Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for; the exciting conclusion of Total Drama Finish! I hope you all enjoy! I will admit though that the ending is a little cheesy, being that it has that kind of typical "Christmas special" ending. But, it's a still a Total Drama Christmas, nevertheless!

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Episode 24: The Big Total Drama Holiday Party and Finale- Pt. 2

Trent and Bridgette wandered around the beach of Hawaii, anxious and not knowing what to do next.

Bridgette: Oh no, we'll be trapped here forever!

Trent: Huh, I know. My one Christmas wish right now is that we could just get back to the others safely.

He then noticed something sitting by the edge of the water, that he didn't think had been there before.

Trent: Bridgette, look!

Bridgette turned around and saw what he was pointing at.

Bridgette: Chris's helicopter! It was here the whole time?

Trent: I don't know, I guess so.

Bridgette: Well what are you waiting for? Let's go!

She eagerly jumped in and Trent hopped into the pilot's seat.

Trent: Okay, now how do you fly this thing?

Bridgette: Uh, I don't know. Try that!

She pointed to a large green button.

Trent: Ah, I don't know-

Bridgette: Just push it!

Trent pushed it and sure enough, they took off into the air.

Bridgette: Yeah!

Trent: Nice! Now let's get outta here!

Meanwhile, back at Playa de Losers, the others were in a panic.

Geoff: But it's Christmas Eve! Bridgette has to be back! And Trent too!

Gwen: What am I going to do without him?

Chris: Alright, just settle down. Now where's the food? I'm starving!

Sierra angrily lunged at him and tackled him to the ground.

Sierra: You will not touch even ONE morsel until Trent and Bridgette are back here safely! Do you understand me?

Chris: Yes, yes! Okay!

Chef: Why don't we just go back and pick them up?

Chris: Yes! Excellent idea Chef! Let's roll!

But as they were about to get in the plane, it fell apart.

Chef: Ooh, that ain't good.

Duncan: What the hell happened to it?

Chris: Well you see the thing is, after we rebuilt it, it wasn't as strong as it was before.

Noah: Huh, and that wasn't strong to begin with.

Chris: Exactly! Good thing this didn't happen at some point when we were flying, huh?

The former contestants groaned.

Chris: Alright, no need to panic, we'll take the helicopter.

Chef: Ah, where is the helicopter?

Chris: What do you mean where is it? I thought you knew!

Chef: No, I thought you knew!

Chris: Oh, well this is just perfect, isn't it?

Chef: You blaming me?

Chris: Well I'm not blaming myself!

Chef: Oh that's it you arrogant son of a-

Lindsay: No, stop!

Everyone turned to Lindsay.

Lindsay: Christmas isn't about fighting, it's about good things, and fun!

Leshawna: Nicely said, girl!

Chris and Chef backed away from each other.

Chris: Okay, well, I suppose I may have overreacted there for a second.

Chef: Ah, yeah, me too. Sorry about that.

Chris: Yeah, sorry.

Harold: But what about Trent and Bridgette?

Meanwhile, Trent and Bridgette were flying the helicopter across the ocean.

Trent: Ha, Playa de Losers, here we come!

Bridgette: Yes, this is so awesome- what was that?

A sputtering noise was heard from the helicopter.

Trent: Oh no, I think it's the engine!

It then started spiraling down towards the water.

Trent and Bridgette: Ahhh!

They landed with a splash in the ocean. They struggled to the top and kept their heads above the water.

Trent: What now?

Bridgette: Look, a surfboard!

For some reason, a lone surfboard was floating in the water.

Trent: But how are we going to-?

Bridgette: Come on Trent, hop on! I didn't come all this way for nothing!

Trent reluctantly stood on the board behind Bridgette.

Bridgette: Hang on!

Trent: Whoa!

He clung to Bridgette as they rode over a huge wave.

Bridgette: Woo!

Back at Playa de Losers, things were becoming a mess.

Courtney: Cody, are all of the decorations in place?

Cody: Yep, everything's good and ready!

Behind him, the large Christmas tree toppled over, crushing Geoff underneath.

Geoff: Ah!

Courtney: I told you it was lopsided!

Cody: But I checked like ten times, I swear!

Lindsay and Tyler came over, their hands red and swollen.

Courtney: Ah! What happened to you two?

Lindsay: I don't know!

Tyler: I think that mistletoe was actually poison ivy or something!

Courtney: Oh great, just great!

Duncan ran over to join her.

Duncan: Hey babe, I finally got the lights set up.

Courtney turned and saw all of the lights shining, until one popped and the line of lights exploded into flames.

Duncan: Crap!

Cody: I'll grab the fire extinguisher!

Sierra had come out of the kitchen.

Sierra: We need gravy, I don't have any gravy!

DJ came running out after her.

DJ: We need more tomatoes too!

Sierra: DJ, did you take the chicken out of the oven?

DJ: Oh crap!

He ran back into the now smoking kitchen.

Sierra: The chicken is ruined!

Duncan and Cody were struggling to put out the fire from the lights, and Geoff was still crushed under the giant tree.

Owen: Aw man, the party is ruined! Santa will never come now!

Noah: I don't know why I didn't see this coming.

Courtney: Great, just great! Christmas is ruined!

While they continued to deal with the disasters at the resort, Trent and Bridgette had finally reached land. The sky was darkening.

Bridgette: Yes, we made it!

Trent: Yeah, but it's getting late. Where are we?

He then spotted a sign that read: "Ontario, twenty miles".

Trent: Ontario is twenty miles from here!

Bridgette: Oh no, now we'll never get there!

