused smile.

Kurt looked around, and saw nothing but support from the original members of the club. Mercedes, Tina, and Rachel were all beaming. Artie met Kurt's eyes and gave him two thumbs up before doing a hand gesture that clearly meant 'get some'.

Santana and Brittany didn't seem to care one way or another - quite likely, Kurt realized after Brittany's offer, because it would be pretty hypocritical of them… Both Quinn and Puck appeared shell-shocked, and Finn just looked confused.

"Well, that was a beautiful song, Mike and Matt," Rachel said cheerily as she bounced up, smoothing her skirt down. "But let's move on to today's number."

Kurt barely heard Rachel and Mr. Shue begin to argue over what song Rachel should sing while the club sang behind her.

He was too busy snuggling up in his boyfriends' warm embrace.

Kurt had never felt happier.