Here it is, episode 23, part one of the exciting finale! I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Episode 23: The Big Total Drama Holiday Party and Finale- Pt. 1

It was the day before Christmas. The eliminated contestants at Playa de Losers were hanging up decorations all around the resort, preparing for the big Christmas party they would be having when Trent and Bridgette got back and the winner was announced.

Cody: Alright, hold it steady.

Tyler and Geoff were putting up the large Christmas tree while Cody supervised.

Cody: There we go, perfect!

Tyler and Geoff propped the tree into place. It stood tall above everyone at the center of the resort.

Geoff: Looks good. I hope Bridge likes it.

Tyler: I'm sure she will, dude.

Lindsay then ran over and threw herself into his arms.

Lindsay: Oh Tyler, it looks amazing!

Geoff was sad, because Bridgette wasn't there with him.

Cody: Don't worry, she'll be back soon.

Geoff: Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll get the ornaments!

As Geoff ran off, Sierra ran up to Cody.

Sierra: Oh Cody, you're doing such a great job supervising all of the decorations!

Cody: Thanks, Sierra. How's the food coming along?

Sierra: It's all under control. DJ is preparing most of it with me, and we've got Harold and Leshawna helping as well. This is gonna be such a fun party!

She kissed Cody, then ran back into the kitchen.

Owen: Hey, can I come in now?

Sierra stuck her head out of the kitchen door.

Sierra: I said no, Owen!

Owen: Aw come on, I'll only eat a little!

Noah had joined him.

Noah: Give it a rest buddy, you'll get food soon enough.

Owen: Aw, but I want it now, Noah!

Owen had been very grateful that Noah didn't want to date Izzy because of hurting his feelings, and had told Noah, just as Trent had predicted, that he was happy for him.

Just then, Izzy came running over.

Izzy: Hi Noah!

She then glanced at Owen.

Izzy: Oh, hey there, Owen.

Owen: Oh, ah, hi Izz.

Meanwhile, Justin and Eva were sitting around moping, and not helping with any of the party preparations. Justin still had his body cast on.

Justin: Ugh, even if I was able to move, I still wouldn't help any of these losers! Look at what they did to me!

Eva: What they did to you? They left me in the middle of New York! I was unfairly eliminated, and that bastard Chris McLean knows it!

Heather: Why don't you both just stick it? No one likes either of you!

Alejandro: Calm yourself my love, we don't want to start any fights.

Heather: But Alejandro, they're jerks!

Justin: Huh, and you're not?

Heather: Shut it!

Alejandro: Heather, it's Christmas Eve! We need to just relax and enjoy ourselves. And I just may have a present for you…

Heather: Oh, and I might have a present for you too…

They started to kiss, much to Justin and Eva's disgust.

Eva: Get a room, losers!

In the kitchen, Sierra and DJ were scrambling around trying to prepare the food.

Sierra: DJ, did you cook the pasta sauce? DJ?

DJ: What? Oh yeah, yeah! It's on the counter over there!

Harold came running in.

Harold: Hey DJ, we got more tomatoes.

Leshawna came in after him, carrying bags of chips.

Leshawna: Where do you want these?

Sierra: Oh Leshawna, thank goodness, you have the chips! Put them over on the table and start separating the different kinds into bowls, please!

Outside, Duncan was setting up the Christmas lights.

Geoff: Hey dude, you need a hand?

Duncan: Yeah, grab the other end of this cord, and plug it in over there.

Gwen was watching.

Gwen: You sure you don't need me to do anything?

Duncan: Don't worry Gwen, we've got this.

Geoff plugged in the cord, but only some of the lights on the string lit up.

Duncan: Ugh, what the hell is wrong with these damn things now?

Geoff: Maybe we should plug it in to another outlet.

Duncan: Where are the extension cords?

As they scrambled around with the lights, Lindsay, Beth, Katie and Sadie were hanging other decorations.

Beth: Hey Linds, hang some mistletoe over there for you and Tyler!

Katie: Oh my gosh, that would be so great!

Sadie: Do it, Lindsay!

Lindsay: Okay!

She eagerly ran over to a hook and hung mistletoe.

Lindsay: Oh Tyler…

Courtney was eyeing the tree and helping hang ornaments on it.

Courtney: I think it's a little lopsided.

Cody: Ugh, Courtney, it's fine. I checked it like three times already!

Courtney: Well I suggest you check it again! We don't want it tipping over!

Then of course, there was Ezekiel. He didn't know where or how he could help.

Ezekiel: Hey guys, sup? You want me to hang some ornaments?

Courtney: No, we already have enough people here. Go play somewhere else.

Ezekiel, disappointed, moved on to Duncan and Geoff.

Ezekiel: Hey peeps, need any help?

Duncan: No Zeke, beat it! We're having enough trouble as it is!

Ezekiel: Oh, okay then.

He sadly moved on, into the kitchen.

Ezekiel: What's up y'all? Zeke is in the house… ah, I mean kitchen!

Sierra: Out of here Zeke, can't you see we're very busy?

Ezekiel: I just thought that I could-

DJ: Outta the way, dude! I gotta use the stove!

Ezekiel: Oh, sorry. I guess I'll just go now.

He sadly walked out of the kitchen.

Owen: Aw, what's wrong, dude?

Ezekiel: No one will let me help!

Noah: Huh, I wonder why?

Owen: Oh Noah, be nice! The guy is just trying to be helpful!

Ezekiel: Wait a minute, I think I know what I can help with!

Owen: What?

Ezekiel: Santa might just be going to our houses tonight. But I can go find Santa, and tell him to come here tonight instead!

Noah: Ah, yeah, good luck with that.

Ezekiel: Hey thanks, eh! I'll be back soon!

He excitedly ran off.

Owen: Yes! Santa's coming tonight!

Noah just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, all the way out in Hawaii, the Total Drama Jumbo Jet had landed.

Chris: Here we are!

Bridgette: Hawaii again?

Trent: Where are all the others? Home for Christmas?

Chris: Actually no. They're all at Playa de Losers waiting for you.

Chef: I think they're throwing a party.

Chris: Ha, right on! Anyway, Chef and I are going to fly there now.

Trent: Okay, what about our challenge?

Chris: Oh yeah, it's just a race all the way to Playa de Losers. See ya!

He and Chef hopped in the plane and flew off, leaving Trent and Bridgette on the beach, shocked.

Trent: What?

Bridgette: Oh no! What are we supposed to do now? We'll never make it back for Christmas!

Trent: Wait, I have a plan!

Bridgette: Okay, well spill it!

Trent: We just simply catch a flight back to Canada. How hard can it be?

Bridgette: Well Trent, it's a good plan, but there's just one problem.

Trent: What's that?

Bridgette: Do you see an airport around here?

Trent: Aw crap!

Back at Playa de Losers, everyone was still scrambling around when Chris and Chef arrived.

Chris: Hello, ex-contestants!

Geoff: Where's Bridge and Trent?

Chris: Oh yeah, well they're completing their final challenge.

Gwen: Which is what, exactly?

Chris: Racing from Hawaii to here.

All of the others looked at each other, shocked.

Courtney: What? They'll never make it back in time, if at all!

Chris: Hey, this is the last challenge in Total Drama history. I wanted it be really tough, you know?

Gwen: You're insane!

Chris: Yeah, I know! Ha ha! Will Trent and Bridgette make it back in time for Christmas? Probably not, but if you still want to see for yourself, tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of, Total Drama Finish!