This is my version of season 4. I will update everyday, leading up to Christmas (There are 24 "episodes" so the big finale will be on Christmas Eve).

Also, I do not own Total Drama.

Chris: Season 1, Total Drama Island; Owen won $100,000 but gave it all away. Season 2, Total Drama Action; Duncan won in a tiebreaker finale vote and won the million bucks. We'll never know what he did with it. Season 3, Total Drama World Tour; Heather won a cool million atop Hawaii's biggest volcano, but our friend Ezekiel dragged it into the volcano with him. And now we come to season 4, the biggest and most totally dramatic season ever. All 24 contestants, 5 million dollars, and everything on the line. This is Total Drama Finish!

Part 1: The Island

Episode 1: Here We Go Again

All twenty four Total Drama contestants were gathered on the Dock of Shame at Camp Wawanakwa. It was three months after the finale of Total Drama World Tour, and everyone was feeling fine. Sierra was out of her wheel chair and had her hair all grown back, Alejandro had fully recovered from his lava burns, and Ezekiel was back to his semi-normal self after three months in the hospital. Needless to say, they were all ready for one final chance. Chris and Chef walked over to greet them.

Chris: Welcome everyone, to the fourth and final season of Total Drama; Total Drama Finish!

Harold: Yes! Time to win this thing!

Courtney: In your dreams!

Chris: Settle down kids! Save the fighting for later. Fighting for five million dollars, that is!

The contestants all gasped.

Heather: Did he say five million?

Cody: Whoa, I didn't think they could afford to give away that much money!

Chris: Well we are, so you better hope you win this thing. Now listen up; this season, there will be absolutely NO reward challenges. Every episode will end in elimination. There will also be no returning. Once you're out, that's it. You're done with Total Drama for good.

Noah: Hm, seems intense.

Chris: Yeah, you won't be so sarcastic and smug if you're out.

Noah just shrugged and rolled his eyes.

Chris: Anyway, since you already know the accommodations here, I'll skip the tour and get right to dividing you into two teams. If you are a former member of Team Amazon, please step to my right.

Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Cody and Sierra walked over to the right.

Sierra: Yeah, we're on the same team!

She squeezed Cody tightly.

Cody: (cough) Can't, ack, breathe!

Courtney: Duncan had better not be on this team!

Heather: No Alejandro either!

Alejandro glanced over at Heather, and for a moment she thought she saw hurt in his gaze.

Chris: No need to worry about that, because all former members of Team I am Really Really Really Really Hot are stepping to my left.

Duncan, Alejandro, Owen, Noah, Izzy and Tyler walked over to the opposite side.

Duncan: Aw man, can't I be with Gwen?

Chris: I don't think so, makes it more dramatic!

Gwen: Ugh, I hate Chris.

Izzy: Yeah Noah, same team again. Woo!

Noah: Uh, yeah.

Owen: At least we're on the same team, buddy!

He picked up Noah and gave him a tight hug.

Owen: Just one thing, why do you think Izzy is paying attention to you and not me?

Noah: Because life hates me.

Owen: Is it because I broke up with her? Oh, I shouldn't have done it!

Noah: Look pal, don't worry about it right now.

Izzy: Hey Noah, who are you talking to?

Noah: Are you serious?

Izzy: Oh Noah, you're so silly!

Noah and Owen exchanged confused glances.

Owen: Yep, I think she's mad at me.

Chris: Alright, would all former members of Team Victory, which only had a victory like once, please step over and join Team Amazon. EXCEPT… Lindsay. You go join Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Lindsay: Yay, Tyler!

Tyler: Awesome!

Chris: She actually remembers you this time?

Tyler: Yeah, we've been spending a lot of time together these past three months since last season ended. I think I'm actually implanted in her brain now, woo!

Chris: Okay… anyhoo, let's have Trent, Katie, Sadie, Beth and Eva join the team on the left, and Geoff and Justin join the team on the right. That should do it! Left team, you'll be known as the Blue Squad, and the right team will be known as the Red Squad.

Duncan: Really, that's the best you could come up with?

Chris: Just get into the main lodge! Your first challenge will begin after a hearty lunch of Chef's grub.

The contestants sighed as they followed Chef into the main lodge. The Blue Squad sat at one table and the Red Squad sat at the other.


Blue Squad:

Alejandro: I know that last season I was rather manipulative, and came so close to winning. Am I upset, yes. But it is because Heather, the love of my life, broke my heart. I have to make her see that I really do love her, despite what she has done to me.