Just then, something that appeared to be a sleigh, soared down from the sky and landed next to them. There were deer of some sort pulling it in the front.

Trent: What the-?

Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

The large man waved to them from the sled.

Bridgette: What?

Trent: But what, how-?

Ezekiel: Hey guys!

Trent and Bridgette: Zeke?

Ezekiel popped out from the large bag of presents.

Ezekiel: I went all the way to the North Pole and got Santa!

Trent and Bridgette were still staring in disbelief.

Santa: Well don't just stand there you two, get in!

Trent and Bridgette, still shocked, jumped in the back of the sleigh with Ezekiel, and they took off into the air.

At Playa de Losers, the others were sitting around, exhausted.

Duncan: Well, the fire's gone.

He tossed the empty extinguisher on the ground.

DJ: Ugh, so is the food.

Geoff had finally crawled out from underneath the tree.

Geoff: And the tree.

Sierra: Oh Cody, what went wrong?

Noah: Ah, how about everything?

Cody: It's okay Sierra, we did our best. I guess we just weren't supposed to have a good Christmas this year.

Just then, when they thought all hope was lost, a large sleigh came flying out of the sky and landed in front of them. Out of it came Trent, Bridgette, and Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: Hey homies! I told you I'd find Santa, eh!

Chris and Chef stood next to the others, in disbelief.

Chris: But that's impossible!

Gwen and Geoff ran up to give hugs to Trent and Bridgette.

Geoff: Oh Bridge, I missed you so much!

Bridgette: Oh, I missed you too!

Gwen: I'm so glad you're safe!

Trent: Me too, and I'm glad I'm here with you.

Santa then got out of the sleigh.

Santa: Well don't mind me, I'll just leave a few gifts and be on my way-

Ezekiel: No Santa, stay! We're having a party, eh!

Courtney: Well actually, the party's off.

Trent: Huh?

Bridgette: What do you mean?

Noah: Look around.

They then noticed that the tree was tipped over, the lights were burnt to crisps, and there was nothing on the long food table.

Santa: Oh no, it seems as though Christmas is ruined for you guys!

Harold: You couldn't be more right, Santa.

Santa then laughed.

Santa: Oh Harold, I was only joking! Christmas isn't ruined!

Sierra: It isn't?

Santa: Of course not! So you don't have a tree, lights, or food! So what? You have each other, and that's what Christmas is really about!

The former contestants lightened up a little bit.

Santa: And before I go, I'd like to give each of you a little something. Harold, come here.

Harold went up to him, and was handed a new game system.

Harold: Sweet! Thanks, Santa!

Santa: And let's see here, a new football for Tyler, some lip-gloss for Lindsay, and a camera for Beth.

They took their presents and thanked Santa.

Santa: And how about some clothes for Heather, and some cologne for Alejandro.

Heather: I love it!

Alejandro: Thank you, mi amigo!

Santa: New matching outfits for Katie and Sadie!

Katie and Sadie: Eeeeee! Thanks Santa!

Santa: An all-you-can-eat buffet for Owen, and a Swiss army knife for Izzy.

Owen: Thank you, Santa! I love it!

Santa: How about a pair of sunglasses for Geoff, new boots for Gwen, a new shirt for Leshawna, a cookbook for DJ, and a laptop for Sierra!

They all excitedly thanked Santa for their gifts.

Sierra: A laptop? Yay!

Santa: And I still have some more; a brand new calculator for Cody, a new mirror for Justin, and even a free subscription to Anger Management Monthly for Eva!

Eva: Gee, thanks, I guess.

Santa: You're quite welcome! Also, I may have things for our most strong non-believers here.

He turned to Courtney, Duncan, and Noah.

Santa: New lawyers for Courtney, a new set of headphones for Duncan, and a new book for Noah.

All three of them couldn't help but smile, and thanked Santa.

Duncan: These are pretty sweet!

Santa: Then we have our brave final two. I have a new guitar for Trent, and a new surfboard for Bridgette.

Trent: Cool, thanks.

Bridgette: This is awesome, thank you!

Santa then turned to Ezekiel.

Santa: And for you, Ezekiel, a wishing star.

He pulled a glowing star out of his pocket and handed it to Ezekiel.

Santa: You can use it every year at Christmas to make one important wish come true.

Ezekiel: Wow, eh! Really?

Santa: Why yes, of course. You deserve it. After all, you did save Christmas for your friends here.

Ezekiel: I guess I did! Thanks, eh!

Santa: You're quite welcome! Now, I must be off!

Harold: Wait, who won?

Trent and Bridgette looked at each other.

Trent: I think we both did.

Bridgette: I would agree.

Chris: Yeah, and there never really was any five million dollars anyway! I figured the winner would just lose it again, so had this empty case ready! Ha ha ha!

He and Chef began to laugh.

Chris: Hey, and where's our presents?

Santa: Oh, of course, I almost forgot.

He then shoved them into the pool, which froze over with ice.

Santa: Merry Christmas!

The former contestants cheered as Santa took off. They had all received great gifts, and they were all happy to be together.

Trent: Well, I guess this turned out to be a great Christmas after all.

Gwen: It sure did.

Geoff: And the best finale to Total Drama!

Bridgette: I couldn't agree more!

Trent and Gwen were together, Bridgette and Geoff were, Noah and Izzy, Duncan and Courtney, Lindsay and Tyler, Cody and Sierra, Heather and Alejandro, and even Leshawna and Harold. They all cheered and walked inside the resort, leaving Chris and Chef frozen in the pool.


Once again, thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed my story in its entirety. I may write another Total Drama fanfic soon, so be on the lookout. Thank you all once more, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!