Beth: Well, I may not have competed last season, but in season 2 I almost won! Maybe I can have enough luck this season to actually win! That would be so cool!

Duncan: Yeah, so I made it to the final four the first time, won a million bucks the second time, and joined halfway through last time and got to the final five. I think I'll be able to slip my way up to the top again. There's just one problem- Courtney.

Eva: I was not given a fair chance at this game! I deserve to win, and that's exactly what I'm going to do, so everyone better just watch out!

Izzy: Woo! Izzy is ready to win! Oh and by the way, since Owen can't hear me in here I'm just going to come right out and say it. I'm pretty mad! And I know I broke up with him, but that was only because I had a concussion and he was the one that wanted to break up with me! No one dumps Izzy!

Katie: It's so good to finally be competing again!

Sadie: I know right?

Katie: Eeeee!

Sadie: Eeeee!

Lindsay: What am I supposed to say again? Oh yeah, I really want to win. And I'm so happy about my team. Tyler and Beth! This season is going to be great! Maybe we'll get to go shopping!

Noah: Ugh, here we go again. Let all the lying and backstabbing begin. I guess if I want to win, I should really make sure to step up my game, but I tried that last season, and what was the point? And now Owen is all upset about Izzy. Needless to say, it is a problem that I will be forced to deal with.

Owen: Yay, a final season! I really hope Noah and I are the final two, and then we can tie and split the five million dollars, and everything will be awesome! Oh yeah, except the part about Izzy ignoring me.

Trent: Well, this should be interesting. But you know, my goal here isn't really to win. It's more to get back together with Gwen. Then again, who am I kidding? She likes Duncan. Stupid Duncan!

Tyler: To the extreme! I am fully prepared to tackle any challenge Chris decides to throw at us. I really want to win, that'd show everyone back home! And then Lindsay and I can go on a vacation together!

Red Squad:

Bridgette: This is it, I'm going for it this time. I can't let any distractions get in my way. Don't get me wrong, I love Geoff, and I'll work with him. We could really do a lot with that money.

Cody: Alright, it's time to win! And with Sierra by my side, hopefully we'll get pretty far again. And if I've learned one thing, it's to never trust Alejandro. Ever!

Courtney: Okay, how many times do I have to do this? Why can't I just win already? But more importantly, I am going to make Duncan and Gwen miserable, and make sure they get eliminated early!

DJ: I'm starting off fresh. No animal curse! And Mama says that if I try my best, maybe I'll finally win. I just hope no one tries to trick me again like Alejandro did last season.

Ezekiel: So, I'm not going to try and be too overconfident this time, eh. You know what happened last time. And yeah, funny thing is, I can't remember most of it, eh. It's really weird. But I'm back to just being plain old Zeke now, eh!

Geoff: Dudes, it's great to be back! Yeah, it sucks that I won't get to host my own show anymore, but at least I'm here with Bridge. And winning a million bucks wouldn't be so bad!

Gwen: So I get one more go at this. I really wish that Duncan was on my team. I just hope that when I'm spending time with him I won't feel so awkward having Trent here. But we've kinda been getting along as just friends, so maybe he isn't jealous of Duncan and I anymore.

Harold: Well, I guess this is my last chance to stand up tall and prove my mad skills to the world. And Leshawna, of course. It's time to win this thing, and I can't let anyone such as Alejandro stand in my way!

Heather: I cannot believe this! I won fair and square! Where is my money? As for Alejandro, he had better not try anything else on me. You'd think he would have got the message.

Justin: Well well well, I'm back. And after not competing last season, the others' anger has been focused on Alejandro, who by the way is not as hot as he thinks. Who is going to expect this gorgeous face to cause any sort of trouble? That's right, no one! This is my last chance, and I'll do anything to win this time around!

Leshawna: Okay everyone, here we go. This season, my number one goal is taking down Heather and Alejandro, once and for all. They should definitely not have made it to the final two last season!

Sierra: Yay! Another season of Total Drama! Cody and I are definitely going to take it this season, I just know it!


Chris: Okay, now that you're all done with lunch and you're beginning of the season confessionals, get into your bathing suits and join me at the top of the infamous cliff.

Heather: What?

Cody: Oh no, not again!

Chris: Afraid so.

All twenty four of the contestants trudged slowly up to the top of the cliff.

Chris: Yeah, so whoever has the most divers to land in the circle wins. Only this time, the circle is even smaller!

The contestants looked down and gasped at the tiny safe area that they had to jump in to.

Noah: Perfect.

To Be Continued…